Happy New Year

As 2012 quickly draws to a close, I find myself less likely to ring in the New Year with a BIG Resolution. Every year when I have made a firm decision to spend less money on shoes, go to the gym more, read a book a week, blog every day, it never fails to lead to major disappointments. This year I resolve to take baby steps and set short-term goals in whatever decisions I intend to make, be it hefty or trivial. My personal resolution for January 2013 is to examine my motives, defeat the constant distractions in life, and attain my goals.

And, it’s important to remember the fun when setting goals for the new year.

May your 2013 be filled with love, laughter, glitter, champagne, disco balls, and 365 full nights of sleep.

Whether you are ringing it in in Times Square, or at home with a great book, cherish the moment!

IMG_6358Photo courtesy of Free People 


Photo, Honestly WTF


Ring It In

Although Christmas and Hanukkah stress is a very recent memory, we still are knee-deep in the holiday season with New Year’s Eve left to rock out in 2012. Back from my beach vacation safe and sound, yet without an internet connection, this past week of lolling in the sun was nurturing for the soul. Yes it’s hard to get back to work, but before I do, with the New Year around the corner, I have mapped out my party ensemble.

This is the time of year where sequins are celebrated, short dresses are welcome, and backless is better. But I am a creature of comfort and I will be wearing what I own and will stick to the pieces that work for me. We as human beings fear change for change’s sake. Life is too short to blend in. There will be no body-con dresses for me but I will grab my feather skirt, shiny neckwear, red lipstick and go. But before you do, please bag the pantyhose (even in sub-zero temps), but don’t forget a coat and a pair of lace La Perla thongs.

Screen Shot 2012-12-28 at 8.22.22 AM

Dannijo necklace and copious amounts of other jewels always work with anything and everything, Markus Lupfer sequined lip sweater because although neon is on its way out, lips and kissing on New Year’s Eve and beyond is not.  Givenchy Iris Rottweiler print T-shirt so when you rip off your sweatshirt, you’re not naked. NARS Lipstick in Red Lizard will lift your spirits for a mere $24.00. Chanel Vintage quilted bag for the ultimate punch of color to match your fruit punch, Cynthia Rowley feather skirt, get a similar one here. Wear it high and belted for the perfect party look. And last but not least, go out with a bang with these Giuseppe Zanotti Strappy Sandal with curves if you don’t have them. So grab your red, the pink, your feathers, the glitz and get the party started.

Happy New Year everyone!!! xo

Shop it here:


Outfit of the Day

It’s cold outside and unless you’re spending the winter living in Death Valley or South of the Border, you will need to wear multiple layers to warm up your bones. And the more layers we add, the more yeti-like we become. It is at this time of year that I stand behind functional dressing. Coats, boots, gloves and all the winter gear that shield us from the elements. We lose almost 90% of bodily heat from our heads, so we throw on the dreaded hat. I have always liked hats, but my static hat hair wins the race every time over shiny manageable locks.

But, it’s the holidays, so what’s a girl to do?

Today seemed the perfect time to unveil this post to offer some tips (get a blow-out) on what to wear for the next few festive weeks and into the new year. I paired this black motorcycle jacket with a glittery tiger sweater, iridescent cigarette pants, and a pair of black and white boots. The kick-ass graffiti-filled wall and periwinkle blue bag added some much-needed color the neutral palette. As for the jacket, it added just the right amount of cool and warmth, without the bulk. And don’t forget the red lips, they are the ultimate deal-breaker.


And here’s the smiling version. Which do you prefer?


Outfit credsLevi’s cropped leather jacket {Gifted from GigaSavvy} For more jacket and coats click here. Juicy Couture Sweater, Daniella Kallmeyer stretch iridescent cigarette pant, Topshop lace-up booties, Proenza Schouler messenger bag.

Shop the look here. And for those who celebrate, Have a Merry Xmas!


