Date Night Outfit Inspiration

Have a hot date this weekend but can’t figure out how to look cute given the chilly temps outside? Problem understood. With that dating quagmire in mind, there lies a solution. The coat is the conversation piece, topping off the perfect cold weather evening ensemble underneath.

What inspires me on a night out is not so called investment pieces: my belted camel coat, or my oversized grey blanket coat, but a sexy fun piece that stands out in a crowd of basic. Did you ever think to wear a bubble gum pink coat? Whether headed out to dinner, an after-work party, (’tis the season folks) or a night out in the casinos, the evening calls for style and glamour. Full-length dresses are elegant, but too restricting and formal, and just too skimpy is inappropriate.

With just ten pieces, here is how you marry the perfect cold-weather evening ensemble that fuses function with fashion, keeping you warm and just the right amount of sexy for a night out on the town.

Happy Friday!

what to wear on a date night

To shop the looks, just click the links below, or hit the pictures and go straight to the website.

DKNY baby-pink shearling coat // Saint Laurent lace-up boots / cashmere socks // Topshop Unique embellished cotton shirt // David Koma edgy pencil skirt // Acne blanket scarf // embellished sweater // CA & Lou arrow bracelet // a shot of pink on the lips and cheeks, I like this all-in-one lipstick that doubles as a blush from Stila, and to top it off, a monogrammed velvet clutch by the boss Saint Laurent 


Fringe and Fray

Playing with fringe and frayed edges is nothing new in the fashion industry. Deconstructing fabric and unraveled threads is part of the creative process. I’m not talking about diving headlong into Festival territory where you start dressing like your teenage self and tripping through the tulips in your ripped denim hot pants. This is a more sophisticated take on the trend and designers high and low have gotten a hold on fringe fever.

By way of rips, there are no signs that this trend is departing our shores anytime soon and come Spring, designers have pushed it to new heights. Stay tuned for Dries Van Noten’s use of Bohemianism, Proenza Schouler’s fringed skirts and, the raw-edged denim king Marques Almeida’s play of stray threads.

Can’t wait till Spring? I teamed a suede fringe jacket with a white turtleneck and flare jeans (I ripped the bottoms) for a western-inspired ensemble. I will wear it out until it’s too freaking cold to bare.


Reformation jacket and turtleneck // J Brand jeans // Stella McCartney wedge heel ankle boots

fringe jacket and bell bottom jeans

fringe jacket

Fabric that sways has a way of exclaiming your presence by just a shimmy and a shake. As of press time, this look is a compelling enough reason to let loose and dance. Maybe because the mercury is higher than 20 degrees this AM?

fringe jacket

fringe jacket

Shop the look here:

Photos: Lydia Hudgens


The Perfect Coat

Is there such thing as the perfect coat? I have been on the hunt for the perfect coat for the Fall/ Winter season. I have put several in my cart from NET-A-PORTER, NORDSTROM, FAR FETCH and YOOX, but when I go back to order them, they’re gone. I guess everyone is looking for that perfect coat too.

While you’re shopping for that just right coat, there are plenty of people who don’t have a warm coat to put on their bodies as winter approaches. ‘Tis the season for giving and Barbour Inc. has partnered with One Warm Coat to keep neighbors in its local retail communities warm this winter.

Starting Saturday November 15 through December 31, Barbour’s retail locations will be accepting any coat in wearable condition. All coats collected will be donated to each store’s local charity partner and distributed directly to people in need. The following charities have been selected for 2014:

Join Barbour and support those in need this winter by dropping off coats during regular store hours at your local Barbour store, which can be found at

My mantra has always been, one in, one out. Purchase that new coat, and then give one to somebody in need.


Hats Off To You


‘Tis the season for giving and keeping warm. Fedora hats are on my radar this season, until, of course, its beanie time.

Shop my pics below:


Photo: Lydia Hudgens


Leather Lingo

I purchased these leather-ish culottes in a haste, not sure when or where I would wear them. Tired of my leather mini skirt, and not quite ready to dive into leather pants covering my loins, I wore them with a simple white t-shirt and flatform shoes. I loved the feeling of  wearing bare legs, open air and all. Enjoy this 60-plus degree day, because according to the weather report, come Thursday, we are due for a cold front that will, sweep in and burst the giant pink balloon of Spring out of our hands. So why not get out in your shorts and let your skin show just one more time?!

Just think, for the next eight months, you, I, and the collective we in the Northeast will be wearing the same navy sweater and black jeans every day.

navy turtleneck

navy turtleneck and leather culottes

navy turtleneck

navy vintage jacket

navy vintage jacket

leather culottes

vintage jacket with fur collar

Asos culottes // Whistles turtleneck // Vintage navy wool jacket, get a similar one here or here // McQ booties from last Fall, get a similar pair here


Photos: Lydia Hudgens


Chanel Vintage Gems for Your Eyes Only

I have a case of the Mondays. The only way to get rid of this sickness, is to get a kiss or a hug from your child on their way to school. That request is potentially quite dicey. The next best thing? To receive an email from NastyGal announcing this: a rare vintage Chanel sale.

Maybe you are craving a new bag? Or, you haven’t started your holiday shopping yet. I am in a constant state of confusion by the ever-growing list of friends, family, frenemies, acquaintances, and well-meaning neighbors, all of whom somehow seem to be on THE list. I have bought scented candles, stationary in previous years, but for the high rollers on your list, that might just need that special piece, head over to Nasty Gal

From nineties-era cell-phone holders and visors to a monochromatic basketball and perfume flaçon pendant, these amazingly outré rare vintage Chanel items are up now. Just remember, a girl can dream. Head over here, to take a peek. Game ON.

vintage Chanel

vintage Chanel

Photos courtesy of NastyGal


Lace-Up Boots

The month of November calls for comfort with a capital C.

