Going Solo

I just unpacked from my weekend trip oversees, and I am proud to say that I brought nothing but a few slips of lingerie, shorts, a blazera pair of jeans, and my daughter. Before I departed, I vowed to take nothing but what I could fit in my carry-on bag, and when I arrived, I still found that there was no reason to pack anything other than white sneakers and a pair of heels. As far as accoutrements go, I only packed one earring and one necklace to lighten my load.

A single oversized earring? Yes, and the best part was when I had a conversation with somebody, they immediately stared at my ear and asked if I was missing something.

“Yes, I have one earring on and no, I replied, I’m just going solo tonight.”

The statement earring is back, yet again, but this time not in pairs. So if you have a tendency to lose one, you’re in luck! The Fall 2014 runways at Louis Vuitton and Céline embraced the art of only wearing one, a singular, emulating true French je ne sais quoi. These editorial darlings below seen on CR Fashion Book confirmed my desire to try the trend. I’m not convinced it is just a trend, but the good news is, you can always clip one on the other lobe, once you tire of the look. Natch.

leather jacket and earring Saint Laurent by Hedi Slimane

Leather jacket and earring Saint Laurent by Hedi Slimane

single earring New York Fashion Hunter

single earring New York Fashion Hunter

Shop the look here:


Photos: Lydia Hudgens


Get the Look for Less

During this crazy hot weather we have been having, all I want to do is streamline my life and make getting dressed easy and breezy. No-fuss dressing is my motto for the summer months.

Style doesn’t have to be expensive. With this in mind, here is a sample of what I wore the other day including some of my favorite brands like Asos, Zara, Mango, and Topshop, now on sale!, hitting my top list. Of course, adding an accessory like these slides below and a cool earring is my way to personalize it even more.

Hit the plus signs on the photo to shop the look right to your doorstep. More on this coming soon. Happy Shopping!


Photography: Lydia Hudgens


Travel Secrets

Quite the busy bee, I am jetting off to Europe for a few days this week with a fun-packed itinerary. It will be a non-stop trip with lots to see and do. I am definitely going to make time for some downtime, though, as that is the best way to see a new city. More importantly, I thought it would be a great idea to share which pieces will make it into my suitcase, and some tips for being a chic traveler.

Want to know how to be a good traveler? My advice is to pack less stuff and just enjoy the experience. Leave your crap at home, too much stuff ruins trips. I will pack a plain white t-shirt, a pair of my favorite jeans, a sweater for the plane, sneakers for comfort, statement heels, a dress, some lipstick, toiletries, and this book. And maybe an empty suitcase.

Tips on what to pack

Hope black dress get a similar one here.

Current/Elliot jeans

Paula Cademartori yellow clutch

Olympia Le-Tan blue cropped striped shirt

Saint Laurent sandal

Cashmere travel set

Red Valentino white poplin shirt

Stan Smith specialty sneakers at Colette which I will sure to buy! Get a similar pair here and here

Tumi duffel weekend bag


Statement Sunglasses

Summer is nearly upon us, rain, rain go away!, if the upcoming Father’s Day weekend is nothing else a time to celebrate your dad, but also a marker of many mid-June festivities on the imminent horizon. Did you know on average, men buy new underwear once every seven years? I have trouble every year figuring out what to get Dad, I’m not about to go here, so this year I am getting him a pair of these sunglasses and a Nutribullet. Go Dad. Make us proud.

The sun will be shining this weekend, guaranteed by the one and only Weather Channel, wear sunscreen, and unless you are a FBI agent, there’s really no excuse to be sporting a pair of boring sunglasses. I prefer shades that make my peepers pop and give my overall ensemble an effortlessly cool-and-quirky vibe. Those basic styles devoid of novelty, color, or daring shape? No, thank you.

So, here I rounded up some statement-making sunnies that are far from blah. Go for a pop of color, all-white bling, aviators, or vivid, mirrored lenses. And the best part? They are all under $100.00!

Set your sights on these bold specs, and prepare to have all eyes on you.

sunglasses for summer

sunglasses for summer

From left to right: Asos sunnies // Kamali Kulture get a similar pair from The Row

Asos kitten sunglasses // Marc by Marc Jacobs Cat Eye

River Island white round sunglasses // Minkpink Candy Land Cat-Eye sunglasses

Mango aviators // Vince Camuto oversized oval sunnies

Check out these sunglasses from Chilli Beans . They are what dreams are made of. Boom. Happy Friday!

Chilli Beans OCCL14320401_2_L



In the Details

I love spring fashion because I am able to revel in the fact that I am in short or no sleeves at all, and don’t have to cover it up with a jacket. Case in point, this Suno ultra-feminine pleated boxy top. Pair this fancy-ass top with a pair of normcore denim digs and by adding some red lipstick to the look, it would serve so many different purposes, whether for work or after-hours.

This season, I want to highlight the importance of making one piece stand out from the rest.