Gone Skiing

Just kidding. Not hitting the slopes this holiday, but beach-bound instead, turns my thoughts from goggles and snow to sun and sandals. If you are sun-ray bound right about now, its time to pack for warmer climes and there’s no better way  to gather my thoughts than a packing guide. And plus, let’s toast to the fact that we are not likely to get skin cancer anytime soon. Bikinis unite!

beach wearCollage by Carina Gupta 

Matthew Williamson Acid Blue Sarong that will compliment this Mara Hoffman Pow Wow tribal bikini or this yellow Matthew Zink bandeau bikini , which BTW I intend to wear out to dinner not to the beach. A Wendy Mink cut-out gold necklace for evenings out with a blazer, a T-shirt, or just about anything.

A pair of DVF wedges assuming some walking will be done, Sequin neon enamel bangles for a pop of color, and last but not least, a bottle of Shiseido sunscreen because cancer is a real thing and we should protect our skin from those dangerous X-Rays as long as we are on this earth.

Be light on the gear, heavy on the F-U-N. It’s time to bring on the holiday cheer!

Happy and safe travels!


Is This the End of the World?


Tibi Lurex Jacquard top, Proenza Schouler wrap skirt, Loeffler Randall sandals, Dannijo necklace, holding Thakoon red Crisscross shiny pumps. Get a similar pair here.

Depending on who you talk to, the Mayan prophecy foretells that tomorrow, December 21, 2012, the Winter Solstice, will be either the end of the world as we know it, or a once in a lifetime chance to party our butts off. If you’re a believer in the mystical Mayan mumbo-jumbo, I’ll see you on the other side in just a few hours. If not, here’s an end-of-the-world outfit to go out with a B-A-N-G. Everybody should leave this Earth satisfied.

If you’re taking my fashion cues, I can tell you that Angelina Jolie’s red carpet thigh-high split skirt is still the schizz. And so are metallics. Whatever you’re doing to have fun– be it a bar-music-fashion-gallery-eatery-fest and everything in between, this is the party of the century.

Let’s dress-up, dance, and have a solstice party together.


All photos: Mariana Leung
Or just maybe, as with every other apocalypse before it, nothing will happen. We could just wake up on Friday, grab our coffee, and go to work. As the end of the year draws to a close, why not take some time to cleanse  your body, soul, and your closet. I bet there are some unwanted threads that need a new home.  Head over to HelloLamodethe premier website where your luxury fashion will be tagged and sold and rid you of your former selves.
And from the mouth of Kesha, let’s make the most of the night like we’re gonna die young.

The Year In Words

2012 proved that this year flew by as fast as lightning, with trends in and out of its wake with each passing month. However, as we look back on what  was hot and what was not, I can rattle off topics one, two, and three. To name a few pop culture references there was The Hunger Games, Flo Rida, Sh*t__ Say Videos, Twitter, “Let’s take a selfie and put it up on Instagram,” iPhone5, and the never-ending Rihanna and Chris Brown saga. And to the ironic generation, cheers to the humble brag.

The biggest fashion trend of 2012 was probably the peplum, following by color blocking, neon bags, and green mint anything. I must admit though, I still hate pink.

As far as music goes, the hardest song of the year of the year to escape is certainly Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe.” It played all over the Internet and the radio and is “now playing” down below. It was and still is a very catchy tune, and includes lyrics that are very 2012 casual. Psy’s “Gangnam Style” on the other hand, is just plain irritating. Sorry Psy.

If there is one thing that is a constant in our daily lives, it’s the trends of words, the lexicon of today. I sling them around like a wordsmith. Half the time, I honestly don’t know what these words mean, and I might as well be speaking reindeer. But I like the way these words sound.

And since I don’t believe the hype that we are “fast approaching the end of the world as we know it,” even if  the Mayan calendar says December 21st, we can continue to study word trends in their rawest forms. This year was filled with uncertainly, economical, political, and meteorological, but even in the shakiest of times, we seek solace in the productivity of words. So here’s a mental nod to the magic of wordplay as we know it.

The Year in Words

What’s Doxxing you ask? I dart over to Wikipedia to find out or in the case of the above lingo,”that’s so gucci,” its dirty cousin, Urban Dictionary. The true meaning of Doxxing is Personally identifiable information (PII) which is information used to identify a single individual. It has to do with Privacy Law and Personal Safety, but perhaps in this case, ignorance is for the best. So many perfectly good words (like the ones referenced above) are ruined by looking them up.

