Ring Ding

Yesterday I got an email from a desperate friend asking where she can get some awesome black caged knuckle rings she saw in a magazine. Willing to hunt for anything, as the Fashion Hunter does, I did my obligatory investigating. I found the ring and she was thrilled that it cost over $4,000 –the price of a normal, not NYC mortgage–for a very trendy accessory. I have received a few questions of late about where to purchase these unique rings that I wear in my blog photos and put up on my Currently Obsessed page. Now I would bet many of you can’t wait to show off your beautiful manicured nails this summer with plenty of finger candy. Right? I have a penchant for wearing delicate rings, but for a moment, they have lost their luster. So, how about the notion of swaddling those fingers with some jaw-dropping macabre rings that will literally make your eyes pop out? It’s the rawness that lures me in. Since I really  have a full appreciation of all things weird, wild and cool knuckle-wearing rings, bracelets, and neck-wear et al have come under my radar. Skeletons, snakes, (cue the Chloé ring) sharks, eyeballs, claws, and bones (cue the Topshop mini bones bottom right) are turning up in jewelry safes worldwide and are slowly spreading their way onto my Currently Obsessed closet. These ironic symbols suggest an intimate love affair that only a peculiar fan base can love.

Left to right here we go: Chloé snake ringSwarovski crystal ringTopshop cross over block ringASOS wrapped claw ring,  Alex Monroe daisy wreath ringYves Saint Laurent arty oval ringASOS eye ringASOS pack of three roadhouse ringTopshop mini bones ringWildfox wild ring

Ultimately, will you embrace the weirdos? For a measly twenty bucks, instead of a bespoke cocktail, you can embrace this trend too. I am crushing on that daisy ring smack center stage. Should you find yourself surfing the net and you find something scary or sick, please send it my way. I have posted about skulls many times, see Groovy Freaks, but am always curious as to what else is out there lurking in the dark. Clickety click… See ya later freaks!


Tangerine Dreams

Happy Tuesday!!! On my way home from the beach this weekend, I was pondering the many aspects of the color orange, my “it” flavor of the month and how it was dubbed this season as Tangerine Tango. If you have been hiding under a rock or missed Saturday’s Sneak a Peek post, it is actually Pantone’s color of the year. Summertime dressing is so easy to master and a single splash of color on the top or bottom usually does the trick. I don’t like to indulge in too many brights, as it can be overwhelmingly blinding to anyone who walks past you. A fabulous pedicure, or a little arm fiesta is usually all I can handle. Remember Groovy Freaks? However, this year is almost half over, so I decided to grab a taste of these orange pants. Hashtag YOLO. (You only live once- for those of you over 25). If you are considering wearing Tangerine pants because it lends itself quite nicely to that time of the month the end of Spring/ beginning of Summer when oppressive New York heat calls for comfort, you are NOT alone.

Get this look here: Enzo Costa tee, Georgie pant, Dolce Vita Orla Cutout wedges, Alexander McQueen sunnies, Asos laser-cut clutch bagDogeared necklace, iPhone, Honest Tea

If you’re not ready to go full on orange, how about copious amounts of arm candy, a mani-pedi, coral lips, or shoes in a fresh blast of color?

 Dolce Vita sandals, Orange it’s Obvious Essie nail polish

From top to bottom: Isabel Marant silk tassel bracelet,  Asos retro skulls, Dannijo friendship bracelet, Sydney Evan bone braceletsBlu Bijoux beaded bracelets, Dannijo Stingray Wrap

This color reminds me of the quintessential summer cocktail, the Tequila Sunrise. For those of you old enough to remember this drink, it was even prettier than it tasted. Tequila, orange juice, Grenadine and/or Cassis, all mix together to create gradations in a glass that mimic a sunrise. Different from the bespoke cocktails of today, it was a classic drink that had us know-it-all teenagers acting like mixologists (even though that overused moniker had yet to be invented).

Now that I have you dreaming of all things summertime, play this Tangerine Dream soundtrack from the Risky Business Days -you just might get inspired to dance… like me. Just like when Joel’s parents were away for the weekend, and Joel says, “You wanna know something? Every now and then say, “What the f-ck.” “What the f-ck” gives you freedom. Freedom brings opportunity. Opportunity makes your future. One leg at a time. xxoo

All photos by the ultimate rock-star celeb: Michael Crook.



