Sheer bliss

Thanks to the Fall and Spring runways, not to mention street style, sheer fabrics are having a moment. Sheer usually means it is practically see-through, intimating that you are going to need to wear something underneath. This trend popped up during Fashion Week in Paris at a number of collections such as Givenchy, Stella McCartney, and Chanel, and moved across the pond to New York just in time for spring. And in a New York minute, even if it’s not so transparent, sheer will be on our minds yet again.

A few tips here: I wore a pair of black shorts under my pants so my undergarments were invisible and wouldn’t cause a scene. BTW, what would happen in the streets of New York if I didn’t wear the shorts? Probably nothing. But don’t make like Lady-Gaga and prove me wrong. Layer, layer, layer. The rules are the same for sheer shirts and tops.

Now this isn’t a traffic stopping outfit or anything like that. Just a “how can I dodge thousands of strangers whilst smiling and showing you how-to-wear-sheer printed pants with a striped shirt” post.



Fashion Credits: Cut 25 military vest. Get a similar one from Zadig and Voltaire , J.Crew striped top, Zara sheer pants, Romy Gold Jake studded clutch, Betsy Johnson oversized sunnies. Photo by Michael Crook.

Sheer can be worn for fall as well with patent leather belt or velvet to add a fetish-y spin to the look. Even Stella McCartney challenged the look by adding a sheer skirt over sheer pants. Did you forget about my sound advise about the bandeau?? Click here if you did. 

Marc Jacobs, Givenchy, Stella McCartney

Photo via

Below are some other off the runway pics that might inspire you to try the look. Featured by Chanel, Valentino, Giambattista Valli, and The Row, you can give it a whirl too. Its time to show some skin folks. Will you, will you? I need to know.


White Out

Givenchy shoes

Not every shoe is created equal. I asked my trustworthy friend who happens to be an expert cobbler with over 40 years of experience fixing, making, and caring for shoes, what she thought of these feet candy. She wholeheartedly agreed that they are Genius with a capital G. What we have here is a white masterpiece. White python skin with silver clasps and heel caps. Nothing more, nothing less. Say no more.

I’m in love. You?


The 31 minute bag

Andy Warhol said we will all be famous for 15 minutes. When your 15 minutes arrives what will you be wearing? Pajama jeans or an updated silver Tinman-esque sleek out-of-an-editorial look book cool acid-blue clutch? I would rather the latter thank you very much, and be admired for its sartorial splendor and my fabulous taste. Cue the 31 Minute bag below. The bag guarantees to doubles your fame time—plus you get an extra minute add a little lipstick. Even better, it has a mirror-like bottom panel for applying that lipstick.

IMHO most people in the world don’t get done in a week what New Yorkers can get done in a day. I think I get more done in a day than most, but you can argue with me there. Local designer Phillip Lim understands the crazy New York lifestyle and this Spring debuted the 31 Minute bag and his new website 31PhillipLim. The concept is clear: the fact is that there are barely enough hours in a day to get it all in. This bag is for all those 31 minutes gigs that get squeezed into daily city life. Just throw your shit stuff into one bag, btw there’s a handle, and you’re ready to take on NYC (or anywhere else for that matter). Of course, you may have already fallen for the mini bags that I wrote about here.

Phillip Lim 31 minute bag

 Noir bracelets. Get them here. Noir. All photos Michael Crook.

Chic to the next lev, I totally embrace this denim marries a colorblock patent leather tin bag. It holds a crapload of stuff and looks just like the old worn acid blue jeans that I wore to my first concert. It was a Black and Blue concert circa 1977.  All aboard!

Crazy New Yorker that I am,  I’m fantacizing about how much I could get done if only I had Lim’s 31 Hour bag. Check it out. It’s so fly it hurts.



