Navy Playsuit

Hi! Happy Monday! Aren’t you glad the summer season is just around the corner? I know I am. Today is going to reach 70 degrees, and it’s that time to put balls to the walls and start digging out those shorts and T-shirts and basically everything white.

Not to sound like a broken record, but do you find yourself time and again purchasing single pieces because you like how they look and are styled on the mannequins in the stores, but find yourself staring and the insides of your closet wondering what to pair with it??? Dang, me too!

And what about those days that you are running late, am tired, and just want to feel cozy?! Well hello, Monday mornings.

Who is the unsung hero this summer? Enter the one piece wonder – the playsuit. I have touted the denim jumpsuit in the long-sleeved version before, and for summer they are still going strong. Plus, they make getting dressed a cinch.

navy playsuit

navy playsuit

gold brogues

Wearing: findersKEEPERS navy playsuit // jennifer fisher choker // 3.1 phillip lim brogues

Photography: Lydia Hudgens 

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Perfecting the Canadian Tuxedo

Mid-May is the time to start thinking about Memorial Day, summer weekends, outdoor living, and bolting out of work early on summer Fridays. So what do you wear, what is acceptable in the office? If you’re in the fashion industry, or have a creative position, consider yourself lucky, as you have plenty of choices. If not, I can only direct you to over here or here to get your classic shirts and dresses.

My favorite go-to for summer Fridays? Denim. But not just the ubiquitous acceptance of white jeans, MEH, but denim doing double duty, the beloved Canadian tuxedo. Will I ever get sick of wearing denim? There’s a zero percent chance of that ever happening.

And should you think this is a weekend-only look, think again: sharp tailoring and modern silhouettes can make all over denim a welcome mid-week style. Even beyond prosaic, straight blue jeans — what has become a dual-gender wardrobe “staple” — it occurs to me almost every time I wear denim, like the model co-worker, will never let you down. It will collaborate with you, often hide your blunders, and sometimes even cover your ass.

Some love it and wear it well, others live in constant fear of looking like Brittany when rocking an all-denim look. Today on the Fashion Hunter, I’m all about converting any Canadian tuxedo naysayers into advocates for the look. Here are my tips for wearing layers and layers of chambray.

Canadian tuxedo

Canadian tuxedo

1. Make sure there’s some color mixing going on. If you’re wearing dark jeans, pair it with a light-wash chambray shirt and vice versa.

2. Comfort. There is nothing worse than denim that is too tight. It looks bad and so do you.

3. Care. I just read in The Week that you are never supposed to launder denim. “You should spot-clean stains, yes but when the jeans need a refreshing, just put them in the freezer.” The freezer? That’s what I thought too. The low-temperatures kill bacteria, remove any stink, and somehow make them feel freshly clean.” This is something to test and try. More on that topic for sure!

In this look I am not just wearing the jacket as an integral part of The Canadian Tuxedo at large. Paired with meme colored denim pants, a striped shirt and a pair of Converse, this is some serious monochrome.

Canadian tuxedo

j. crew striped shirt // MiH high rise flare denim jeans // timo weiland leather paneled jacket // converse chuck taylor

denim jacket

 jennifer zeuner chocker chain necklace // balenciaga rings, get similar ones here



Photos: Lydia Hudgens 


All White

It is that time of year again when the flowers start to bloom, school is winding down, you are so incredibly busy, and all you want to spend time outdoors at a café sipping iced coffee, instead of indoors looking through your closet, wondering what to wear. Am I right??

My suggestion? Simplify! I continue to believe that wearing a simple white dress is flawless, easy to throw on, and perfect for work and after-hours activities.

I still LoVe this dress that I bought last summer by my friends over at A.L.C. that continue to pump out casual, yet sleek, pieces that I want to live in all season long.

white dress

A.L.C. white dress //  Topshop fedora // Super sunglasses // Ettika bracelets

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Dressing up Denim

Unless you’re existing under a rock, you have heard Ad nauseum about the MetBall this past Monday evening. There were hits and there were misses, but mainly misses, and even though the invite stated “white tie and decorations”, clearly not everybody listened. The only dress that was even on my radar was the black and white Oscar de la Renta number worn by the always fashionable Sarah Jessica Parker.

What. The heck. Happened?  The red carpet of our lives are weddings, graduations, and Bat-Mitzvahs. So what do we wear for a black-tie invitation?

My take-a-way here is to pair a dressy top or a bow-tie with my favorite denim. Now I know what you’re thinking, you can’t wear jeans to a wedding! Or a Bat-Mitzvah! I get it. But how about pairing a pair of silk shorts with a fancy top instead of going the ball-gown route? I’m all for dressing down while everybody else is trying so hard to impress.

There are so many things to love about a classic pair of skinny jeans. They’re versatile, they’re chic, and they’re easy to find at every single price point imaginable. However, I find that I have come to rely on the denim pieces in my wardrobe so much, I often pair them with the same things over and over again,  so we sometimes need some fresh outfit ideas when it comes to how to wear skinny jeans. Put on a tuxedo jacket, and the craziest shoes you own, and you’re ready to walk your own red carpet.

how to dress up denim

black blazer white shirt

Here’s how to go all out. Don a pair of tom ford cat-eye sunglasses // put on a white shirt // throw a tuxedo jacket over it // tie or clip on a bow // put on your favorite skinny jeans // top it off with a pair of black sandalsthe higher the better, and Voilá!

bow tie


black blazer

saint laurent bow tie

black strappy sandals

Photography: Lydia Hudgens 

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Love You, Mom

Mother’s Day is upon us, which means now is the time to find a present that says “I love you, thanks for everything, you deserve some alone time.”

Our moms are the most important, loving, and inspiring people in our lives, and every year we look forward to showering them with cards, gifts and lots of love on Mother’s Day.

However,  shopping for the perfect Mother’s Day gift can be a little bit daunting. What do you get for the woman who shaped who you are today? It’s not an easy task. I usually err on the side of caution, asking my mom what she wants, which is usually something exercise or tech-related. A win-win on all ends. There are moms who would want jewelry or sweet scents and more practical gifts, like a cookbook or gardening tools. I personally like a cute coffee mug and hug from my kids. Call me crazy, I know.

Down below I have scoured online stores for beautiful, funny and unique ideas, and yes, many of them center around things that I would want to give or to get.

Happy shopping!

Mother's Day gifts

BCBG floppy fedora // Kate Spade Mom said so bangle // Jennifer Fisher choker

Coffee mugs // Coffee maker // Chanel bag // I Have a dream Sleep set

I Adore You pillow // Diptyque candle // Saint Laurent shades // iPhone cases // white tray / Eytys sneakers


Met Prep

Who else is excited for the Met Gala raise your hands?!

Tonight, celebrities from the worlds of fashion, film, society, sports, art, and music will gather for the Museum’s Costume Institute Benefit. This year’s gala celebrates the opening of the Anna Wintour Costume Center and the exhibition Charles James: Beyond Fashion (on view from May 8 through August 10).  Before this conversation begins, I know that both men and women have been planning their dress of choice since the invitations were mailed out many months ago. I am excited to see what will come down the red carpet– fashion’s answer to Prom –in all its decked out glory.

In case you are living on another planet, the Costume Institute Ball is quite unlike the Oscars or Golden Globes – this fashion fête is notorious for its over-the-top dress code, coinciding with the year’s theme. But this year, Vogue Editrix Anna Wintour caused a frenzy from every male celebrity, fashion designer and just plain hangers-on when she declared the dress code would be “white tie and decorations.” Usually it’s only the female contingent that have to angst over their wardrobe choice for the evening. The men just had to make sure their tuxedo didn’t have any spots on it from the last evening of revelry.

Not this year.

If you are of the female variety, you will probably want to copy one of the Spring looks that paraded down the runway a few months ago. I foresee some Lanvin,
Prabal Gurung, and J Mendel sprinkled about the evening, but what about real black tie?

I love this look from Marlene Dietrich from Morocco in 1930.

Marlene Dietrich

I am extremely sensitive to those poor guys who are forced to wear white tails for these event which according to discreet sources are very hard to find, yet alone pay upwards of $10,00 for white tails.

I will be glued to the screen watching as this evening of revelry unfolds. Will you tune in? I’ll be live tweeting, follow me @nyfashionhunter!



Spring Trends to Jump into Right Now

Spring is the best time to start fresh, clean out your closet, and shed your proverbial layers. Is your closet clean? Call me if you need help. Now is the perfect time to invest in some of spring’s favorite trends.

As I touted in an earlier post, culottes have streamed into my conscious brain by now, and I am quite happy about it, but there’s more.


In the name of #normcore, I have taken a liking to Birkenstocks and all their so-called effects. I have purchased one pair, wore them multiple times, and already calculated my cost per wear as a win-win situation. Who can resist something that’s both comfortable AND fashionably accepted? That hasn’t happened in years. My feet will thank me this summer when sneakers and flats replace my usual footwear that I suffer in for the name of fashion.

I have highlighted the top spring trends that I love in my look below. Click on the pic to see the product details!


1. Interesting Hats. Not to wear to protect your face from the elements, but simply because if you’re willing to allow them to, hats make the woman. If you’re lucky enough to find a really large brimmed version, great. Wear it to the beach this summer. Also add alternative versions to your wardrobes, see: baseball caps, cloches. bucket hats, and bowlers, and start playing with them.



2. The Great White Tee. The only thing you will really need to replace are the basics. White tank tops, white tees, and jeans. Over the past week, I have been scouring the markets looking for that not too boxy, not too tight, white tee shirt. I find its always best to load up on different shapes depending on the mood you are in that particular day.


3. CulottesWith all the elegance of a ball skirt and all the comfort of sweatpants, the culotte is going to be your go-to pant this summer, especially after consuming all those indulgent deserts this spring. Don’t contemplate buying them too long, as many versions have already sold out. Will you muster the courage to get into those crazy culottes? Consider these for yourself. I for one, love these white versions as we get closer to summer.


4. A Bomber Jacket. Last spring, I invested in a few blazers to carry me through the chilly days and nights that also added a twist to basic T-shirts and denim.  In a season typically associated with trench coats, the bomber jacket stood out as the outerwear item of choice during the spring shows. I felt the tug to try something new, something that I have never worn before aiming for a gradual shift from structured to more sporty. An incredibly versatile piece, team the bomber jacket with a dress to temper the girliness style or complement the athletic chicness with dressy shorts.



5. Platforms.  In my quest to be super comfortable this spring, with sneakers and brogues dominating the market, I will need a literal lift now and then. What shoe could I get that is both fashionable and earthy, but not quite dirt. Hail the sling-back platform wedges. There is a pair by Robert Clergerie, which I am nuts about, but I do also really like the ones by Asos.


How about jumping for joy now that winter blues are over and out?

spring fashion

sama eyewear// eric javits hat //  dannijo necklace // stella mccartney bomber jacket // vince t-shirt // mother of pearl culottes // robert clergerie sandals

What will you buy?

spring trends

Photography: Lydia Hudgens



Pearls of Wisdom

In a desperate plea for April showers to bring May flowers, after today’s monsoon, tis’ the season to start playing dress up. May Day is tomorrow!, and along with blooming flowers comes itchy eyes and throats, and a host of springtime festivities. As the fashion kingdom prepares for the annual Met Gala, fashion’s answer to Prom, it’s promise is to attract a lineup of commanding evening dresses on May 5th, which got me thinking. You need to have serious stamina to pull off an oversize frock. Also consider that with May comes Mother’s Day, Graduation ceremonies, weddings, and other merrymaking activities followed soon after by the fast and furious preparations for June i.e: the annual shipping of your children, and their prospective trunks, off to camp.

I’m tired already just thinking about it.

Considering all these events and commitments that are infiltrating your calendar, my suggestion would be to do a cardio workout a few days a week to get your body in tip-top physical form, and stick to your guns when it comes to personal style. If all your fashion options fail, and you can’t pull off the heavy weight gowns, why not try some pearls.

No longer just your grandmother’s gem of choice, pearls are losing their stuffy, old-school reputation and holding their own as the bauble for the cool-girl set this spring. Reimagined in two-tone detailing and larger-than-life shapes, these next-wave jewels are equal parts sophisticated and modern — ready to make their way into your daily accessories rotation. Whether you’re a self-confessed lover of saltwater cultured pearls or a fan of freshwater cultured pearls, elegant pearl jewelry is timeless. If you are in the market for the most fabulous pearls, check out the selection at soon to be live Mesenso who has an elegant selection.

For your shopping desires, I have culled these gorgeous iterations, from evil-eye earrings to multi-stacked rings, all begging for a primo spot in your jewelry box this season. But, don’t fret if your budget’s not suited for the real deal, because there’s a mix of thrifty costume pieces and splurge-y designer items ahead. Grandma’s gonna be so jealous.

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Because It Swings, That’s Why

black fringe bag

Zara clutch, get a similar one here and here // opening ceremony top found here and here // gabriella artigas bracelet 

Photography: Lydia Hudgens

I’ll never forget my first fringe purchase back in the 1970′s. I bought a black suede fringe jacket in a flea market in Florence, and thought it was the coolest purchase ever. I wore it so much that the jacket literally fell apart at the seams. I was part of an era, but was happy to let it go.

This season, fringe has emerged as an intriguing trend and I like the way it moves. I bought this clutch in black fringe, a contrast to spring’s garden party of florals, because it assumes a dramatic flair.  It also adds volume when I strut, and an added sexy vibe to my boxy clutches.

Fringe has a cool look, but I caution you against overkill. If you’re going to wear fringe, pair it something simple. In other words, you don’t want to replicate the image of David Bowie as Ziggy Stardust, dressed in a silver onesie with loopy tassels hanging down to his shins. Or look like Coachella lives on forever.

As a trend, fringe shows no signs of fading away. Will you buy in?



Crazy for Culottes

I noted a few months ago right after the Spring shows that I would never wear a pair of pants that fall somewhere short of ankle length. During fashion week, I was touting the virtues of the Proenza Schouler version of the wide-leg trouser, the culotte, but only assumed that as a woman who doesn’t soar to the highest heights, it just wouldn’t work. Too wide, not figure flattering. Well, I was wrong.

Begone skinny jeans! Three-quarter length hems might be tough to wear, but it was just a matter of time before culottesneither pants nor shorts, nor a midi skirt, would stream into our fashion consciousness. With all the elegance of a ball skirt and all the comfort of sweatpants, the culotte is going to be your go-to pant this summer, especially after consuming that highly desirable pint of ice cream. Trust me.



Why would I wear a sliced skirt? Here are my two reasons.

1. Comfort. Comfort is a state of mind, a state of physical ease and freedom from pain or constraint.With a higher rise and cropped length, it makes my waist look tiny, gives my hips some wiggle room and my legs look miles longer. and I can eat what I want without sucking anything in.

2. Freedom. To do my various spring and summer activities. Surfing excluded. Can’t you see gardening in these?


Unassumingly in vogue, this silhouette, loved by many and hated by some, has its naysayers. But whether this trend is universally accepted or not, I’m taking the plunge. These culottes, known as “panties” in French, raison d’être is just to clear up the confusion about its actual appearance and how they lie on the wearer.

I love this look and am thinking I might have just discovered my new uniform. What do you say about wide-legged freedom?


mother of pearl culottes. These are pre-fall get a similar pair here //  opening ceremony laser-cut leather top // sama eyewear get a similar pair here // zara clutch and sandals

Photography: Lydia Hudgens

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