Happy Birthday to the King Of Cool


Today’s news is very beginning of January-like, see: Lindsay Vonn electing out of the Olympics in Sochi, the Polar Vortex strangling the nation which means more cancelled flights, the battle over gay marriage in Utah, The announces a redesign, and the fact that 1 out of every 10 teenagers doesn’t exercise enough to have the CDC concerned. Well, the best news of all is that today is David Bowie’s 67th birthday.

We all know David Bowie is G-d.

I’ve decided to celebrate this day with this song, ‘Fashion’ back from 1980. It’s not like he’s 67 and disappearing into the rocking world of fame. He is always keeps us surprised and re-emerging with panache.

Bowie fans will never forget the morning 365 days ago when ‘Where Are We Now?’ emerged on the internet from nowhere, and at last we could rejoice that Bowie was back. Given the health scares and the rumours, the impact couldn’t have been greater. The perfectly executed stunt set a precedent which saw Beyoncé do something similar, though on a grander scale, in December.

David Bowie, always surprising, always innovating, always one step ahead of the game. Happy Freaking Birthday to The Thin White Duke!


The Mule Game


Womp, womp. Whap, whap. Clack, clack.

Familiar sounds?

Yes, it the sound dub step music makes.

It is a sound of loss heard on a game show.

It is, according to Urban Dictionary, something that is completely not up to regular standards.

A succession of clicks.

An annoying gum chewer.

All above answers are correct, and in the name game of high fashion, it is also the sound a mule makes when walking, or traipsing across a room. So the larger question is, will you play it?

I hate mules and no matter how many I have owned over the years, have never liked them. In fact, few accessories, been as maligned over the past decade or so as the mule. Carine Roitfeld hates them too, but let’s forget that for a second. Here are the many reasons for my complaints.

Those backless babies slap against my feet as I walk and I find them so uncomfortable. My ten toes get tired of keeping that mule on my feet. Anyone with me?

I can live without a lack of functionality in the shoe department, I have many times before. But the mule evokes grande dames in little jeweled, satin, kitten-heeled mules or ’50s starlets set in their boudoirs in embellished linen versions.

I won’t deny, however, that a pro-mule movement is afoot. After fading into the sartorial sunset more than a few years back, the mule silhouette is rising back up with a vengeance—and it is no longer a sensible shoe for the faint of heart. The latest reincarnations run the gamut from textured fabrics to wild patterns to classic shapes perfect for the wardrobe of a fledgling fashion blogger. Yet, those including me in the anti-camp remain resistant. Even when Céline, Chloé, Altuzarra and Victoria Beckham all went backless below the ankle in their spring collections.

Chloé mules spring 2014

Chloé mules spring 2014

Kenzo mules 2014

Kenzo spring 2014

 These mules are distinct from their counterparts of yore. The main difference is a higher vamp—which, for starters, offers a more covered-up and cooler look. And the bonus? The revamped vamp also secures the foot and does away with the dreaded clack-clack.

Celine Spring 2014

Celine Spring 2014

Any anti-mule sentiments surrounding these latest versions might simply be knee-jerk reactions, but I’m still not sold. Will the mule-haters out there eventually convert? I’m sticking to my guns for now even if the fashion Pied Piperettes like the Olsens twins, are already wearing the latest slip-ons.

If you are among those shifting to pro-mules, take note that they look best with skirts and dresses that land just below the knee or with cropped slim pants. And stick to those single-sole styles as with the right look, they could be elegant and sexy (see below).

Here are my top four mules out there right now for those willing to bare their feet and do the womp in these rigid temps.


From top to bottom left to right: Gianvito Rossi mules, get a similar pair here // Jenny Kayne mules // Alexander Wang white mules // Tibi Britt Crystal Mule Wedge

Will you wear them? I’m not a convert. At least not yet.




January 1 2014


I am going to consume under 500 calories a day.

No more wine.

No new designer shoes in the year 2014. In fact no shoes the entire year.

I will climb Mt. Kilimanjaro.

I am going to finish two books a week.

Sound familiar?

New Year's Resolutions

I hate New Year’s resolutions. We flip the page to 2014 and vow to jump on the proverbial treadmill. For the majority of us, making this mighty ambitious goal, is an empty promise to oneself  and just end up deflated and out of air. At the risk of being pedantic, a resolution is finding a solution, meaning you are solving a problem, with the prefix ‘re,’ which usually means again. We strive to solve a problem again and again and again.

