Met Prep

Who else is excited for the Met Gala raise your hands?!

Tonight, celebrities from the worlds of fashion, film, society, sports, art, and music will gather for the Museum’s Costume Institute Benefit. This year’s gala celebrates the opening of the Anna Wintour Costume Center and the exhibition Charles James: Beyond Fashion (on view from May 8 through August 10).  Before this conversation begins, I know that both men and women have been planning their dress of choice since the invitations were mailed out many months ago. I am excited to see what will come down the red carpet– fashion’s answer to Prom –in all its decked out glory.

In case you are living on another planet, the Costume Institute Ball is quite unlike the Oscars or Golden Globes – this fashion fête is notorious for its over-the-top dress code, coinciding with the year’s theme. But this year, Vogue Editrix Anna Wintour caused a frenzy from every male celebrity, fashion designer and just plain hangers-on when she declared the dress code would be “white tie and decorations.” Usually it’s only the female contingent that have to angst over their wardrobe choice for the evening. The men just had to make sure their tuxedo didn’t have any spots on it from the last evening of revelry.

Not this year.

If you are of the female variety, you will probably want to copy one of the Spring looks that paraded down the runway a few months ago. I foresee some Lanvin,
Prabal Gurung, and J Mendel sprinkled about the evening, but what about real black tie?

I love this look from Marlene Dietrich from Morocco in 1930.

Marlene Dietrich

I am extremely sensitive to those poor guys who are forced to wear white tails for these event which according to discreet sources are very hard to find, yet alone pay upwards of $10,00 for white tails.

I will be glued to the screen watching as this evening of revelry unfolds. Will you tune in? I’ll be live tweeting, follow me @nyfashionhunter!



Spring Trends to Jump into Right Now

Spring is the best time to start fresh, clean out your closet, and shed your proverbial layers. Is your closet clean? Call me if you need help. Now is the perfect time to invest in some of spring’s favorite trends.

As I touted in an earlier post, culottes have streamed into my conscious brain by now, and I am quite happy about it, but there’s more.


In the name of #normcore, I have taken a liking to Birkenstocks and all their so-called effects. I have purchased one pair, wore them multiple times, and already calculated my cost per wear as a win-win situation. Who can resist something that’s both comfortable AND fashionably accepted? That hasn’t happened in years. My feet will thank me this summer when sneakers and flats replace my usual footwear that I suffer in for the name of fashion.

I have highlighted the top spring trends that I love in my look below. Click on the pic to see the product details!


1. Interesting Hats. Not to wear to protect your face from the elements, but simply because if you’re willing to allow them to, hats make the woman. If you’re lucky enough to find a really large brimmed version, great. Wear it to the beach this summer. Also add alternative versions to your wardrobes, see: baseball caps, cloches. bucket hats, and bowlers, and start playing with them.



2. The Great White Tee. The only thing you will really need to replace are the basics. White tank tops, white tees, and jeans. Over the past week, I have been scouring the markets looking for that not too boxy, not too tight, white tee shirt. I find its always best to load up on different shapes depending on the mood you are in that particular day.


3. CulottesWith all the elegance of a ball skirt and all the comfort of sweatpants, the culotte is going to be your go-to pant this summer, especially after consuming all those indulgent deserts this spring. Don’t contemplate buying them too long, as many versions have already sold out. Will you muster the courage to get into those crazy culottes? Consider these for yourself. I for one, love these white versions as we get closer to summer.


4. A Bomber Jacket. Last spring, I invested in a few blazers to carry me through the chilly days and nights that also added a twist to basic T-shirts and denim.  In a season typically associated with trench coats, the bomber jacket stood out as the outerwear item of choice during the spring shows. I felt the tug to try something new, something that I have never worn before aiming for a gradual shift from structured to more sporty. An incredibly versatile piece, team the bomber jacket with a dress to temper the girliness style or complement the athletic chicness with dressy shorts.



5. Platforms.  In my quest to be super comfortable this spring, with sneakers and brogues dominating the market, I will need a literal lift now and then. What shoe could I get that is both fashionable and earthy, but not quite dirt. Hail the sling-back platform wedges. There is a pair by Robert Clergerie, which I am nuts about, but I do also really like the ones by Asos.


How about jumping for joy now that winter blues are over and out?

spring fashion

sama eyewear// eric javits hat //  dannijo necklace // stella mccartney bomber jacket // vince t-shirt // mother of pearl culottes // robert clergerie sandals

What will you buy?

spring trends

Photography: Lydia Hudgens



Pearls of Wisdom

In a desperate plea for April showers to bring May flowers, after today’s monsoon, tis’ the season to start playing dress up. May Day is tomorrow!, and along with blooming flowers comes itchy eyes and throats, and a host of springtime festivities. As the fashion kingdom prepares for the annual Met Gala, fashion’s answer to Prom, it’s promise is to attract a lineup of commanding evening dresses on May 5th, which got me thinking. You need to have serious stamina to pull off an oversize frock. Also consider that with May comes Mother’s Day, Graduation ceremonies, weddings, and other merrymaking activities followed soon after by the fast and furious preparations for June i.e: the annual shipping of your children, and their prospective trunks, off to camp.