For my look below, it’s all in the details. I love this top with its pleated peplum hemline, exceedingly low-cut neckline, and stylish duel buttons at the front. And check out this ultimate choker that make this outfit anything but boring. Except the pink sheer gloss. I will know better for next time.

pleated top

Wearing a Suno top here // Annelise Michaelson gold carnivore choker // Zara shorts get a similar pair here // Zara sandals, get a similar pair here

white pleated top

Annelise Michaelson

white pleated top

white pleated top

white pleated top

Photography: Lydia Hudgens

Shop my look below.


Out of the Office

I have a love hate relationship with June. On the one hand, it’s my favorite month weather-wise. The days are long, the sun is shining, how nice was this weekend?, and I have the entire summer to look forward to taking up surfing lessons, and relaxing with a book by any body of water that I adopt as mine for the day.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, there’s recitals, prom, packing for camp and last-minute trips, graduation and wedding ceremonies, bridal showers, and still managing to keep up with the routine of food shopping, some type of body movement, business meetings, blogging, etc. etc. etc. I know some of you just get what I’m saying, right? Are you with me?

Knowing what the month of June will have rolled up its sleeve, I took a day off for myself and left the office for a day of health, beauty, and sheer relaxation. I was anticipating a stress-related day rushing to and from these appointments, but the pleasure was all mine.

First stop, experiencing the Aloha Way. In Hawaiian, Aloha means “sharing the breath of life” and that’s what I did when I met Constantin Bisanz and the Aloha team. Their philosophy is simple. Our stressful and toxic lives have become so complicated with the news delivering conflicting messages about how to eat healthy, what foods to avoid and what essential fats our bodies need, that it has become hard to not throw in the proverbial towel, and eat an entire bag of Popchips. They are baked, not fried! We have it all wrong. In order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, we must be more balanced and live a mindful healthy lifestyle. The Aloha team has some of the brightest minds who wanted to simplify this message for the public at large. They have doctors, herbalists, nutritionists, athletes, and holistic health professionals on staff and have done scientific research and have reached their solution to our problems.

Eat whole foods. And if you can’t, get a packet of dried green juice and put it in your H2O.

Move around. Take a walk.

Enjoy the people around you. We are only on this planet for a short period of time, together.

Most importantly, as they say in every graduation speech, Press pause.

Berry smoothie

Outfit creds: Toptop shirt // Theory shorts // Birkenstocks

I tried this Blissful blueberry smoothie and the chocolate one while at their loft, which were so incredible, I copied it and made it for myself. See below for recipes.

Blissful Berry Smoothie

Chocolate Sunshine Smoothie

The takeaway? With happiness as the baseline for existence, by establishing your own healthy mindful daily routine, everyone gets a chance to start over every day, Be thoughtful, be mindful, and my advice? Get a Vitamix. It changed my life forever.

Photography: Keil Studios

Next stop was at the Cornelia Spa at the Surrey Hotel where I had a chance to experience a once-in-a-lifetime Caviar oxygen facial. The products smelled so refreshing, and the treatment was so nourishing, it felt like I lost a few years.

Here are the deets:
Seaweed and mud cleaned my pores. A Caviar Masque was applied indulging my skin with vitamin A. There were eye coolers, and oxygen infused products penetrating my tired skin. When it was over, I had an amuse bouche with creme fraiche and sips of Prosecco. I was so relaxed, it felt like I had just taken a weekend long vacation. Ahhh to be back on that table.

caviar oxygen facial

Caviar Oxygen facial

Caviar Oxygen facial

Apologies aside, I am thrilled to announce that for the rest of June I will be unable to attend whatever event it is that you’re planning to blindside me with in the form of another paperless post. At press time, I am booked till July 1st.

Happy Monday!


Summer Whites

Do you know what is easier than slabbing some almond butter on a Flaxseed waffle? Putting on an all-white outfit every day when you get dressed. The reason is simple. Most people look better in white than most anything else, besides black of course, so why not jack it up a bit, lighten up the load, and throw on an all-white uniform starting in the month of June.

One of the oldest style rules in the book suggests that there is a set time frame from Memorial Day to Labor Day for wearing white. I never believed in rules, let alone a fashion rule, so this doesn’t apply to me, nor should it to you.

Fashion is all about breaking rules, so how about a palette cleanse?

I have been pulling out all my whites adding a few bona fide statement pieces here and there for an easy breezy summer season, the best way to beat the heat.

Shop my favorite pieces down below.

summer whites

rebecca taylor white top // uniqlo white cargo pants, get a similar pair here  and here // tory burch sandals, get a similar pair here // jennifer fisher cuff // rolex vintage watch // marc by marc jacobs  sunglasses // alaïa clutch // it cosmetics pencil


Cropping Up

It’s finally here –one of the first of the summer Friday series, yeah! and what are you going to do to celebrate? Having a glass of wine? Taking a yoga class?