Craving Cat-eyes

Ready to rock out in a new pair of sunnies? Sunnies is most definitely a fake word that I found out whilst reading my Instagram and Twitter feeds, and  fashionable blogs like The Glamourai and I am not sure I even like it. It’s sunny, so what?  Even so, it sounds cooler than sunglasses, so let’s go with it for the sake of this post. I have recently done stories on mini bags, what to pack for the beach, and which bandeau to choose for this incredible spring that we are experiencing… La di da..ho ho hum. So its only natural to move upwards on the body towards the accessory that lay on the bridge of our noses. I must admit, I have collected a few pairs of sunnies over the years, but I’m not one to misplace these babies as I put a lot of thought into what goes in front of my eyeballs and on top my head when I’m indoors and want to be inconspicuous. The cat eye infatuation began when I saw a Warby Parker sunglass booth outside the Pulse exhibit at Art Basel back in December. I tried a few pairs on, but nothing hit me. It got me thinking that it is really important to try on lots of frames because although cat eye frames are having a moment, face shapes don’t change. I almost titled this post “Look at crazy me”.

Alexander McQueen sunnies: Get the look here from House of Harlow. Photo by Michael Crook


Here is my selection of cool sunnies from white to black, classic and fancy, to last you through the season. Which ones will you wear? I need to know. I happen to be loving the top right white shades. From left to right we go. Click here to buy the look. Missoni, Asos, Stella McCartneyHouse of Harlow 1960Rebecca MinkoffLinda FarrowThe RowTom FordKaren WalkerKaren WalkerMiu MiuElizabeth and James.

Get them while they’re hot. And sunny. See ya on the flip side slim shady~ !


Beach Days

Fashion credits: Le Soleil dress,  Serpui Marie bag, Sensi Studio hat

Borgioni skull braceletChan Luu bracelets, Alexander McQueen bracelet, King Baby bracelet,

Canfora sandals. 

So glad to see spring’s fickle self again. Saturday I was wearing nothing but a tee shirt and shorts, and today’s high after yesterday’s soaker, is barely  making it into the 50′s. I call it spring’s surprise. Weather fail. As my fair skin peels off its layers of memories, I reminisced that just a few weeks ago, that same skin was soaking in the rays whilst listening to the waves crash on a sunny beach in the Bahamas. It’s hard to be back in NYC trying to get my groove back but I know a post titled “Beach Dreams” should be a motivating factor as we look towards the months ahead and wonder what to buy early for that weekend getaway. Remember those early mornings when you know it is going to be a near-perfect beach day, and you forego your job, family, life in general, and just hit the beach? I know I do. Those days are few and far between but summer is around the corner and the possibilities seem endless. Here I am plastered in Pink Sands Resort, Harbour Island, one of the Out Islands of the Bahamas. Imagine 2 boats and a 2 plane rides later, you are literally transported to a land of a 3-mile stretch of pink sand heaven. Unspoiled, secluded, and utterly stunning, Pink Sands Resort is the ultimate get-away for singles and/or families. FYI, I am not being paid to write this post. Just take a look.

The bylines for these photos go something like this: what steamed conch was I going to eat, when I was going to get my raspberry iced tea (remember the pink post) and where I was going to catch the best sunset. Wheels via golf cart, the islands primary mode of transportation. Not a bad ride.  Here is Harbour Island town– all but 3 blocks long, and so damn cute.

From lunch to sundown, I slope around on this golf cart, the late-afternoon March sun a mellow crimson fury. Pink houses, pink sunsets, pink beaches. Here is my road trip.

KAS New York dress, K Jacques sandals, Kara Ross NY bag

My hope for you is that you use these photos as inspiration as spring segues into summer. Of all the mental bits you take away from this, its the colors of the sky, the beaches, and, of course, my outfits that should leave you wanting more. Did I mention that I am selling some of my fashionable goods on Copious. Its a great site for those of you in the market for a fresh purchase without the price tag. Find me I’m here—-Copious

 Stay dry my friends–and enjoy your Monday and don’t forget to start stocking up on sunblock! Mmmm…is that bbq I smell?


Many shades of blue

Although we first caught blue mania back in the summer of 08 and 09, blue is back again. Only this time the blue trend won’t be limited exclusively to turquoise. With the solstice upon us, the blue sky and its infinite palette beckon. This summer, all shades of blue are fair game and here to play. The color favorites I’m seeing and liking are deep royal blues, cerulean blues, and pale, light blues. Now that jeans have become red, yellow, pink and anything but blue, it is quite refreshing to pull out those blue jeans and sport them again. Here’s the Chanel airplane runway looks from SS 12 for inspiration.