I’m tired already just thinking about it.

Considering all these events and commitments that are infiltrating your calendar, my suggestion would be to do a cardio workout a few days a week to get your body in tip-top physical form, and stick to your guns when it comes to personal style. If all your fashion options fail, and you can’t pull off the heavy weight gowns, why not try some pearls.

No longer just your grandmother’s gem of choice, pearls are losing their stuffy, old-school reputation and holding their own as the bauble for the cool-girl set this spring. Reimagined in two-tone detailing and larger-than-life shapes, these next-wave jewels are equal parts sophisticated and modern — ready to make their way into your daily accessories rotation. Whether you’re a self-confessed lover of saltwater cultured pearls or a fan of freshwater cultured pearls, elegant pearl jewelry is timeless. If you are in the market for the most fabulous pearls, check out the selection at soon to be live Mesenso who has an elegant selection.

For your shopping desires, I have culled these gorgeous iterations, from evil-eye earrings to multi-stacked rings, all begging for a primo spot in your jewelry box this season. But, don’t fret if your budget’s not suited for the real deal, because there’s a mix of thrifty costume pieces and splurge-y designer items ahead. Grandma’s gonna be so jealous.

pearl jewelry Shop the post here:


Because It Swings, That’s Why

black fringe bag

Zara clutch, get a similar one here and here // opening ceremony top found here and here // gabriella artigas bracelet 

Photography: Lydia Hudgens

I’ll never forget my first fringe purchase back in the 1970′s. I bought a black suede fringe jacket in a flea market in Florence, and thought it was the coolest purchase ever. I wore it so much that the jacket literally fell apart at the seams. I was part of an era, but was happy to let it go.

This season, fringe has emerged as an intriguing trend and I like the way it moves. I bought this clutch in black fringe, a contrast to spring’s garden party of florals, because it assumes a dramatic flair.  It also adds volume when I strut, and an added sexy vibe to my boxy clutches.

Fringe has a cool look, but I caution you against overkill. If you’re going to wear fringe, pair it something simple. In other words, you don’t want to replicate the image of David Bowie as Ziggy Stardust, dressed in a silver onesie with loopy tassels hanging down to his shins. Or look like Coachella lives on forever.

As a trend, fringe shows no signs of fading away. Will you buy in?



Crazy for Culottes

I noted a few months ago right after the Spring shows that I would never wear a pair of pants that fall somewhere short of ankle length. During fashion week, I was touting the virtues of the Proenza Schouler version of the wide-leg trouser, the culotte, but only assumed that as a woman who doesn’t soar to the highest heights, it just wouldn’t work. Too wide, not figure flattering. Well, I was wrong.

Begone skinny jeans! Three-quarter length hems might be tough to wear, but it was just a matter of time before culottesneither pants nor shorts, nor a midi skirt, would stream into our fashion consciousness. With all the elegance of a ball skirt and all the comfort of sweatpants, the culotte is going to be your go-to pant this summer, especially after consuming that highly desirable pint of ice cream. Trust me.



Why would I wear a sliced skirt? Here are my two reasons.

1. Comfort. Comfort is a state of mind, a state of physical ease and freedom from pain or constraint.With a higher rise and cropped length, it makes my waist look tiny, gives my hips some wiggle room and my legs look miles longer. and I can eat what I want without sucking anything in.

2. Freedom. To do my various spring and summer activities. Surfing excluded. Can’t you see gardening in these?


Unassumingly in vogue, this silhouette, loved by many and hated by some, has its naysayers. But whether this trend is universally accepted or not, I’m taking the plunge. These culottes, known as “panties” in French, raison d’être is just to clear up the confusion about its actual appearance and how they lie on the wearer.

I love this look and am thinking I might have just discovered my new uniform. What do you say about wide-legged freedom?


mother of pearl culottes. These are pre-fall get a similar pair here //  opening ceremony laser-cut leather top // sama eyewear get a similar pair here // zara clutch and sandals

Photography: Lydia Hudgens

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Eco-Friendly Sandals

In honor of Earth Day, I am dedicating today to celebrating our planet. In the name of high fashion, there have been some inroads in making a difference by trying to save Mother Earth, rather than destroying it.

I picked out my favorite eco-friendly faux leather sandals from Stella McCartney, and there are plenty of others out there that make sustainable clothing, see Antik Batik, Daniel Silverstein, Soludos, etc.

Stella McCartney sandals

Here are some more eco-friendly options for you…how will you celebrate Earth Day?


The Virtues of a White Shirt

white shirtwhite shirt

isabel marant shirt // theory shorts // converse high tops // reed krakoff bag

Over the long holiday weekend, while away in a different city and totally out of my comfort zone, I felt lost without my jar of almond butter. AB is readily available, a reliable source of nourishment, and tastes good on everything from an apple, to matzoh, to eaten plain with a spoon right inside the jar.

In a similar fashion, I like to compare my love for almond butter to classic white shirts. As a creature of comfort, wherever I am, I like to have my white shirts, as they can be worn as a cover up over a bathing suit, belted over skinny jeans, or when you feel like you have nothing to wear. I have been rotating my favorites on a weekly basis since my love affair began a few years ago.

In a closet full of season-specific trends, the white dress shirt is the great equalizer, the bottom line, the very definition of a wardrobe staple. Paired easily with anything from boyfriend jeans to printed trousers or a ball skirt, it instantly adds a touch of cool masculinity. I’d like to think that has been true of my inclination since before Stella McCartney or Phoebe Philo reinvented the wheel, but those chances are slim. It’s effortless fashion at it’s best. See the above way of styling my shirt from work to weekend by adding a pair of Chucks.

If the spring runways were any indication, it’s a look that consistently interests designers too—from Altuzarra’s unbuttoned-to-there striped versions, to clean and crisp at Balenciaga, to Alexander Wang’s pajama sets.

There are three important facts about the white shirt that make it just awesome.

1. Versatility. It can be worn from work to a lazy Sunday to a red carpet and back again. Don’t forget the Tide stick.

2. Compatibility. It works with basically everything and nothing, all at once. Variety, is the key here.

3. Always in Fashion. No matter what the trends, nor the season, the white shirt will always be your friend, forever. The difference is you will have to replace it every year.

Everything I’ve see on the runways is in the stores and it’s time for action. I made a little selection of my favorites down below.

Bring on the almond butter.

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Shopbop Friends and Family Sale

Now that April 15th, the dreaded tax day has come and gone, it’s time to take that refund and apply it towards the missing pieces in your wardrobe. If you recall,  I’ve done some major spring cleaning, and my closet finally has empty space for some new goodies.

Shopbop sale event

The ShopBop Friends & Family Sale is a favorite around here, and this season’s deal has arrived! Use code INTHEFAMILY14 to get 25% off (up from the normal 20%!) on nearly any purchase at ShopBop and East Dane, but act quickly. Not only do the site’s best pieces sell out quickly during these sale periods, but the code will only work for a few days.


And now for the Top 20 that are in my cart. Happy Shopping!


Fashion Formula

rag-and-bone-sweater Rag and Bone Varsity Sweater, $395.00

The Real Deal.

When this tennis sweater on steroids hit the runways last fall, I wasn’t sure how it would translate to real life. I knew that I couldn’t wear the oversized sweater with a short skirt, as I am vertically challenged, but I knew that I could put my own spin on it. Hailing from the 80′s, this v-neck look is reminiscent of a dad sweater, but that’s cool with me.

Why I bought it.

I wanted to add a sporty twist to my wardrobe, forgoing the standard white T-shirt, without looking like a tennis pro. I added universally liked boyfriend jeans and open-toe sandals to the sweater equipped with a real plunging neckline. Easy, chic, flattering, and perfect for my end goal.

The Test.

The test of whether a piece is worth its weight or its hefty price rage, is calculating how many times you wear the garment divided by the price. So if the sweater in question is $395., I would need to wear it way over 10 times for it to be a worthwhile purchase. To date, I have put on this uniform five times, to meetings, to parties, and to hang out, and the simplicity of this three-piece look is what I was after here.

Truth be told, I see myself doing everything but sleeping in it.

rag & bone varsity sweater


rag & bone varsity sweater

rag & bone varsity sweater

rag & bone varsity sweater

rag & bone varsity sweater

rag & bone v-neck sweater // acne studios jeans // tibi sandals

Photos: Lydia Hudgens

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Alexander Wang For H&M

Over the weekend at Coachella, Alexander Wang sneakily announced his collaboration with power-retailer H&M over instagram causing tidal waves over the fashion community.

Judging by the success of Isabel Marant’s H&M collab o ‘ lab, it can only make sense that this marriage will work out. Wang is part of the new breed of designers that have managed to become household names while retaining their status among the downtown-cool set. To top if off, his energy is infectious.

Field lights cut on as a countdown clock appears, check out the cryptic take on the basketball shot clock, ended with the numbers 11:06, see: 15 second video below. When the timer runs out, “WANG X H&M” pops up alongside the numbers 11:06 — it’s probably safe to assume this means the line will hit November 6 of this year.

I can feel the excitement buzzing already, (I know it’s only April), but I’m not sure I can wait this long to get first dibs on this collection. Whose with me?