Running around the city going from point A to point B, in a grid-like city like New York, your feet become your car and the vehicle that transports you around. Unless of course you have an Über account.

Although I will most probably resort to wearing sneakers for December’s gift-buying season, I am now addicted to flat, lace-up black boots. They have become my go-to footwear of choice as good old black remains a big favorite. I have had my eye on these mukluks for city-dwellers by Penelope Chilvers for a while, but now that they are finally available in the US, I no longer have an excuse whether these or not these will be mine.

Wearing flats aren’t the best option for the vertically challenged, but my feet will thank me come December.

Click the pictures below for your daily dose:

black boots

From left to right:

Asos Acting Up suede ankle boots

Saint Laurent buckle lace-up boots

Jil Sander black lace-up boot, get a similar pair here or here

Sam Edelman black combat boots

Giuseppe Zanotti black boots

Penelope Chilvers calf-hair ankle boots

Saint Laurent Patti Lace-ups


Black is Always the New Black

No matter how vociferously designers, stores and the press promote color, good old black remains a big favorite. Certainly, living here in the big city, black for fall transitions so smoothly to the whipping winds and cold city streets that beckon at our doorstep. So, what do we do? We blend in with the landscape.

“The color black does not make mistakes”, said Caroline de Maigret, model and muse, in an interview for How to Be Parisian Wherever You Are, a guide to French secrets, which she wrote with three friends. While it’s no secret that inky tones never go out of fashion, there are some gems in the book as a reminder that when in doubt, go back to black.

You may think wearing head-to-toe black is quite boring, but the look can actually be pretty badass. It is simply a matter of styling, and mixing textures, fabrics, and shapes. Curating a monochrome wardrobe will keep you from milling over outfit options in the morning, since nothing can ever mismatch. And, black just looks so damn chic 24/7.

Here is how I styled an almost all-black head-to-toe look, sans the denim jeans, transitioning from summer to fall working with a slip dress, a black sheer top, black jeans, and Birkenstocks. And then adding layers on top of layers.

black slip dress

black slip dress

black slip dress

Topshop black slip dress // Topshop black silk shirt //Frame denim  jeans // Anna Coroneo scarf // Ray-Ban sunnies // Birkenstocks / / Pierre Hardy bag

For the quick transition to fall/ winter weather, add sweaters, boots and hats. They are the statement pieces du jour.

black turtleneck

how to style an all-black look

cozy turtlenecks

 Click on the pics below to purchase the selections above.

Photos: Lydia Hudgens 


Consider Breaking The Fashion Rules

Abiding by rules can be limiting, whether at school or at your job, yet with the restrictions come a sense of cohesiveness in our lives. Without those rules, most of us would be lost. The same does not apply to fashion rules which can equate to a pedestrian sartorial existence. Whether you feel obligated to store away your whites after Labor Day or believe you should only wear a gown with heels, put away those thoughts for a minute. Thankfully it only takes a little moxie to veer from convention to original, and if so inclined, to move towards an unorthodox way of thinking.

There are just so many ways to wear a simple shirt and a pair of pants but I find it so normore to wear what everybody else is wearing. Yes, I follow the trends, but I try to do so keeping true to myself. As I learned yesterday in the dressing room of life, not everybody can look fab in a  maxi dress.

Fashion is also an art, meant to have trials and errors. I tested the untrodden waters of wearing a bralet over an old vintage shirt. I am still on the fence whether I liked it or not, but it empowered me to break some long-adhered-to fashion rules. My goal was to emulate the runway of the Dries Van Noten show, where life is a breezy fairy-tale aura, as if from some faraway time or place. But life isn’t a runway, and sometimes, the looks do or don’t translate on the streets.

In spite of the warmly welcome three days of strange spring-like heat we’ve been lucky enough to endure, the Weather Channel informed me that it is supposed to rain and snow this weekend. Yes, you will have to replace your blazers and leather jackets with heavier coatssweaters and turtlenecks. Until then, let’s revel in this Spring-like weather and wear nothing but a bra outdoors.

bralet over shirt

gold shirts and black pants

Stella McCartney platforms

I am wearing a vintage shirt get one similar here // Dries van Noten pants // Eres bra or Alexander Wang// Stella McCartney platforms // Tiffany sunglasses

Get the look here:

Photos: Lydia Hudgens


Inside Chanel: A Fashion Film

Fashion has a way of weaving itself into one’s life dictated by something as simple as our daily rituals. Brands are getting in on the action, creating content in the form of short videos as part of their seasonal advertising campaigns. Some brands are pushing the boundaries with novel narrative content, like Miu Miu and Alexander Wang using big budget directors. Looking at the current crop of fashion films, evidently Chanel’s “The Colours” got it right.

This morning, as I was reading BoF, a daily must-read, I thoughthis tidbit of information was fascinating. Black was primarily worn by servants and those in mourning until Chanel made the shade synonymous with elegance and used it to reveal “a women’s radiance”?

This fact is amongst other pearls of wisdom revealed in “The Colours” by Chanel, which, in three minutes, explains the history of each of Chanel’s iconic shades. Educational, yet fun and easy to absorb, the short clip is part of a chapter of the hugely popular “Inside Chanel” series, consisting of 12 original films that recount Coco Chanel’s life and the history of the house she founded.

If I had to live by one code, it would be the Chanel code. I live by these emblematic colors as evident in my wardrobe. Black. White. Beige. Gold. Red.

The short film below explains the five emblematic colors behind the storied house. It’s time to revamp my closet. Yet again. Watch.