Photo via Trend Council

Can’t afford Chanel? What better way to sport this trend than with bright blue nail polishes! It’s a cheap way to try out a color — it you hate it, just wipe, wipe, wipe it off and you’re only out $3 dollars or in the case of Chanel nail polish more like a whopping $55. A variety of blue polishes can be sported with almost any skin tone. Check out my selection of blue nail polishes. My favorite is the Nars Thakoon marriage which will be out in a few short weeks. Will you wear the blues?


Credits: Essie, butter London, NARS Thakoon, Deborah LippmanChanel Le Vernis Coco Blue Les Jeans de Chanel Nail Polish


French women get it right

If I could only wear one thing for Spring, I think it would have to be  a bandeau stripes. I am pretty obsessed with the Parisienne way of dressing, with their chic everyday style and the je ne sais quoi way about them. Now, not every French woman is the epitome of chic, but many are and they all seem to share the same formula for everyday dressing. The formula is casual and very modern, but not so trendy. While New York women dress with a simillar flair, there are some subtle, refined differences that have me rethinking what’s in my closet and how I want to put myself together everyday. An easy classic way of transitioning into summer, black, white, and stripy things have always been timeless staples in my wardrobe. With the right pop of color, neutrals like black and white stand out with just a hint of “look at me”. I have kind of overdosed on stripes in this post just to make a point, but somehow, it works. I am sitting impatiently at a French café waiting for my friend to arrive and join me for a cafe au lait. I could easily have been at the Louvre Terrace at Cafe´Marly, mais non c’est NYC. But its so much more fun to pretend its Paris.

Black usually predominates the French woman’s wardrobe and it is usually paired with navy, red, or army green. Throw on a scarf, sunglasses on your head, and a small purse, or a minaudière of sorts and voila– you too can be a la mode.  Here is a sample of a well-stacked closet.

And a cool simple, yet oh so chic new line from Cardigan.

Instead of heels, this look could have also featured stylish kicks like the Supergas  I just bought. French women of all ages can rock cool hip sneakers like the Isabel Marant dudes or Converse with skinny jeans just like their younger counterparts.  There are no pastels on Parisian bodies,  just on their colorful macarons. In the beauty department, I do wear grown-up makeup, just not a lot of it. I wear a SPF light foundation, a little bronzer, a kohl-rimmed eyeliner, bare lips, and mascara. A pretty simple and very french regimen. Its ageless. Like me getting silly in front of the Fire Station. (Must be all of those men in uniforms)

So what’s the take-a-way here? Ultimately, life is about having fun, enjoying the ride, and on those days, we all have them, being silly and youthful. It’s spring, the sun is out.  Go dance. Just don’t ever wear leggings and gym clothes around town. I beg you. Ever. You can never go wrong with a little Rag and Bone, a touch of leather, a few white tees, Isabel Marant, classic stripes, and a pile of accessories. Never. Its ageless. Its timeless. Bye for now!

Fashion credits: Rag and Bone Hart biker jacket, MIH top, French Connection track pants, Castoner heels, Marni clutch. All photos: Michael Crook


Saturday inspiration

Photo: The Sartorialist

This brilliant photo came onto my desktop yesterday and it was sooo good, so unexpected, I felt compelled to share its sartorial awesomeness with you.

Its the perfect juxtaposition between military urban mixed with girly girl. A hunter green military overall from the 80′s needs to be in my closet…right now. It is the perfect utilitarian piece that plays better than jeans. No really. Although I am not 7 feet tall which might cause a slight problem in the leg department.  Toss on a few long strands of pearls for the right dose of lady-like vibe, add a bandeau (no shirt) like I’ve been telling you for the past few weeks (my latest obsession) and you have conquered the retro 50′s-80′s mashup trend right here. Who has followed my advise and jumped all over this look? Hands please—if not what are you waiting for? Moving right along…bright contrast pops of color on the red lips, which lends just the right jolt of color on the mouth, and the hot pink Louboutin pumps which I must add, do look fabulous. Visible tattoos on the left arm which I swap out with copious amount of jewels rather than mark up my living human skin with indelible ink. A small necessary clutch for day which I just posted about yesterday. Did you read this or did you forget?  And finally the look. This is very hard to nail down or explain. Its probably the simple two-way dialogue between fashion and street that Scott Schuman captures so well- something we mere fashion mortals cannot perfect.  Maybe its got something to do with the insane amount of gorgeousness that is nightlife star/model Elinor Arwyn, a vocalist from the band Manhattan Cartell. Whatever it is, this girl really rocks. No joke.