Sneak A Peek

Enzo Costa tee, Georgie pant, Alexander McQueen sunnies, Dogeared necklace, iPhone, Honest Tea

Photo: Michael Crook.

Here’s a little sneak peek of what’s previewing next week on the Fashion Hunter. For some this could be a chance desperate attempt to inspire you on what to wear once the sun comes out and salute the casual comfort factor. A white tee-shirt, tangerine drawstring pants, denim everything, and lots o’lots of arm candy..that’s what summertime style is all about. This post is not an advertisement for the iPhone or Honest Tea. Honestly. It’s just a need to quench my thirst in every way possible by staying connected to you while I’m hunting those blazing trails. In case you are wondering where I am, you can now stalk me 24/7 on twitter, instagram, Facebook, Copious, Currently Obsessed, and Pose.

I guess this is the time where I send you off with a wish for a fantastic Memorial Day Weekend. The forecast is looking a little stormy on the East Coast, but at least we are all in this crap together. Cue to Google “NY Fashion Hunter” and say hi. Oh, and you can buy my shit too.

Anyone want to surf? I’m in….. xxoo


Memorial Day Weekend

Ready or not, Memorial Day weekend is arriving in T- minus 2 days.While I’m sure we all agree that we can’t wait for freaking summer to start, this week’s overcast and rainy weather is not perfectly pitched for barbecues and hanging pool-side. Undaunted, I’m still determined to dress the part, and a little rain won’t stop the fashion hunter. You never know when you end up at the right party in the wrong threads. That is hashtag awkward. Truth be told, one of my favorite things about summer is going to the beach and undressing to the bare minimum. I love feeling the warm sand under my feet, feasting on chips and guacamole, and staring at the posers with their six-pack abs stroll by. So whether you are traveling oversees, to the Caribbean, or staying local with friends and family, you still want to dress on point. Right? So with my Jitney ticket in hand, I’m heading to the Hamptons with my must-haves featured below. This season, I am inspired to rock these boho chic essentials. Because all you really EVER need at the beach is a bathing suit, (see yesterday’s post right here), a wide brimmed hat and sunglasses to protect yourself from those UV rays, a maxi dress to jump into, sandals, and a great book to keep you focused and will illuminate your mind.


Fashion credits: Left to right, top to bottom: AllSaints hat, Linda Farrow sunnies, Zimmermann dress, AllSaints bracelet, The Little Book Of Schiaparelli, Stella McCartney Crochet Falabella, KORS Michael Kors sandals.

AllSaints Hat: You need a straw hat because those sun’s rays are scary. Promoting cancer is something I don’t want to do. Besides anything made by AllSaints is cooler than thou.

Linda Farrow Rose Gold Sunnies. If there is anything I want to update every summer, its a new pair of shades. Retro and slim these shades offer full UV protection and don’t scream “look at me.” Pamper your eyes with these shades.

Zimmermann dress. I call this effortless dressing in a bottle. The ultimate summer dress designed by the Australian designer best known for swimwear, Zimmermann, this dress will be on my body 24/7.

The Little Book Of SchiaparelliWhy wouldn’t you want to read a book about history’s most influential couturiers? This biography complete with beautiful illustrations and photographs highlights the life of this innovative fashion genius.

Stella McCartney Crochet Falabella. This is not your grandmother’s afghan, but rather a crocheted rendition of the homespun insanity that is Stella McCartney. Both dressy and casual, this egg white bag is the ultimate summer grabber.

And finally KORS by Michael Kors orange sandals. These thin comfortable strappy sandals need to be on my feet. All summer long.

Don’t forget to click all those links before the weekend hits. You want to show off your sartorially stylish self, don’t you? As a veteran camper, we used to say, we live 12 months for 2. And don’t forget sunscreen.



Life’s a beach

From Memorial Day (which is quickly approaching) to Labor Day, I try to jam-pack everything warm-weather related into a few very short weeks. I remember when I was in high school and thought that summer lasted forever. I even bought a tee-shirt that said “Forever Summer.” But reality bites, it ends. Unfortunately, like summer and its romances, bathing suits usually don’t last more than one season. I’ve tried to reuse my $350 Eres suit that I purchased in Italy last summer, but even expensive elastic stretches out. Here’s a little preview to kick-off the summer vacation season Part 1. (Beach Boys Endless Summer playing in the background.) Coming soon.. a chance  to bear ass! Or not. Wear bandeau! Or not. A chance to wear.. or be like old King Tut (how’d he get so funky)! I think that Tut Tank by Mara Hoffman is calling my name. I might be the only one on the beach crazy enough to wear it. Don’t ya think??  Summer is short, so seize the moment in these stunners. Check out the collage below for a little swimwear inspiration and be prepared to turn heads during the upcoming holiday weekends.


Left to right, Top to bottom. Topshop bikini, Chloé bikini, Mara Hoffman bikini, Manning Cartell bikini, Zimmerman one piece, Zimmerman one piece , Mara Hoffman one piece, J.Crew one piece

So as you lounge beach-side this summer, do share which suit suits you best. A 50′s floral number? A bandeau? Did you do your 300 sit-ups today? I did and will be wearing that teeny weeny itsy witsy white scalloped bikini? (Insert sarcasm here) A simple yellow maillot? You bet.

Don’t forget to clickety click those links above. And do tweet me what book you are reading (and please don’t admit to 50 Shades of Gray). I need a good read. Come on a Safari with the Fashion Hunter..a Surfin’ Safari.


Raising the Bar

Hello World!

I’ve always set my standards high, ever reaching for loftier goals in all aspects of my life. As my alter ego -Fashion Hunter, I am my own heroine, always on the hunt for the latest, greatest, newest, freakiest, funniest, coolest hottest ting going-saving the world from fashion fails. And like the Avengers it is a collaborative effort, meaning that Fashion Hunter survives on the feedback (good or bad) from its loyal and hopefully widening readership. Keeping in character, last week I found this camo Nerf Gun in the kid section of the drug store. As I was on my way to a penthouse rooftop for a Bar iii bbq event in the West Village, I had an “Ah Ha ” moment. After one solid year of blogging, writing, attending fashion shows, and meeting new inspiring people, and carving a new niche for myself, I want to send a huge shoot-out  shout-out to all my current readers that were there for me from the beginning as well as my newest followers who I’ll do anything (well almost anything) to educate and entertain about my passion. Lets go shopping!!  Raising the bar always presents new challenges which I, thankfully, have enough energy to take on. My Nerf gun will be just one of the blog toys in my arsenal, but make no mistake about it, this ain’t kids’ stuff.

Now who’s going to help me pick out their favorite photo? AIM– FIRE –SHOOT!  I will give you credit where due on my About Me page. It is long overdue for an update. A burst of KAPOW for the urban adventurer. What do you think? In these few images, I have hand-picked the clothes on my body from the current Spring season to represent what a Hunter is and does. It’s quite clear I’m not on a blazing trail hunting for prey, I just wear the latest Loubotins, but what I do on the city streets and on the world wide web is well, quite dangerous. I get lost in the jungle for hours on end and I sometimes cannot find my way home. But I always know to keep that goal: to come out alive to show you the shit is worth every risk. By giving you my ammmo,  you get a chance to Clickety click on all my links that I show italicized and underlined. I got so carried away I almost forgot to tell you about my newest venture, the One-stop shop on my blog, and introduce to you my newest partner Currently Obsessed. It is HERE my fancy friends that I add between 6-10 new products per day that I LOVE!!  Love them too? Just click on the underlined links and it will get you to my favorite things with a buy button just a click away!! Now isn’t that COOL?? BANG!

This is veda jacket, j brand leather pantsmonrow tissue teebar iii ringtom ford sunglasseschristian louboutin heels. Nerf Gun

Now pick your fav Huntress pic that you most adore. I’ve even “gun-wild” over this necklace and have been stopped in the streets for this piece. You like??

Wildfox Gun necklace

Photos brought to you by Instagram, Michael Colgan and the team from Factory PR, BFA images, editing by Michael Crook.

Peruse below all the photos from cake pops to Coronas from the Bar iii event. Saving the world from bad fashion, I always keep my site on the prize. Wonder Woman eat your heart out.


Beach Days Part II

A derivative of my original Beach Days post a few weeks ago, the sun is out, at last. Hitting a high of 70 degrees today, and a possible 79 over the weekend, Memorial Day weekend is a mere 8 days away. Are you beach-ready? Bikini, check. Sunglasses, check. Sandals, check. Beach tote, check. Colorful arm baubles? check. Tight abs? Uncheck. So if you haven’t started doing 300 sit-ups a day, now is a perfect time to start. I am starting to realize that it is clearly time for a spray tan mini wardrobe infusion. Hard to imagine, but the endless possibilities of summer 2012, don’t seem so endless anymore. Surf lessons anyone? I’m ready to dive into that ocean. And in honor of Donna Summer I’ll be singing along to Last Dance. Bring it, Summer 2012.

Equipment shirt, Canfora sandals, Sensi Studio hat, Oscar de La Renta stone necklace, Celine sunnies

OndadeMar beach bag. Get a similar one here. Ben-Amun turquoise necklace. Hippie couch.

I was recently reminiscing that just a few weeks ago, my body was soaking in the rays whilst listening to the waves crash on a sunny beach in the Bahamas. I’m not going back to the Bahamas again in the next few weeks, but rather on the East Coast instead. Before I take off for those summer weekends, I will be sure to be exclusively clad in all-white everything, low-rise jeans in the pure denim and white variety, flowy tops, lots of accessories, and cool-as-shit shoes. As we look towards the weeks ahead, it will be hot and bandeaus shall rule. If not, ethereal anything will rule. So use your judgment wisely to purchase some lace, eyelet, and linen. I am trying to sell my frocks on Copius and recycle rather than allowing my purchases run wild into the depths of my already hemorrhaging closet. Here are my inspirational photos that I will present as things to ponder.

 Chan Luu black bracelet, Elisa Solomon white bracelet, Chan Luu coral bracelet, Shine handmade pink baubles, Fiona Paxton wrap bracelet

Handmade goodies from Shine.

 Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony white eyelet dress, Dannijo necklace

Stay tuned as next week, I will be featuring a few Memorial Day treats. Hostess with the mostest, and a what to pack for the beach update from last summer. Summer weekends will get a whole lot easier with a little help from your friends. In case you forget, I’ll send you the memo.

Mmmm, already smelling that bbq.


Photographs taken at Pink Sands Resort, Harbour Island, The Bahamas


Accessorize it

I have already capitalized on the notion of wearing copious amounts of accessories on top of accessories on many occasions. (See Framed, Groovy Freaks, and fun finery across ze pond in Milan. If I seem to be obsessed with accessories, you are not wrong. I tend to pile tons of bags and baubles on my body. Sometimes though, it is better to err on the side of caution, and there are reasons for this thought process. It goes like this. You are invited to a jewelry party where there are numerous brands that are willing to share their wares with you for a chance to be on you. In a picture, in a mug shot. Last week I attended a Happy Hour(s) with the cool moms at Elk Studios, where shots were taken, sushi was digested, and jewels were abundant. I thought about what to wear and figured it was probably better to wear just a simple white tee shirt, cool ass green jeans, and some Dannijo clunkers on my wrist. And then I proceeded to add some charms for charms sake. So here you go. This pic says wipe that stupid smile off your face, that outfit is boringgggg as hell. But do check out the tiny pops of bright turquoise on my neck. Now that’s good.

 Nation tee-shirt, Citizens of Humanity overdyed skinny jeans, Melinda Maria Momma and baby turquoise necklaces, Dannijo cuffs here and here.  Asos clutch

Ultimately, this is not a how-to dress up for (s)mug shot post. I’m pulling a Lindsay Lohan – don’t I look villainous? This is actually a profile shot just so you can see my overdue highlights perfectly highlighted blonde locks and the smirk. Its a how-to go to jail FREE card. Please proceed to the highlighted route.

Here is close-up of the aforementioned necklace. With my twitter handle piece from Bauble Bar added as a layer. Pretty freakin cool, huh? You can order your own initial necklace here . And here is the Melinda Maria necklace. FYI- they also make tiger stud earrings! Consume. them. here 

The best part of my evening was not only meeting other cool people, but winning, yes, actually winning a rock the size of Timbuktu just for putting my name and twitter handle @nyfashionhunter in a jar.

So here’s to mingling longer than anyone else just, well you know, FTW.  And that was clearly the win. Graziela Clear Factor Ring in Aqaumarine

Mug shots by Elk Studios. Random photos by nyfashionhunter on Instagram.


How Fashion and Art Collide

For the first time ever, London’s Frieze Art Fair landed in New York’s backyard, Randall’s Island. And for the first time ever, Refinery 29 featured me in their Street Style section. A couple of firsts for me in one day is definitely worth celebrating. Thanks Refinery for the shout out! I attended the fair on a Monday which was–so I overheard–much less crowded than the congestion during the weekend. Think part exhibition, part social scene, part runway, all put together in a temporary pop-up village in the middle of an island I barely ever even heard of. The commissioned artworks at the fair were showcased in this massive pavilion which created a totally hip and cool vibe. Hip and cool like the Fat Radish serving up delicious food, the style set strutting their stuff, and the outdoor Bier Garden was carefully positioned right outside the exit just in time for happy hour. At first glance, I am dressed in, I will call this one, a one-piece-statement dress that rocks. Yeah, I can mix prints like any artist. The Olsen twins might have popularized this (fill in the blank) look first, but in this day and age of stylists et al, I say follow your own instincts and do what works. BTW, I got dressed in a total running time of 10 minutes. Paired with my Chloe wedges, a huge ass yellow clutch, oversized sunnies, and smelly unwashed hair, it sells magazines.


Marni maxi dress, Asos portfolio clutch, Chloe wedges, Hache belt, get a similar one here. Tom Ford sunnies, Vince leather bomber. Photo credits: Refinery 29

After my brief walk-through of the bespoke exhibition, I was quite impressed. Having attended the Pulse, Nada, and Art Basel fairs, Frieze has a while to go, but as a first timer, it was anything but shabby. Based on the compelling art that I saw, there were some standout pieces. Chalked full of thought-provoking images, see below for some of the highlights of the show. Although I took over 100 photos at the fair, it’s safe to say, some of my first impressions of the galleries were the ones that made the difference. For comparison’s sake, in the fashion world and in life as well, first impressions are everything. And I consider that a standout success. Click through to peek at the fun stuff after the jump. Art and fashion?

see more


In Honor of Mother’s Day


CreditsMother jeansJason Wu  top, Stuart Weitzman Capsize Mary Jane pumps. Flowers generously donated by Fairway. Photos Michael Crook. Gif created by me.

I have blatantly recruited myself to hand deliver you a Gif(t).  There is nothing wrong with receiving presents, and I am sure you welcome all variations of things like The 50 Shades of Grey series on Kindle, diamonds, and other bejeweled treasures that come your way. Believe me, if I am EVER given anything resembling Dannijo sweets, I will promise to love you forever. So on that note, let’s not forget that Sunday is Mother’s Day, knowing full well that there is no better time to give than the present and say “thanks for having me” to your mum. This groovy Fashion Hunter mom will tell you that florals are in for spring, so how about making those prints come alive with a fragrant bouquet for that special woman in your life?  It’s important to note that flowers are fragrant and massages are good. Candles are too. But, women like things. In case you need some hints, take note. Peruse below for my tightly edited selection of gift ideas for Mother’s Day. These are some my favorite things, that will guarantee to put a sparkle in her heart.


From left to right, a Givenchy bracelet simple enough for any mom. Because diamonds are a girl’s best friend, how about some BLINGSydney Evan diamond “breathe” necklace, Irene Neuwirth Mint Teardrop earring with Pavé diamonds, Andrea Fohrman Oval Pink earrings with sapphires. A Tiffany “Yours” Mom Heart charm because she is so charming. A Jason Wu candle that smells like Orchids in case she doesn’t have a garden. An oversized Kara Ross clutch because your mom is such a hipster. If she’s not, she can teach herself with this book 50 Shoes that Changed the World  just in case she isn’t into 50 Shades of Grey. A Verbena scent by pureDKNY so she smells like flowers. And finally a pair of Philip Simon Espadrilles, Carerra sunnies, because summer is coming and a fun Mod Cloth coffee mug for a woman constantly on the go.

So for those of you on Team mom, let’s give a toast to the one and only. Here’s to you, mom! xxoo