This year I challenge myself to set some short-term goals, once a month, for a fresh start for 2014. They don’t have to be grandiose or dramatic, they just have to be tangible. Have your daily cup of yoga. Take a walk. Get fresh air. Step away from the screen. Do it a little better this time. Be less demanding on oneself and just try to exist. Try that for a month.

a fresh start for 2014

As I reflect back on what was 2013 a mere 365 days ago, I decided to publish my posts three to four times per week, and obtain more clients, which, to my surprise, worked out for the entire 365 days of 2013.

Now tell me, what baby steps are you going to take? Your turn.




The Only Thing That is Constant Is Change


2013 was about meeting new friends, finding new ways to get a good night’s sleep, learning how to twerk, and conquering old dysfunctional tasks. I predict that 2014 will be about venturing into unchartered territory. Change is always good, stagnation is not, but we have to let ourselves accept the challenges and dive into the fear of the unknown, without looking back.

new year

Here’s to dancing into 2014 and sharing exciting new things to come! Happy New Year!@!!

white dress

alexander mcqueen lace dress, get a similar one here and here  // valentino rockstud sandals

ivory dress


Chalet Girl


Packing for a trip is never an easy task. Packing for a sunny climes is simple: throw on a few bikinis, jumpsuits, flip flops, sunscreen, caftans, some bling, and a hat or two for frolicking on the beach and you’re good to go.

Alternately, packing for a ski vacation is rough. The alpine slopes are hovering at a high of 35 degrees during the day with a low of 15 degrees in the evenings. Factor in the wind, the mountains, yeah, it’s freakin’ freezing. Layers and layers of down-filled thermo-packed insulated crap weighs a lot more than the allotted 50 pounds, thank you, and there’s so much stuff to pack, it’s insane.

I may never be Lindsey Vonn, but nevertheless, I love hitting the slopes, armed with my gear and here’s why. The mountain air. The 12,000 vertical feet waiting underneath my dangling skiis as I sway on the chairlift cum gondola anticipating the ride down. Cue the blaring music, the all-white mountains ahead of you, and finding that sweet spot whilst carving the perfect turn. Schussing down the groomed trail, carefully navigating my turns on the double black bumps, and cruising down at the end of the day, aprés ski boots and hot cocoa waiting down below. Ahhhhh.

aspen highlands

Now that I think about it, hitting that lodge is my favorite part of the day. Warding off frostbite is the daily goal. I’m one of those women who get cold. It’s definitely one of my top complaints. But I have discovered more than a few ski items you may need for survival. One of them is hand and toe warmers. The other is to head to Aspen, where hot instructors teach it’s so painstakingly chic off the slopes I might never ski. Just kidding.

Peek at my must-have mountain guide down below and don’t forget about the fashion show after dark. Ridge of Bell to Little Nell ready or not.

what to pack for a ski tripGucci goo ski goggles // Fendi tech jacket // Chanel skis // Jonathan Adler ski hat // Goat ski sweater // Armani and only Armani would make padded ski trousers// Moon boots could be the best thing to happen to skiing // Lacroix white fur collar for extra warmth // as for the necessities: a helmet for protection,  PhD “ski light” socks for your feet// Sugar lip balm and Chantecaille sunscreen protects your face and lips from the elements.

Most of all, read a book, cozy up to the wild animals, and enjoy the ride. There are no hard and fast rules. You don’t want to have your name scribbled on the ski message board to see the Fashion Police. Whether trekking through the snow or just tweeting in the lodge, no matter what the weather, you’ll be ready to fly.

Shop the post. Aren’t you going to miss me? Bye!


The Golden Hour


Because it’s Monday, and here we are back again at the only time of year where it’s acceptable to gorge on pork, dairy products, and peppermint-sprinkled sugar cookies for three weeks straight. We are also required to drink anything other than clear liquor, and generally act like a fat ass under the guise that it’s “The Holiday Season.” These holiday commitments that will require me to make appearances at a few more parties this coming week and into New Year’s Eve are exhausting and frankly, I’m tired of all of the wardrobe changes that I have undertaken. I might have asked you to do your homework and stalk a few street style blogs for ideas, but now I lack the actual hours to ask you to log in a week’s worth of changes you will probably need to roadmap your hectic schedule. Office. Party. Work. Play. Christmas. New Year’s Eve. And it doesn’t help matters that Christmas and New Year’s fall smack in the middle of the week and kill your buzz. Darn.