What words from this list will persist in years to come? Will we worry about like how much swag we got at that gucci party? I can make only one  hypothesis here. Just as we saw the rise and fall of Macarena’s popularity over a decade ago, in 2013 we will stop dancing Gangnam Style. But I might not stop singing “Call Me Maybe.” Hashtag totes amaze.


A Dapper Daily Dose

By now, with only 7 days left until Santa comes flying down the chimney, I’m sure by this point, you have purchased some fantastic gifts for your friends and family and attended some holiday soireés. Now that you’ve worn all your statement necklaces, what else will glam up an outfit to end 2012? As Diana Vreeland would say, “Why don’t you” bling up your collarbone with a bow tie? That fabulous fete is waiting for your arrival. Knock ‘em dead. It’s time to start dancing under the tree and emote some form of holiday spirit!


Rachel Comey Mesh Boucle Top, Elizabeth and James leather trousers, Restler bow tie, Dannijo Skylar cuff

I love masculine ensembles just as much as polished feminine ones, and I think its time to let loose in the name of Santa and rock a bow tie. A traditional male accessory,  bow ties can add more than flair to any outfit. They are truly a conversation starter for the perfect party recipe.

Get 15% off a bow tie today by going to Restler and entering code Restlerhunter. Or if you happen to live in the borough of Brooklyn, you can attend one of these shops Su’Juk in Clinton hill and Better Than Jam in Bushwick. Still not sure? Just look at the oh-so-glam look from Dsquared2 below.


See all Dsquared2 here

And there’s me, the loser about to indulge in all of those French macarons behind me. It must be party time.  The End.


 Photos: Mariana Leung


Ten Glittery Things

Holiday gifting is mind-numbing. Gift-guides are a way to lure you into buying what their editor’s procure as top-notch. I once received a snazzy shovel from a friend (really, a SHOVEL?) that didn’t speak to me at all. I wondered, does this person really know me (See: gift giving), or is that what she wanted to get so, instead, gave it to me. The psychology of it all is hard to figure out, especially when I say “you don’t have to get me anything, silly, it’s your love that matters!” Here, I blame myself for being the recipient of said shovel. But, as well-known folklore will proclaim, it’s the thought that counts, right?

Maybe the gift-giver thought I should start gardening? Shoveling snow? Paving a new path? Does she dig me? I would’ve “dug” a gold charm.


14-Kt Gold sand pail and shovel charm

Nonetheless, there’s no easy way to buy anybody something without asking them “what do you want for the holidays?” What you want is never what you will get, so why not throw yourself under the bus and ask? Tell them what you really want.

In searching for the perfect gift to bestow on my loved ones, the below glittery and golden gift guide has me wishing on all things merry and bright. I am crushing on Moda Operandi’s gift guide this season because their site brings uniqueness and creativity to the marketplace. From J. Mendel and Camilla Dietz to Wyler and Kelly Wearstler, these uniquely curated gifts and designers are not available anywhere else. Whether you are jet-setting to St. Bart’s, or celebrating at home by the fire, without sounding cliché, these gifts from yours truly and the folks at Moda will twinkle your heart.

Attention all boyfriends, girlfriends, family, friends,*ahem, ahem…* check my go-to guide for that special woman in your life. But hurry, the trunkshow ends December 17th!


1. Vintage 1950′s clip earrings are the shizz during the holidays. When you come home from that late-night holiday party, all you have to do is “unclip” and your golden.  Carole Tanenbaum Cabochon Bug Earrings, $330.

2. Judith Leiber Gift-Wrap Minaudiére  for the perfect glitz factor and at $4,695, it’s the show-stopper to stop all shows.

3. Not sure what to get your significant other? How about these Stella McCartney Anna glowing silk-satin briefs. You know the best way to a man’s heart is via his stomach, but the fastest way to the bedroom, would be these panties. And on sale, for $47, you have nothing to lose.

4. To receive lots of gold rings and things is always a win-win, but where to store it all? How about Kelly Wearstler’s gold hand? Perfect for holding that Kelly Wearstler gold screw cuff. At $225 and $145 respectively.

5. Nerd alert! For the like-minded techie, there’s no reason that this Anndra Neen metal caged iPad case for $1,150., shouldn’t be taken to the streets. The coolest fashion statement. Say no more.

6. In celebration of Stephanie LaCava’s new book, An Extraordinary Theory of Objects, this necklace designed by Marc Jacobs has the charm without the glitz. The duo collaborated on a collection where 100% of the proceeds go to the Child Mind Institute. For $24, no question. Go get it. Marc Jacobs jewelry.

7. NARS Gold polish, the perfect stocking stuffer, $18.

8. Hillier Ceramic Doodle Heart Stud Earrings  for love, $430.

9. And last but not least, Prince Albert New/ York Del Toro slippers because if you are a New Yorker, this city shines regardless of the season. Hashtag Reasons Why I Love New York. See New York Magazine’s latest kiss to the big city. Number one reason, The Barclays Center. My top reason?

Because where else can you show up to a meeting at 9am in a fur throw and be as ironic as you please? Nowhere. The End.




High Contrast

Is Art Basel to Miami what Fashion Week is to New York? Saying so would perhaps be an overstatement, but the theory that fashion is art and art is fashion has cleared the gate and made a grand entrance. Having just come back from Basel where fashion and art notoriously collide, the ‘ing’ of Baseling came alive. This season, I saw a bastion of “fashun” showgoers (See: Stella, Diane, Terry, Derek, and Donna) than the typical art crowd. Avant-garde art work and theatrically dressed individuals go hand-in-hand and there were plenty of glitter skirts and gleaming baubles brighter than the sun.

Inspired by the hoopla, I too made my sartorial decisions before arriving to each and every event. Opposites attract, therefore polka-dots and stripes never looked so good. I paired a slew of mixed media in this look (see: chiffon, leather, wool, with glints of crackling alligator skin) to make a chic luxurious statement perrrrrfect for the upcoming holiday season. See also pigeon-toed blogger pose.

Halston Heritage polka-dot top Chanel vintage bow dress, 7 for All Mankind skinny jeans, Alain Quilici leather wedge boots, get a similar one On Sale! here or here, Ella McHugh Corinne crackle clutch.

And a in major backlash to carrying anything more than what this clutch can hold (lipstick, credit card, iPhone, gum, tampon) here is a slow-moving gif created to show you the simplicity and beauty of whipping out your ringing iPhone in a flash should it ring. Now go have a cocktail on me.

Magical photos by Michael CrookMakeup by Daniel Wiener and hair by Sarah Pierre.


How to Basel

If you’re descending on Miami beach this weekend and coming to hashtag do the “Basel” with me, here are my top picks to strike sartorial gold.

ASOS Kitten cat-eye sunnies, Opening Ceremony orange messenger bag, Dannijo Daniela cuff, Swildens jumpsuit, Lomography 1960′s camera seems to be sold out at press time. find a similar one here: Pentax Digital Camera, Rag and Bone Metallic Brocade tuxedo jacket, Opening Ceremony metallic and patent brogues. If you’re going to get one thing, get the jacket.

The yearly bacchanal known as Art Basel Miami Beach, kicks off today for a four-day convergence filled with artists, collectors, gallery owners, and the fashion flock descend en masse. There’s no denying that with the arrival of the days-long art fair come some of the world’s most extravagantly dressed individuals. The debate over fashion’s influence in the art world, or the art’s influence in the fashion world is nothing new in my book, but the next four days the show moves from Lincoln Center to the streets of Miami.

As my fourth year attending, (here comes the humble brag from last Sunday’s New York Times article,see: I’m in Miami but there are so many events to attend, there’s too much traffic to attend them all!), I just try to let it roll and not get the FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) disease. Talented souls are strewn across the city for the 11th installation of happenings all around the Design District, Wynwood, and South Beach and even on screens. There is eye-candy everywhere– you just have to keep your eyes open, and your head out of your phone. Otherwise you might miss out. Overheard last night at the James Royal Palm Hotel, while  Interview and Sotheby’s were serving up coconut-crusted lobster skewers and alligator empanadas. One unnamed guest who responded to the reptilian treats and declined the hors d’oeuvre said: “I only like alligator on my bags.” Fashion glitterati approved.

Check my Instagram feed for hour by hour updates on the happenings.

That’s all for now, Bye!