Happy Saturday!



Purse change

A schlepper (the yiddush word to haul or carry) of sorts, I am always the lucky one with Tylenol, Purell, lipstick, 2 phones, keys, a printed iCal, gum, battery chargers, a spare pair of shoes, bottles of water, and the manual on how to use it all. As a mom of two teenage girls, I am the walking drugstore. Back in the day, women didn’t carry a large day bag or money for that matter. The neighborhood charge account was commonplace. Fast forward to modern times and you have me with my giant Celine luggage bag which includes everything plus the kitchen sink. I have recently noticed plenty of women strolling in the city streets with nothing but a teeny tiny bag. Just the idea of carrying nothing but my phone seemed very super chic. It was on a recent trip to the Bahamas where I first test-drove the mini bag trend, where I found myself feeling empty-handed and loving it.

Serpui Marie bag

In exclusive fashion circles, the purse evolution carries a lot of weight, no pun intended. Shape-wise the bag went from massive hobo to large envelope clutch. Then last summer, it was the reintroduction of the small pouchette and most recently the PS11 has been the hottest ticket. And now? Has the large tote gone under the radar?  Maybe not. But we are harking back to the 50′s as we see the return of the ladylike dressing and the minaudière. In case you didn’t know, the precise definition of the minaudière is a women’s fashion accessory generally considered a jewelry piece, intended to substitute for an evening bag. A case with compartments, it allows storage for several items in a small space. Designers and houses such as Ports 1961, Bottega Veneta, Lanvin, Alexander McQueen, Proenza Schouler, and Valentino all showed tiny bags for Spring 2012 and even into Fall.

Jil Sander Spring 12

This spring I decided to “lighten up” and shed the excess weight. At the end of day all you really need is cash, a credit card, a tampon, lipstick, and cell phone. A day bag that used to be exclusively for evenings. Voila! It’s as simple as that.

Below are some inspiring runway and street style images for your perusal. Will you try this trend? Inquiring minds want to know.


In shoe news

So many shoes, so little money time. As a busy blogger, fashion stylist, and mom, it is challenging to walk around in 5-inch heels all day without feeling the pain on my feet and occasionally, in my wallet. My new way of shopping, which is very beneficial, is when I see something I love, I walk away from it, think about it, and ponder the shopping addiction waves running through my brain. The thought process goes something like this: what is the damage to my credit card (usually terrible) and will these shoes fit my closet? ( Yes, I will sell ). So I wait. And I return back to the store or the website. It was these pair of shoes below that got me going last month when I was figuring out my big spring shoe splurge. I hadn’t found the exact dose of mules, platforms, or what have you, to whip out the card. But these booties proved irresistible. They are light-colored, open-toe, car wash flaps/large eyelashes which peek over my toes. With just enough downtown edge to feel dangerous they are so cool, right?

So the question might have been, if these shoes were from a blog post called “If the world wide web was my closet…”, would I have bought them? Probably. But, since they are already on my blue toenails, it is therefore rendered too late. Check. Done. Finito. Alas, I have already calculated about how many times I need to wear them ( roughly 60) to make this purchase totally worthwhile financially. At $900 a pair, and at $15 a look, I think its totally worth it. Don’t forget these are investment shoes. Ones that I will hopefully wear over and over again. I already wore them 5 times and its only April 11th. I can wear them with jumpsuits, jeans, rompers, and even colored jeans like I wore in the below pic. Remember this post? (Click here) .. spring has just begun!

Jimmy Taverniti jeans, Jason Wu for Target top, LF tote

Photo: Michael Crook 

Don’t forget it was a mere month ago that I was declaring the return of the pump, or a pointy-toe shoe that I may or may not embrace for fashion’s sake. Platforms are returning for Fall. Case in point, I will admit that comfort for comforts sake is totally worth it. And believe it or not, these Maison Martin Margiela booties are as comfortable as they get. And they most certainly are having a moment. Apparently so is my butt. And at $895. You really should think about it. Or not. Available here Margiela boots.