Keeping Warm, Staying Cool


Since it’s been so effin’ cold of late, all I’ve been doing is scrolling through street style blogs, attempting to make bummer bars and puppy chow, and wrapping gifts for the impending holiday. Although the editorials tell us to drape our winter coats over our shoulders to be oh-so-chic for communicating that perfect layering prowess, you can flush that trend right down the proverbial toilet when the temperatures start to dip down into subterranean numbers. But in case you didn’t get the memo, our bodies are demanding more coverage via warm coats, our skin needs more moisturizing, and we want to eat everything in sight.

So what’s a girl to do to survive the winter doldrums? Layering is the name of the game, for sure. Grab those puffys/those shearlings/ those furs, hats, and scarves on over your hair. And to add just the right panache when your hair just wants to do its thing, tuck your tresses into your turtleneck. The turtleneck? I think it’s always been an item of clothing people either love or hate. For me, it’s always been a love. Apparently, I’m not the only one.

Karolina Kurkova

Karolina Kurkova, photo by Ben Hassett

Elin Kling turtleneck

Elin Kling during fashion week FW 2013


I love the combo here of the Ray Bans, the black ring, and the knit turtleneck

phoebe philo

..and ah! Phoebe Philo who holds a special place at Céline and in our hearts for being breathtakingly beautiful and multi-talented all at once. She manages to whip up everything we want to wear at all times, I pray to everything Philo. Look at her gives the illusion of a bob and I especially love the hair haphazardly tucked in.

photo by David Sims

Leave it to Maison Martin Margiela to turn things upside down by flaunting your locks inside your shirt. This is where magic happens.


maison martin margiela fall 2013

I find that “tucking it all inside” during the winter, is the best thing since kale chips.What?

yellow beanie timo weiland sweater

yellow beanie timo weiland sweater


timo weiland textured sweater // j. crew toothpick cord // 1717 olive beanie // marc by marc jacobs sneakers

yellow beanie timo weiland sweater

And what’s better than a pair of splattered sneakers? Huh? Tell me.

black and white splattered sneakers

twins for peace x raphael lugassy recycled sneakers, get a similar pair here

Jump for joy… its le weekend~!! xx

black sweater yellow beanie

photos: Lydia Hudgens

Shop the post here:


The Bees Knees


As a proud member of the 5’ can-you-reach-that-shelf-for-me-club, I’ve been on the hunt for the ideal over-the-knee boots. These boots, as a community, have a reputation for fitting and hanging better on those who are tall. But that didn’t deter me from finding love in what was the Chanel runway in Paris from Fall and still dreaming about how I can extend my tibia a few inches longer to get that Je ne sai quoi that is Chanel.

Chanel knee high boots

Chanel Fall 2013


But I digress. It is hardly surprising that I fell in love. Pucci in a similar fashion also turned heads with their suede version of the boot and both designers proved that killer boots can be practical, classy, and versatile. Take a look below: the combination of the long bangs and short skirts had the signature Pucci swirl. The archive print was rehashed for minis paired with beaded T-shirts, tunics belted and worn as dresses, and black and white knits covered in studs. Balancing out all those micro hemlines were these way-way-over-the-knee suede boots; which stilled the hearts of a few in the audience. And mine.

Pucci Fall 2013

Pucci Fall 2013

These over-the-knee boots are fantastic on the models but you’re still not convinced you can pull off this trend. You’re probably thinking, “I’m not a model, I can’t possibly look that good in those babies!” Yes, you can. Here’s how.