Today, I offer you an easy way out of jail as to what to wear these next several days, i.e.: how to navigate bouncing from one event to another with panache. Consider this your Monday morning brain massage. Maybe you have left for your vacation and you are heating up in St. Barth’s. Maybe you’re slope-side in the Alps. I haven’t arrived at my happy place yet, but in a humble effort to help you find yours, here’s an outfit I know works wonders when you over-indulge on just about everything. A high-waisted skirt like this one from Carvenspares me the effort to suck it in. That skirt, and the CitiBike will be my best friends until New Years. In order to survive, I’m going for the daily cup, till the golden hour.

camel coat, high waisted skirt

I haven’t taken off these opaque black tights since it has been so cold the past week and they just keep my legs above frostbite levels. There are so many ways to wear a navy Jil Sander sweater and the camel jacket that cloaks it.

camel jacket oversized sweater

jil sander sweater // bop basics ivory wool blanket scarf // thakoon camel jacket, get a similar one here // timo weiland skirt // wolford tights // modern vice boots, get a similar one here

navy sweater

Wear the jacket, take it off, take both off,  freeze you butt off, tie one around waist, put it on again. Silver lining to your wintry day.

Asa the clock strikes 6, now is the time to put on your glass slippers for the evening. You’re due downtown at 7 for  your office holiday party, or a drink with a friend with no time to change. So what does one wear? Velvet takes the cake. Take off the wool jacket, throw on a velvet one, with all its holiday glory, this one from Theory. Put on your most bejeweled sequined shoes for that golden glow your skin is lacking, these are from Dolce & Gabbana. Add a navy blue shirt and a fine collar necklace for that Midas touch. Boom. Chicka Laka.

velvet blazer

 lacoste shirt // theory blazer // gabriela artigas collar necklace // dolce & gabbana shoes // alexander wang clutch

collar necklace

Dolce & Gabbana sequined shoes

Get the look right below. Happy Everything. You’re welcome. photos: Lydia Hudgens 


On the Sixth Day of Christmas


In yesterday’s Business section of The New York Times in an article titled First on the list, A BlankI was struck by the lack of the must-have item to close out 2013. Perhaps it’s a marketing miss or overall consumer apathy. Last year’s trends, those UGG boots I keep telling you not to get, candy-colored jeans, and tops with that billowy fabric attached to the arms, are just that, last year’s trends. And while you wouldn’t be caught dead in them, you wouldn’t want to – gasp! – gift them either.

Some even suggest that the ubiquity of gift and fashion showcases on the Internet makes it difficult for one item to shine. Today’s trends tend to zip out on a 140-character tweet, a filtered Instagram picture, or even a trendy blog. And now that you can actually shop directly from a loved Instagram outfit, liking a picture just became that much better, easier, and faster to get the look.  Want to sign up? Like my picture on Instagram, then go to, sign up, and get your daily dose. 1, 2, 3.

Traditionally, you would tear out a magazine sheet and walk into a well-merchandised store to get that outfit that is staring at you on the page. Clearly, you knew what the hot items were for that fill in the blank gift. Now trends blow up and explode before they die a fast death. See: curls in my hair, elbow-length knit gloves, the word chic, or Fashion’s Night Out. Dead.

How about you forget about the one big thing that everybody wants for Christmas? And just get what you want? Doesn’t that sound better? Today on the Fashion Hunter, I bring you the six days (oops that’s five days left) of gift  must-haves, if for if nothing else, my top trends for the lack of a trend for the year.

12 Days of Christmas

On the sixth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me, Six Sexy Stilettos, Five Golden Rings, Four Statement Collars, Three French Books, Two Turtlenecks, and An Anna in a Pear Tree.

marni collar // catbird ring // edie borgo ring // topshop ring // topshop spiral // janis savitt ring // jimmy choo stilettos on sale! // bernard maisner partridge in a pear tree puzzle // mua mua anna keychain// miss selfridge collar //  lanvin note cards // The Little Black Jacket book // lanvin turtleneck// chanel boy bag

Shop the look.


And here for your Friday pleasure, is the memorable song that you may or may not want to sing to your husband, boyfriend, or best friend this weekend. Go ahead, song along.




Fringe Benefits


My style icon, Phoebe Philomakes herself very clear about the importance of minimalism, and in the name of fashion, adopting the French attitude that less is more. But just when I’ve gotten the hang of never taking off my ripped denim, waking up at the crack of dawn for Isabel Marant, trying to look like Emmanuelle Alt and her impossible possé, –surprise! — fashion takes a page from the book of maximalism. Céline took a dive into embellishments, and not one to play follow the leader, Calvin Klein, the king of a sleek aesthetic, followed suit. With fringe.

Fun and frivolous, flapper tested and cowgirl approved, fringe will be twisting on the streets as soon as you start begging, “is Spring here yet?” It’s really on the fringe, a neat way to say on the periphery, and when the lights go down, you’ll want to be the last one shagging.