I did something the other day that I have never done before so I am going to celebrate the fact that I wore a crop top. Out. Of. The. House. Crop tops are nothing new for me. I’ve worn them since I was a child and went back to them just this season. I’m not sure if I broke my own rules, I probably did, but I am happy I tried the trend from runway to reality and made it work.

From Alexander Wang’s cutaway white shirting, Balenciaga’s abbreviated tees, and other navel-grazers, flashes of midriff were ubiquitous at the spring 2014 collections, intended for the beach, the boardroom, and beyond. This look is one of my favorites from Spring 2014.

Carven Spring 2014

Carven Spring 2014

I like wearing them in the warmer months with my high-waisted vintage Levi’s jeans so you barely see any skin, an inch or so at the most. I appreciate more of a peekaboo effect. I just bought this new crop top by Blaque label for Spring. I got it in plain black and plan to wear it with a pencil skirt and my jeans and to happen to throw on a jacket on top.

The only advice I can dispense right now is that while dining in your crop tops: shoulders back, navel in—and whatever happens don’t slouch. Trust me.

crop top

blaque label crop top // levi’s vintage jeans // derek lam cropped jacket // birkenstocks

crop top

alexander mcqueen clutch

crop top

crop top

crop top

crop top

Photos: Lydia Hudgens


Sale Round-ups

Coming back from a long, and fun Memorial weekend and sitting in front of my computer on a Tuesday, just means one thing. Fancy sales hitting my inbox. I first check out the sites, Net-a-Porter, and then Moda Operandi from my top priority hit list, put stuff in my cart, and then digest the digital damages. Frankly, from my experiences as a veteran shopper, seeing the spring sales that I once swooned over, are still expensive. You may want to think about the golden bullet before you bite into it, which rings true for filling up your shopping cart in the supermarket, hoping that you will eat every single piece of fruit that you put in your cart before they expire.

shop the sales

Samantha Sung dress // Prada shoes

What seems to draw us in as consumers is the inevitable slash. Prices are 30, 40, 50, 70% off the original sky-high prices. Yes, it is the season of the backpack that seems to be slung across the shoulders of practically every cool girl in the business and pictured in countless magazines as an essential of the season. There was an electric excitement and buzz surrounding it. It was “it,” so to speak. But now that it is on sale, do you want it? Do you need it? Is the desire still there?

My advice? Don’t make fair-weather fashion friends, but rather invest in something, like a great pair of shoesand find a million different ways to spin it.

Make sure to buy what you love, not FOMO spending because everybody has it, but rather something you will love and cherish. I thought I would never wear this floral dress again, but pulling it out and wearing it, I don’t need convincing.

P.S. I am throwing down the fashion gauntlet nonetheless for anything Marni.

Happy Shopping!

sale season

Michael Crook photography

Here is a round-up of today’s sales:

Net-a-Porter - up to 50% off

SSENSE - up to 50% off

MODA OPERANDI - up to 50% off

ASOS - 20 % sale ends tomorrow! Use code WEBEGRILLIN

FORWARD by Elyse Walker - up to 70% off

Shopbop - up to 70% off 

Bergdorf Goodman - up to 40% off online only

Nordstrom - up to 40% off

J.Crew - an extra 30% use code WEEKEND

Neiman Marcus - up to 50% off designer duds

The Dreslyn - up to 70% off

SAKS - up to 40% off



Gone skiing

Just kidding!

I’m not ready for the Memorial Day weekend. I don’t think I will ever be so-called ready: my body is able, yet my skin is pale. But let’s forget the beach and BBQ for a minute, let’s embrace what Memorial Day weekend is all about. What to pack, why of course! My best intentions are to pack a carry-on no matter where I’m headed, so unless you’re headed to Aspen for some skiing where they have a 53-inch snow base, my gut tells me to pack light. Whether you’re headed to see friends and/or family, here are some reasons why you should pack less.

I don’t like stuffing my clothes into a tiny suit case. I don’t like wrinkled clothing. I don’t like arriving at my destination to learn that nothing I have brought with me works under the circumstances I am in.

I propose that you pack only the bare minimum of your closet and shop at your destination. It’s best to escape with some new stylish travel pieces from around the globe. Or shop the sales.

Regardless of where you’re celebrating Memorial Day, the official start of summer deserves some sartorial fanfare. With this in mind, I’ve culled my best outfit for barbecues, beach parties, boat trips or a picnic in the park. Throw in a pair of denim duds, a jacket for evening, and a pair of heels. As if you needed any convincing, here goes.

Memorial Day

 Melissa Odabash dress // topshop fedora // charlotte olympia tote // verizon wireless jawbone up  // supergoop and more goop // j. crew beach towel // a good book // saint laurent sunnies // and what’s got to be my favorite sandals of the season, by Chloe.

Happy Shopping to wherever your destination may be!