If you’re petite, wear the boot slightly below your knee rather than above it. Keep your eye on the proportions of your outfit. Showing little or no skin when you’re small, doesn’t work. Even a model, who is probably way over 5’9”, like the one below, can wear an under-the-knee-boot because it shows some skin. Voilá!

long elegant legs

dress: long elegant legs

Even more so if you’re petite, you want to elevate your height right? So pop on those heels. A platform is best, but it really does create the illusion of longer legs.

platform boots

gianmarco lorenzi platform boots

Keep it classy. Steer clear of super-short skirts and shorts. I really like the long-sleeve knit dress. Keep it real, keep it PVC, but leather is better.

long-sleeve knit dress

h&m dress and pvc boots, get a similar dress here and boots here 

Go for something other than black. Add some panache with a beige suede pair which opens up plenty of styling possibilities. Don’t want the heel? See below, this is for you.

giuseppe zannuotigiuseppe zannuti  

There is a great selection out there right now, on sale, so go fill your carts, the prices below range from $59.99 for the Guess grey pair, to over 1,000. for the Balmain beauties. It’s the holidays and these are the perfect answer for the cold wintry nights out on the town.

over the knee boots

3.1 phillip lim ora boots, bebe danica over the knee boots, Balmain suede, G by Guess trinna boots, topshop dazzle, roberto cavalli cuissard suede boots, melissa by frye black beauties.

Lastly, keep it simple. Just because your boots are bold doesn’t mean the rest of your outfit needs to be. Given that they will attract a lot of attention on their own, try taking everything down a notch. My rule? Add your accessories as usual, then take the last one off. Don’t overdo hair or makeup, consider wearing a loose ponytail for a relaxed vibe. In other words, don’t be a Miley.

Miley Cirus over the knee bootschristian louboutin suede over the knee boots if you dare

Check out these sweater dresses I just found.

Do you rock knee-highs on a regular basis, or have any neat styling tips to share? Do weigh in via the comments or social links below.



On My Mind





chloé white twill classic pea coat, $998. // dolce & gabbana crystal embellished tweed ballet flat, $419.

Today is a snow day for me. My kids have off from school and the only thing I want to do is make hot cocoa, listen to some tunes, read, scour the internet for great sales, and chill out. The good thing about working from home is that I get to lounge around in my pajamas all day if I feel like it, and the fact that I had a lot of busy work to do today, is forcing me to stay home. Working obviously includes procuring some of the best of the net for your viewing pleasure. And whether you spend money or not, hello coats!, the white pea coat and tweed slippers shown above are what I’m craving right now. The slippers have that perfect classic lushness that I want to get for this navy Comme Des Garcon runway jumpsuit that would be perfect for New Year’s Eve. And the white coat, well, go figure.

But today, I’m just window shopping. And dreaming about sweaters.


Get the Holiday Spirit


Velvet ropes are tough. Consider the scenario: you plan your outfit, get dressed, sit in traffic, meet up with friends, pay for parking, wait in line, get carded by a bouncer, to then get rejected at the door because you aren’t on the list. Bummer. Everybody wants in, and wants to be part of the fun. Even if you beg and plead, it’s not meant to be. And it’s a terrible pill of rejection to swallow.

Efva Attling

Maybe they don’t like your outfit? What about the shoes that you just got? And the jewelry that is so delicate that shows off your sparkle?

Maybe the party is being held at a small venue that cannot accommodate all the riffraff (even though you know, you’re not part of that scene)

Or just maybe you’re not on the guest list, because it’s a closed party and the host/hostess wants to keep it intimate and you don’t really belong there.

I know that feeling, as I wear this ring to remind me. Just this weekend at Art Basel there was one private party, one of thousands being held, which will remain unnamed, where I didn’t receive a formal invitation. Gasp! I used my name, my blog, my charm, but unfortunately for them, I left, and spilled out on the streets of Miami with the other 50,000 people who were trying to get somewhere cool with a velvet rope. But I ask, is there a better place to find a party than Miami? I think not. FYI– I tried to attend 5 events per night, but it’s just not humanly possible. But let’s face it: New Yorkers could use a little more carpe diem in their bustling lives.

Enter an inclusive holiday party that I am hosting with Effa Attling, a Scandinavian jewelry designer, in Soho this Thursday, from 7-9 pm just in time for your holiday shopping! Her selection of namesake jewelry is whimsical and snappy, using words to describe everyday feelings that we may or may not express. If you happen to be holiday shopping and need a gift, or if you just want to stop by and say hi! and have a cocktail named after me, I would love to see you. You can send your husband/boyfriend, there will be cufflinks there for him too, or buy a gift just for you.  You deserve it. I will be there styling and showcasing as many jewels as will fit on my body. All you have to do is RSVP to the email on the invite down below. No velvet ropes at my party. Just cheer~

Efva Attling - Fashion Hunter

Efva Attling

Bracelets by Efva Attling 

photo by Lydia Hudgens

Efva Attling

Efva Attling Bianca_ret_M Love_beads_kombo


Bacchanal On The Beach


Art Basel Miami Beach kicks off this week just in time to enjoy all the art, the pop-up events, gallery exhibitions, and for us New Yorkers, a chance to unwind from the stresses of the impending holidays. Think of it as your getaway car.

Miami beach

If you happen to be descending on Miami Beach this week, be prepared to “Do the Basel,” which will take you from the Art District to the Soho Beach Hotel, to the Dutch, and possibly to the thousands of happenings all over town as long as your heels aren’t too high.  There will be over 260 galleries and over 50,000 visitors that will flood the state, and it just keeps getting bigger.  In other words, there’s no sleeping.

Art Basel 2013 has turned into one sprawling fashion fair with some art sprinkled on top. Over the past few years I have partaken in the festivities, I have noticed the influx of fashion brands and fashion people at the annual Floridian pilgrimage, seemingly every social person in New York is now there. No complaints over here, as I get to hobnob with the likes of Stavros Niarchos, art critics like the Rubells and Schnabels, and the slight possibility of Yeezus showing up in a performance art piece with artist Vanessa Beecroft in the arts district. What?

Vanessa Beecroft

Beecroft’s piece will feature replicas from her past performances, from 1994 to 2008, and one new work, which will feature 140 women acting as a choir in a Greek Tragedy.

The over-the-top insanity makes me want to kick up my heels and dance. For me, Hannukah is now officially over and out, so I’ve got the next few weeks to start celebrating everyone else’s Christmas eggnog.

First timers looking for straight-up advice and for those of you who will join the throngs and thongs to boost your confidence, this is for you.

The Real Deal:

Art Basel is like an octopus, the mother ship itself is the Miami Beach Convention Center, and then the arms spread far and wide to about 20 satellite fairs and a thousand different directions. These include parties, meals, concerts, readings and Getties — many of which simply feed off the host. I’m heading to the off-beat events, and will check out the MOCA museum which I have yet to see.


Street art duo FAILE is transforming the arcade experience into an interactive aesthetic feast, full of video game machine artworks you can actually play, from psychedelic foosball to pinball machines.


Clothing Tips:

For what to wear to the ultra-hip art scene in Miami this week, I checked the weather and it is going to be postcard perfect, with high temps in the 80′s, and almost zero chance of rain. Black is the new black, but you’re better off wearing white. If you want to be noticed at Art Basel, good luck. Everybody from all over the world will be wearing their coolest things; only the most secure of us will ignore the fashion sirens. During this week, we are all artists. Accessorize wisely and think, “I don’t always do galleries, but when I do, I prefer to dress the part.” Boots are mandatory. So are jumpsuits, although I don’t own any. Square shades are best in the Ray-Bans version. This is not the car show or boat show, or the Superbowl, so dress accordingly. Here’s my suitcase.

Art Basel

T By Alexander Wang burnout tank, a pair of ripped jeans in just the right places from J. Crew, Jeepers Creepers specs for hiding out and pretending you’re one of the cognoscenti, a bikini from Sass & Bide because it will be sunny, and you should be sassy. Saint Laurent Palm print slip-ons for the beachy vibe, and to top it off, Edie Parker has it going on with this flamingo clutch. A Chloé blazer, Courreges dress with these Walter Steiger yellow sandals, a starry Jimmy Choo clutch, and this Dannijo cuff will be your statement for evenings out. A book on Miami for your reading pleasure, a camera for taking pics to show you were there, and a red NARS lipstick is the only makeup I will be wearing.

How to get Swag: 

Act like you’ve been there. Big camera, not small. Sport a baseball cap. Men, button up your shirt if you are not wearing a tee underneath. Don’t bring your print-out of all the places you’re supposed to be, it looks cheesy.

Parking Advice:

Take a bike or pray.

Rookie Tips:

Like American Werewolf in Miami — stick to the main road, Art Miami and its neighbors, the Design District; Wynwood Walls.

Miami Cognoscenti Destination Tips:

Follow the art consultants to Pulse, Context, Perez Art Museum Miami, Tapas in the Moore Building and, of course, venerable Art Miami. Design Miami brings legit cache. NADA and Scope always keep it real. Visit Colette and Alchemist at 1111 Lincoln Road.

Beach Bound:

Head for the hotel pools.

Food Tips for the über stylish:

Not necessary.

So there you have it, my schtick that stirs Miami’s paint. If you go, heed the tips or ignore them, but feel free to judge. Just dance, and follow Will Smith to the beach.


Shine On


Happy #CYBERMONDAY all the cyberbunnies out there in cyberspace! I know you want to get down to business, so I will share the links below the post to use today for great deals. Tis’ the season to kick it up a notch, get off the local train, and ride the express track to the holidays. Here’s the drill.

Get a jump-start on Cyber Monday sales. Wrap those Black Friday gifts. Drink your daily cup of yoga. Donate a coat. Surrender to a drab black wardrobe that haunts you all winter long, because that’s just what us New Yorkers do. Or, even better, wear that bright yellow coat. Simonize that cuff. Shine bright like a diamond. Don those fur mittens. Step out of the proverbial red-ribboned box and get crafty. Reach for the stars.

Don’t want to bother with jewelry because there is no exposed body part since  its freezing outside? There’s no stamp of approval for frostbite. Blah, blah, winter, blah, blah. Bah Humbug!

Enter a selection of palatable jewelry and a metallic wonder namely Isabel Marant pour H&M jacket that won’t crimp your snow-friendly style nor your budget. Without putting on the Ritzy glitz, but craving the menswear tailored low-brow boots and slouchy sweaters, I was looking for that happy medium? I think I found it. In a mall. Just kidding.

sabel Marant metallic jacket

timo weiland denim shirt, get a similar one here // isabel marant pour h&m metallic jacket // efva attling jewelry // rag & bone jeans // j crew mens sweater, get 30% off with code HOLIDAY // zara boots, get a similar pair here

Isabel Marant metallic jacket

metallic jacket

And just in time for the holiday cheer, I will hosting a fun holiday party featuring discounts on great gifts for everyone on your list on December 12th, next Thursday night in Soho at Efva Attling’s shopEfva Attling’s namesake jewelry line is, as the multi-talented designer calls it “Beauty with a Thought”. Her collections are so inspirational using words and expressions to breathe life and promise into every piece. Can anyone say PARTTTYY?  Come one come all. Interested in attending? Sign up for email alerts and tune in next week for the actual invite. And for close-ups, here are some of the pieces that I will be featuring and selling. :)

Efva Attling

Efva Attling


Without further ado, here is a list of Cyber Monday deals just for the taking. Everything is hyper-linked. Happy Shopping!

Ann Taylor Save 50% off entire purchase! Code SHOP50


BLOOMINDALE’S 45-60% off





J. CREW 30% off with CODE MONDAY

Luisa Via Roma up to 50% off

MODA OPERANDI 40% fall merch 

SAKS 40% off

SHOPBOP CODE BIGEVENT13 (discount depend on how much you spend)

THE OUTNET Massive designer clearance!

URBAN OUTFITTERS up to 50% off  use code THANKYOOX 

See you on the other side of cyberspace.

Isabel Marant metallic jacket








Grab Bag Gift Guide {Under $50.00}


holiday gift ideas

Here is what my weeklong weekend has been like thus far.

1. Baked pumpkin-spice cookies for the Thanksgiving feast.

2. Flew all the way to dinner at Grandma’s house.

3. Crawled home due to mass consumption of too much reprehensible gluttony.

4. Shopped like Wonder Woman for Black Friday. What did you get???

5. Contributed to SmallBizSaturday by purchasing new velvet Penelope Chilvers booties at my favorite local store Outerluxe.

6. Currently reading Don’t Get Too Comfortable by David Rakoff.

7. Took a cleansing yoga class.

And now?

8.Compiling a gift guide under $50. Why? Because these are a few of my favorite things.

Down below I’ve rounded up 50 gifts under $50 that would be happily welcome in my own life anywhere from Hannukah through New Years because I love presents and shopping for the loved ones in my life. I’m sure many of you need some tips on what to get  close family and friends – mom, sister, brother, co-worker, and BFFs. I’ve included a range of pieces that could either work as cool stocking stuffers or take center stage as the sparkle of the holiday season.

What’s on your wish list?


Navigating Black Friday


In an attempt to awaken you from your Tryptophan-induced stupor, the “holiday season” is freakin’ here! Hannukah is happening as we speak, and now Da Da Da.. its SALE SEASON! But even better than getting up early on Black Friday for a little shopping, and getting knocked-out by somebody’s elbows, I suggest you stay at home in your Pj’s and shop my site. Remember the Isabel Marant X H&M sale? I have a black eye from it. And forget getting a parking spot. I’m doing my part and getting out on Small Business Saturday and CyberMonday, too, so today why not stay in?

Because what’s better than NET-A-PORTER? NET-A-PORTER ON SALE! So start flexing your fingers. Batten down the hatches. All in the name of gift-giving.

black friday sale

Here’s my hand-picked list of items I am on the hunt for. As of today, these are all on sale. Good luck with the will power. I don’t have any.

Everything is hyper-linked for your shopping pleasure. Tis’ the friday sales

1. Jamie Wolf disc necklace from Shopbop Save 15% when you spend $250, save 20% when you spend $500, and save 25% when you spend $1000. CODE BIGEVENT13

2. Target champagne flutes

3. ASOS all-together ankle boots. Shop 70% on ASOS BlackFriday

4. Alexander McQueen oversized coat at FarFetch

5. See by Chloé shorts at thecorner use code CYBER2013

6. Charlotte Olympia clutch, Can’t wait for this “Dial Pandora” dude to go on sale.via net-a-porter

7. Lanvin Love ring via Neiman Marcus 

8. Sonia Kashuk makeup brushes via Target

9. GlossiBox via net-a-porter

Not satisfied? Here is a roundup of Black Friday specials.

Alice + Olivia 30% site-wide // Topshop 30% off  // BCBGMAXAZRIA up to 60% off // Bloomingdale’s 

· 3.1 Phillip Lim: 40% off select pre-fall and fall 2013 items.

· Adriano Goldschmied: Take an extra 20% off all sale denim through December 1 at 11:59pm EST.

· Amazon: Up to 60% off jackets and coats; up to 65% off sweaters and fleece; up to 60% off pajamas and robes; and 25% off boots, slippers and more. Prices as marked.

· Amarcord Vintage: Take 20% off sitewide with code BLACKFRIDAY.

· Apolis: Through December 1, Apolis will offer 30% off select gift guide items in-store and online.

· Ash Footwear: Take an additional 10% off shoes in the sale section with code BLKFR13. Only be valid on Black Friday.

· Ann Taylor: 50% off cashmere collectible sweaters in-store and online, plus more deals to come.

· Bauble Bar: Through midnight, take 25% off two items with code FRIDAY25; 30% off three items with code FRIDAY30; and 35% off four or more items with code FRIDAY35.

· Black Halo: Up to 70% off, plus complimentary ground shipping.

· Bluefly: Take an additional 30% off contemporary apparel and accessories, plus a “designer handbag and shoe blowout.”

· Bo Concept: 40% off select lamps, clocks, throws, candle holders, pillows, vases, art and sculpture and 20% off Smartville sofa and the Bergen sofa collections through December 1 at 11:59pm EST.

· Burning Torch: Until 11:59pm Monday, December 2, receive complimentary cashmere gloves with a purchase over $300. Enter code BT300.

· By Boe: 30% off site wide with code GIVETHANKS13 through December 2 at 11:59pm EST.

· Cambridge Satchel Company: 25% off select styles and colors through December 2.

· Cardigan: 25% off site wide with code CARDIGAN25 through December 2 at 11:59 EST.

· Complex Geometries: 50% off sitewide through Monday at midnight.

· Cosabella: 15% off $150+ orders site wide through November 29 at midnight. Enter BLACKFRIDAY15.

· Coyuchi: 20% off all robes and PJ’s through December 2 at 11:59pm EST.

· Crane & Canopy: 20% off home decór sitewide with code CYBERMONDAY13. Ends December 2 at 11:59pm PST.

· Dinosaur Designs: Select jewelry and home items are reduced by 20% including handmade resin, sterling silver and brass jewelry and home wares in-store and online. Sale ends December 1 at 11:59pm EST.

· The Dreslyn: Through December 1, take up to 60% off with code BLACKFRIDAY.

· Elizabeth Cole Jewelry: Enter BEJEWELED for 50% off select items through midnight. Discount falls to 40% off through Monday.

· Emilie M.: 40% off site wide and 60% off clearance items through December 6 at 11:59pm EST.

· Figure + Form: 30% off current merchandise and up to 70% off past seasons jewelry and clothing.

· Forever21: Look for yellow tag deals with items starting at $3.

· Gents: Select styles 40% all day Friday, enter code G3NT5BLKFR1.

· Giles & Brother: 20% off site wide with code CYBERGILES13 through December 2 at 11:59pm EST. Free shipping on all orders.

· Hunter Bell NYC: Take 40% off the entire fall 2013 collection with code GOBBLE through December 2.

· Ivory + Mason: All styles, including sunglasses, reading glasses, prescription glasses and custom engraving, will be 50% off with code IMBF50. Select frames will be $35 through Tuesday, December 3 and are exempt from the extra discount.

· James Jeans: Take 33% off all styles, plus entry to win $100 during the Holiday Gift Contest. Ends December 1.

· Jacques Levine: 30% off all black shoes and slippers through December 1.

· JustFab: New VIP members only receive 50% off their first pair of shoes through 8:59am EST, on Sunday, December 1

· Kara Ackerman Jewelry: Select items are up to 50% off, online only.

· Korarae: Through Sunday, December 1, take 20% of sitewide with code GIVEKORA.

· Liebeskind-Berlin: Through December 2, take 50% off all snake print bags, and 40% off select merch. Prices as marked.

· Lily Ashwell: Through December 2, all fall items including sweaters, tops, dresses, etc. will be marked down at 50% off.

· Loom Decor: 30% off all home textiles and decor, plus 30% off all gift cards through December 2 at 11:59pm EST.

· Maggy London: 40% off site wide through December 2 at 11:59pm EST.

· Mara Hoffman: Snag 25% off everything except bridal and sale items all day. Enter BLACKFRIDAY at checkout.

· Marigot: 30% off sitewide (tons of pajamas and robes) through December 2 with code MGBF2013.

· Martí: Through Monday, December 2, Martí will offer 30% off the entire jewelry collection using code BLKFRI.

· Missguided: 15% off full-priced items, plus free standard delivery in US and Canada. Enter FUNDAYFRIDAY.

· Mr. Kate: Through midnight December 1, take 50% off jewelry, apparel, phone cases, etc. sitewide (10% off the Winter Gold collection). Prices as marked.

· Native Shoes: Buy one pair of super light shoes, get one free.

· Neo-Utility: Through December 2, take 20% off an order with code NEO. Find decór, watches, accessories, furniture and more here.

· New Era: MLB and NFL hats are 15% off one, 20% off two, and 25% off 3+ items.

· Nicholas K: 30% off sitewide through midnight with code BLACKFRIDAY.

· Oak NYC: This sale is tiered in stores and online like so: 15% off when you spend $300 to $600, 20% off when you spend $600 to $1000, and 25% off when you spend $1000+. The percentages are taken out of the total orders.

· Onassis: Take 40% off online and in store on Black Friday and 40% off online only on Cyber Monday.

· Original Penguin: Take 40% off in-stores and online starting through the weekend.

· The Outnet: Look for the “Weekend Shop In” sale on the homepage and on banners throughout the site. An extra 30% off will be applied to this section, which will include scores from designers like Marni, Balmain, Lanvin, DVF and Alexander Wang.

· Pacsun: Buy one item and get one 50% off sitewide (including Yeezus tour stuff).

· Rebecca Minkoff: Tiered sale on all styles as follows: Spend $200, get 20% off; spend $400, get 25% off; spend $600 get 30% off. New styles will be added to sale and there will also be a special Black Friday sale section.

· Rag & Bone: Take 20% off select full price men’s and women’s winter items including outerwear, sweaters, cold weather accessories, jeans and boots. Enter code WINTER2013 through midnight December 2.

· Rebecca Taylor: Take an additional 25% off in stores and online through December 1 with code BFWEEKEND25 for up to 75% off.

· Rory Becca 25% off site wide and free two-day shipping on any purchase.

· Roztayger: 15% off site wide with code BLACK15 through December 3 at 11:59pm EST. Free shipping on orders over $250.

· RueLaLa: Through Monday, December 2, find 24 “Today’s Fix” items (rather than one). Look forward to Missoni scarfs, Kenneth Jay Lane bangles, and more.

· Shipley-Halmos: Pre-fall styles will be marked down to 50% off, plus a selection of key fall styles will be 50% off. Prices as marked.

· Skyler Man Jewelry: 20% off starting through Monday, December 2 at midnight on all items except “one-of-a-find cocktail collection.” Code is Black20.

· Ted Baker: Take 30% off in-store and online through Monday, December 2. Prices reflected at checkout.

· Ted Rossi: Take 25% off through December 4. Enter HOLIDAY at checkout.

· Ten Thousand Villages: Buy one, get one 50% off all jewelry and personal accessories through December 1 at 11:59pm EST.

· Thomas Pink: Shop selected lines at up to 30% off.

· Threadsence: 30% off sitewide, discount applied automatically at checkout.

· Trina Turk: Take 25% off four black dress styles with code BLACK DRESS through December 2. In stores and online.

· Twenty Jeans: Snag 20% off the entire site of men’s denim Friday, from 12:00am EST to Saturday at 2:59am EST.

· Weleda: 25% off all skin products through November 30 at 11:59pm EST.


Giving Thanks


In the wake of Thanksgiving, now is as good a time as ever to give thanks. To our health, our families, our friends. To those of us that have all that, that is truly enough. Such is not the case for a rising number of individuals who, especially in New York, really are our neighbors, and in the wake of a philanthropic e-mail I’ve just recently received about fashion brands doing good and running coat drives, now is the perfect time to pile up our warmest coats and give them away.

Because when you give, you get that much more. And really, how many coats does one really need? I know, I know.





Barbour, the quintessential British fashion brand, announced its ongoing partnership with One Warm Coat for the sixth consecutive year – but now with a twist. Barbour pledged to match all donated coats turned in at its U.S. retail stores with a Barbour sweater or shirt to each selected charity.

They’ve partnered with One Warm Coat and for every coat that you donate, Barbour will match your donation with a new coat by the brand. From November 15th through December 31st, they will be will be accepting any worn coat in wearable condition for men or women. coats nationally at the following locales. All links below are hyperlinked to show the locations where the donations will be accepted, New York included.

  • 2042 North Halsted Street in Chicago, Ill. – Streetwise
  • 54 E. Walton Street in Chicago, Ill. – Streetwise
  • 280 US Route 1 in Kittery, Maine – Fair Tide

Join Barbour and support those in need this winter by dropping off coats during regular store hours at your local Barbour store. Local Barbour store hours can be found at

Today, let’s think of a way we can help someone who is hungry, alone, or just freezing cold. I am baking cookies for Thanksgiving, gathering root vegetables for a side dish, setting the table for Hanukkah which begins tonight, and donating those coats.

yellow coat

uptobe coat

Do I even like this yellow coat I bought last season on when others have so little?

photo: Lydia Hudgens 


Daily Cup of Yoga


Wake. Breathe. Eat. Breathe. Move. Breathe. Think. Drink. Breathe. Sleep. Do it again. Did you breathe yet?

I don’t know about you, but it’s this time of year, that I find that taking a moment is a daily challenge. I have recently relied on going to hot power yoga classes as my respite for all the madness. The beauty of doing yoga is you can take it anywhere, you just need to use your limbs, limber or not. Yoga’s been around in one form or another for a really long time, so most of you by now know the benefits of doing yoga besides staying fit.

The benefits are many. To name a few let’s start with the anti-aging properties. Warming the muscles lubricates the joints. Yoga enables the brain to learn poses through challenging moments and take those challenges off the mat. Yoga is knows to cure thousands of diseases. It gets your creative juices flowing. It travels easily. Did you say you’re getting on a plane?  And, last but not least, improves your libido. Need I say more? It’s blood, sweat and tears–hold the blood, hold the tears.

yoga mantra

Whatever style or level of yoga you practice or are interested in trying, you will no doubt know that the pluses of yoga reach far beyond the sum of its parts. But first you need to start with the basics.

Step #1. Follow a yogi. I started the journey with a fellow exercise enthusiast and friend, Jenny Glucksman, to a favorite yoga studio, Yoga Spark. I watched Jenny in action to see what she could do. I am not nearly as supple as her. As you can see, she’s flexible and strong and mastered every side plank and dancer pose with distinction.

yoga pose

yoga poses

Step #2. Cease and desist my online shopping habit. Not happening so fast, that’s my crack.

Step #3: Go out buy a yoga mat. A good mat is the only necessary prop. The desire to head over to the Lulu Lemon store in these crowds is so unappealing. I would so much rather shop Stella gym clothes from my laptop in PJ’s. Don’t know which brand makes a sturdy, cool, cushioned yoga mat? Neither do I.

Step #4. Sign up for Rank & Style. I am so overwhelmed with recommendations, I never get that yoga mat. Sound familiar? This is why I love a new web platform called Rank & Style. The smart women behind this website have developed an algorithm that literally pulls data from across the web including reviews, editor’s picks, blogger’s top picks, and a whole slew of other sources and spits out a list of the top 10 products in a given niche. So before you sit in that chair pose, here are the top 10 yoga mats.

yoga mats

The best mats will have cushioned, long-lasting materials that protect your joints and don’t slip with your movements. Whether you are a yoga novice or a yogi with years of “flow” under your belt, click below for mats that are not only great for yourself, but a great gift idea too! Peep down below before you down dog to get the best mat out in the market.

yoga mats

These are my top two favorites on the list. The Adidas by Stella McCartney mat, $75.00, and the Jade Harmony mat, $62.00. Sturdy fellows, they have both lasted me two years, are portable, and lightweight. Yoga Accessories makes colorful mats and they’re only $18, the Gaiam mat is on sale for $20 — a total score, Prana Henna E.C.O yoga mat offers an earth conscious choice, Aurorae mats are on sale for $35.00 and are extra thick, The Big Mat is a LuLu Lemon favorite. My vote for the most practical and the most pricey is the Manduka Manduka yoga mat ringing in at $128.00. The Hugger Mugger is also on sale for $39.00 for a good basic and the prettiest  mat goes to Sophie Leninger for the Magic Carpet mat.

This list was created by Rank & Style, a new web and mobile platform that revolutionizes – and simplifies – how you shop online via unbiased, data-driven rankings of the ten best fashion and beauty items. This is not a sponsored post. Head over to Rank & Style and get yourself on their email list. I assure you, this is one newsletter you do not want to miss!

Now that I’m sore this really works ~ OM.