Just in time to ring in celebratory Christmas parties and the impending New Year, we say so long to minimalism, and hello to embellishments. It’s time to sparkle, throw on the decadent rhinestones, put on the collar, bring on the wow factor. You’ve got holiday parties to attend, family and friends to see, and joy to deliver. All for good measure and cheer. Today, in third-party enablers, enter the fringe accessories, and a giveaway! for your book of style. Drops ball.

Céline accessories Spring 2014

Céline Spring 2014

Calvin Klein spring 21014

Calvin Klein Spring 2014

In the same fashion, Altuzarra, Proenza Schouler, Rodarte, and Valentino all showed the same swingy, stringy mass of pulled-apart fabric, decadent and delicious like fresh, wet pasta hanging to dry in an Italian chef’s kitchen.

Gucci Spring 2014

Gucci Spring 2014

Proenza Schouler

Proenza Schouler Spring 2014

Derek Lam

Derek Lam Spring 2014


In theory, fringe is all well and good until it passes the test. I took that test, and in reality, I can still wear my ripped denim, my white shirt, underneath oversize tassels, and ultimately have it all. Built for warm climates or throw it under a blazer, it has the fantastic ability to travel well, which makes it even better.

In other holiday news, Emily Kammeyer, a rocking jewelry designer, has partnered with me on a pre-Christmas giveaway. This fringe necklace can be yours– all you have to do is submit a comment in the comment section of this blog as to how you would style a fringe accessory. Would you go all out, or keep it clean?

Be creative. All judging with be done by The Fashion Hunter staff. Winner will be notified by Tuesday the 25th of December. Good luck!

fringe necklace

fringe necklace

Photos: Jim D’Angelo

Shop the post:


Last Minute Grab Bag


In the instance that you haven’t started your holiday shopping yet, there are ten days left to get your sh*t together, get those notes to Santa as to what you really want, not just what you might want or what you think somebody would like to get you. As we all know, its better to give than to receivedid you donate your coats eh?, and it’s always nice to show the person you love that you really care. Your BFF. Who has everything. Who needs nothing. You know them backwards and forwards, inside and out. And that means, you need to put your thinking cap on, because Santa isn’t doing the dirty work for you.

Today on the Fashion Hunter, I made the list, and checked it twice for the best gifts that would make any girl be ecstatic and actually be psyched to receive. Get her something that shows that you really know her.

She loves to spend money frivolously.

She is a true fashion diva.

She refuses to wear UGGS.

She loves to wear blue sunglasses.

She wears high heels in the snow.

She wears one earring and you know which ear.

She loves pom-poms.

She waits till the last-minute to get you that just right gift.

holiday gift guide


Lanvin blue sunglasses // Polaroid camera on sale! // Boyy Always be Yourself clutch // Diptyque candle Marc Jacobs nail glaze // Inverni cashmere pom-pom hat // Carine Roitfeld Irreverent book // Mua Mua My daughter pouch // Gorjana hammered ring set // Zara thick tights // Mua Mua top // Sophie Bille Brahe pearl ear cuff  // Lulu Frost for Bobbi Brown Old Hollywood compact

Happy Shopping!



Queen Bey



Beyoncé sent shock waves across the music industry and internet by releasing her fifth solo album, by surprise, on iTunes. Along with 14 new songs, the visual album includes 17 music videos that were recorded and shot in Bey’s hometown of Houston, in her Tribeca apartment in New York, in the Hamptons, in Sydney and on the beach in Rio de Janeiro.

Queen Bey had called for operation “TNO” — “Tell No One” — which was strictly followed by the crews, directors, makeup and wardrobe people whom the singer worked with for the past year and a half on the project.

While on her “Mrs. Carter World Tour,” and oh, giving birth and raising 2-year-old daughter Blue Ivy, Beyoncé was hard at work behind the scenes with hubby Jay Z on creating her new sound and image. How does she manage to do all this? I can barely manage getting to the gym, working on my blog, dressing my clients, getting my kids to school on time, eating three proper meals, and doing the day-to-day business that we all deal with.

Among the many guests on the album is daughter, Blue Ivy, on a song called “Blue.” Blue Ivy famously made a cameo on a Jay-Z song “Glory” two days after she was born in 2012. That song is perfect.

I don’t know about you but I’m shelling out $15.99 to watch this over and over again. I need to go now, watch her and learn 17 dance moves. She is the heaven and the stars. Cry, sing, and laugh.

Happy Saturday!

Watch 30-Second Previews of Each Song’s Music Video: