Trend Report Part One: The Glamourous World in Fur, Sequins, And Fringe

Miranda Priestley explained it best. The trends that appear on the runway are the same ones that we will be seeing the next season, particularly at fast-fashion retailers like Zara and H&M. Though each designer has a different interpretation, there were some notable similarities between looks on the runways this season. I’ve started to compile a list of the most prominent trends for Fall 2014. Here are the first three.

1. Fur

You didn’t even have to look at the shows to notice that huge fur coats are huge right now. Whether you blame the Polar Vortex or Macklemore, the majority of street style stars have been sporting furs. The runway has been no exception. And especially in white. More on that topic for sure.

Source: WWD

Lee Jean Youn
Source: Meniscuszine

2. Sequins

Every single show I’ve been to has had some sort of sparkly look. Seriously. Sequins + fur = some serious old Hollywood vibes. And I’m not complaining. 

Source: WWD
Emerson by Jackie-Fraser Swan Source: stylebistro

Emerson by Jackie-Fraser Swan
Source: stylebistro


Emerson by Jackie-Fraser Swan Source: stylebistro

Emerson by Jackie-Fraser Swan
Source: stylebistro

Jay Godfrey Presentation Source: WWD

3. Fringe

The sequined pantsuit from Jay Godrey (above) was a perfect nod to the 70s. Luckily, another 70s trend is back to complement it. Fringe. I’m normally not so gung-ho for fringe, but these looks from Mara Hoffman and Jay Godrey are beginning to change my mind.

Mara Hoffman Source:

Jay Godfrey Source: WWD

Notable Look: The denim dress and jacket combo at Lee Jean Youn giving me total Britney/Justin VMA vibes. Maybe we should leave the denim on denim look in 2001.

Lee Jean Youn Source: Meniscus

Lee Jean Youn
Source: Meniscus




A Peek Behind the Scenes

At New York Fashion Week, the models parade down the runway without a hitch. Besides the casual trip, its uniformity like no other, marching to the beat of the designer’s drum.

But preparing for their 2 second walk onstage, a bevy of make-up artists hair stylists and seamstresses hustle to get the models ready, bustling around them and tugging at their hair and clothes

From the chaos of hair and make-up to the frenzy of getting fitted, here is a look at the behind-the-scenes process of preparing a fashion week show. You’ll see some tricks of the trade in this short 1 minute clip that was taken at the K. Nicole show on one crazy night last week.

Song: Bacon Love by Beach Party
And for the final product? The title of the show was The Elegance in Texture Collection by K.Nicole. It’s magical. Happy Friday!

K. Nicole Fashion show FW14

Video By Sarah Murray

Edited by Stephanie Unter


The Heart’s Desire

Where would we be without love? Seriously.

Hallmark cards don’t really cut it, nor do those conversation hearts containing the message “Be Mine” that taste like chalk. Wy not celebrate for the love of love, Valentine’s Day by telling your loved one, whether that be your boyfriend, girlfriend, brother or sister that you really do care. A small thank you, a warm touch, a nice smile, even a new cavity. Those are the things that count.

A Valentine’s Day celebration can be as simple as those heart-shaped chocolates or as dramatic as a proposal for marriage. It is the day to celebrate love. For whatever date-night festivities you have planned, what you wear on Valentine’s Day should make you feel your very best. Flirty and girly? Masculine urban edgy? A little cleavage doesn’t hurt and neither does a red lip, for that matter. What do I want for Valentine’s Day? I’ll give you a little hint, its not lingerie.

Valentines Day gift guide

Stella McCartney embellished sweatshirt and a pair of MiH boyfriend jeans that make my heart flutter. Miu Miu glitter coated pumps are so awesome because although I hate pink, glitter shoes are everything. Rings that tell the story? Love finger ring by Lanvinand the Jennifer Fisher signature pieces pull my heartstrings. A bag that says it all that is really for keep. Nail polish and lingerie in black and a box of chocolates? Mas oui!

It seems that mother nature is commanding that we stay home and crack open a bottle of champagne and enjoy the full-fledged snowstorm in style. A little salt to the wound? Nah. But even in that snowstorm, don’t forget about that bottle of wine or that teddy bear. I recall that SNL spoof when they buy that dumb little thing from CVS? You don’t want to be that person.


Happy Valentines Day ! xoxo


Fur is the Accessory of the Hour

I should’ve been a furrier. So far this winter has logged in 56473848 snow storms and in 2014 I would’ve made some good money. In recent years past, we had mellow and temperate winters, so I might not have struck gold, but I digress. Based on the recent Polar Vortex, this winter and fashion week has been numbing to the senses. I can handle the abundant snow storms because that’s mother nature doing its thing. It’s the repercussions and the aftermath: the frigid toes and hands, constant red nose, slush and dirty snow strewn all over your outfit. The only sense that is worth its weight in Olympic gold is the eyes. Street style right now in New York is blasting on repeat all around town, the energy is maddening, and everybody is wearing fur. Frankly, I’m into vintage furs, because the animal has already warmed up other bodies, and the concept is, better on me than accumulating cobwebs.

As day 6 of Fashion Week rears its ugly head, and my body is still sore from last weekend, the question still remains. For the next few days what the hell am I going to wear? And what does one do in the event of body-immobility? Protest, of course. Remain stationery? Doctors orders. I refuse to sit home and look through so, I’ll bite the damn bullet, put on something rubber and flat, and electively release myself into the jungle.

vintage fur coat

wearing fur during fashion week

fur coat

rag & bone fedora // vintage fur coat get a similar one here // j crew wool sweater borrowed from the mens dept // mango jacket // helmut lang stovepipe grey pants // miu miu patent leather ankle booties // devi kroell bag

photos: Lydia Hudgens

fur coat

Get the look here:


The Most Fashionable Friday during NYFW

It is currently Sunday evening in the middle of Fashion Week and I have a few broken ribs. It all went down after the Timo Weiland show when I slipped on black ice on the sidewalk. For an athletic girl to fall during the first night of Fashion Week is just such an outrageous concept, but here I am the unstoppable warrior doing my thing, platform boots and all.

I thought it would be a fun idea to share the details of my weekend, and what exactly goes on during a day in the life of a show-going diva like me. Why? Doing what a Real Housewives character does. “Life isn’t all diamonds and roses, but it should be!” Right on.

Friday: September 7, 2014.

7 AM Wake up. Dear driver, thank G-d you’re here. I tell him that I will need extra time and help to get in and out of car as I am an invalid. He doesn’t believe me. Head over to first presentation of the day at the Hub at the Hudson Hotel, Rebecca Vallance where the my favorite look from the Australian-based designer was a cool white and gold Jacquard sweatshirt and pencil skirt and an ivory funnel-neck sweater and flounce skirt. Ill take it all, please.

Rebecca Vallance Fall 2014

11:30AM I head over to the Degen, by Brooklyn-base knitwear designer Lindsay Degen at Industria Superstudio where I mingle with friends and colleagues that I don’t see very often. Catching up with friends is a really good thing. “Hi! How are you?” My reply?  ”Doing great, how about you?” All whilst thinking, let’s keep it to air kisses this season because if you hug me I will probably collapse.

Degen was cool and fun. The designer was on stage posing with her weavers actually weaving. The presentation was a sort of performance-art-cum-knitting rave with made-to-order Matcha tea in place of…well, other uppers gave us neon green-hued, loosely woven crop-top sweaters; thin, nineties-club-styled party tanks; as well as looks made from that same fishing line of VS suit fame. The idea was to visually replicate the trippy experience of working with unconventional knitting materials, such as the aforementioned fishing line and reflective yarn. This collection is for a very creative type—male, female, however you may identify—with a decidedly DIY bent. With a hashtag like #DEGENRAINBOW that glows when you take a picture, what do you expect?

Lindsay Degen

Lunch break: 12:30pm. I grab a quick bite at KAVA Cafe, and then dash over to my all-time favorite shops, Owen to see what’s in store for Spring. Excuse me, but my fall 2014 head is currently wrapped around furs, blanket coats, and beanies.

I head over to Tanya Taylor where there was another DIY streak going on. The designer took Sharpie markers to luxe lambskin leather, and experimented with Manic Panic on shaggy Mongolian fur. It was quirky, yet playful and polished. Flattering fit-and-flare dresses were cut from either graphic floral jacquards or fluttery silks, for example, and thigh-grazing miniskirts came paired with pointy flats that felt fresh. She is one of my favorite designers based on everything including this dress.

Tanya Taylor

2pm: Sally LaPointe nailed it. This was by far one of the most special shows during the weekend. Turtlenecks galore, furs, and from day-to-night to fur sleeves. The Sally LaPointe woman this season is strong and less harsh than in seasons past. Her magic touch is making clothes with precise tailoring, whether it was a pair of black tuxedo trousers in silk-wool georgette, a pencil skirt in cognac-colored lambskin, or an elegant black cocktail dress overlaid with a cropped top that was pleated at the bust. These are the kinds of clothes that make a confident woman look even surer of her appearance. And can we talk about the chunky cashmere-wool turtlenecks?!! Some were plain, others with panels of fox fur, for a hip, slouchy, deliciously cozy look.

Sally LaPointe

Sally LaPointe

Sally LaPointe

3pm Cushnie et Ochs. I like the vibe at Milk Studios and I love to go on a Friday or Saturday night when it feels like the fashion crowd migrates together to see Indie designers with a little edge. Saturday night at Milk Studios is a fantastic opportunity to see newer designers like Calla, Costello TagliapietraJonathan Simkhai and Harbison in an intimate setting. Each room hosts a different presentation, and you go from one to the other and wave at a lot of people in between. And this was no exception at Cushnie et Ochs. With an emphasis on cleavage, cowboy hat and jet black curves, that, in a nutshell, was the vibe at Cushnie et Ochs. How about Karolina Kurkova, as a hereto cowboy surely, opening the show in a ultra-tight bustier dress winking skin through black lace? Oh my!

Cushnie et Ochs

At this point on a weekend night, most people are drinking but I’m just leaning on a friend glad to have made it this far. And when I dragged myself home after a long day, I watched the shows vicariously through my non-stop Instagram feed. And couldn’t resist laughing out loud at the Sochi opening outfits. What did you think?

Stay tuned later for more coverage!


NYFW: Day 3 Ruffian and Mara Hoffman

Here is a round-up from two of Saturday’s shows. Stay tuned later for more news from the runway!

Ruffian: Set to the sounds of church bells, and described with “monastic opulence, tailored volume and sober religious silhouettes” in the programs, there was a clear religious influence in the Ruffian Fall 2014 show. The best part of the collection was the unicorn tapestry print, which in jacket formation was wearable and cool. Styling with red tights brought some much-needed lightness and color, and worked well. While I prefer the recent nods to the 90s over a throwback to the Renaissance, I thought the collection was beautiful and well done. Also, the hats were pretty freaking awesome.

Ruffian Fall 2014 Source:

Ruffian Fall 2014

Mara Hoffman:

It is my opinion that Mara Hoffman should be in charge of creating all the prints in the entire world. This collection was so good it almost makes me want to cry. Printed kaftans, colorful prints, and looks that make you want to fly to the nearest beach are all things we’ve come to expect from Hoffman, and this season was no exception. The gold arm bands and necklaces are incredible, and went well with hair dipped into a gold braids. The luxe bohemian look is something Hoffman does oh-so-well, effortlessly mixing daytime looks featuring fringe with evening gowns with extravagant beadwork. I want it all.

Screen Shot 2014-02-08 at 10.02.20 PM

Close up of hair by TGI Catwalk and the beadwork

All white look featuring fringe
Source: StyleCaster

Mixed prints have never looked so good
Source: StyleCaster

Notable Moment:

This look. Yeah. Awesome.
Source: StyleCaster

Written by Sarah Murray

Edited by Stephanie Unter


Daisy Marc Jacobs Tweet Shop

Art by Langley Fox, Beats by DJ duo The Jane Doze, and #MJDAISYCHAIN were all key elements to the success of the Daisy Marc Jacobs Tweet Shop event last night.

Marc Jacobs

Among the crowd of bloggers and editors was Anna Kendrick, Phoebe Tonkin and Jamie Chung. Many guests got creative with their poses in the photobooth, which featured huge bottles of the Daisy perfume in a field of…wait for it… daisys. I even got a photo of my own which I printed out into a little sticker.

Me at MJ

Me at the event

Anna Kendrick

Anna Kendrick posing in the photobooth

Guests left with a full-sized “Daisy” perfume, a print by Langley Fox  (who was in attendance herself) and a few glasses of bubbly in their systems.

The most incredible thing about the shop is that no money is exchanged. Instead users can tag photos and tweets with the hashtag #MJDAISYCHAIN in order to get their own mini-perfume. Handbags and other Marc Jacobs items will be given out to a few lucky winners each day. Today’s winners were picked by Aimee Song of Song of Style.

The pop-up shop is open for the rest of the weekend and will be featuring DJ Jilly Hendrix as well as snacks and manicures. Check out the promo video and watch out for me at 11 seconds!

Special thanks to Timur Civan for the pictures, and Mash+Studio, and The Lionesque Group for putting on this amazing event!

Check out the Marc Jacobs shop this weekend! xo

Written by Sarah Murray.

Edited by Stephanie Unter


Fashion Flurries

New York Fashion Week might start on Thursday, but it’s game on today as far as I’m concerned – with invites flooding in, interns secured, and hats and belts in their almost-ready position on the floor of my closet and at the ready. But in reality, Fashion Week or not, it’s all about personal style and what mood I am in that very day, which puts me in such a love hate relationship with New York on a daily basis.

My next six days or so will take me on tour of our fair city, traveling to the Upper West Side, Chelsea, TriBeCa, SoHo, the Meatpacking District, the Garment Center, the Upper East Side, Murray Hill, Wall Street and even Brooklyn to see shows. I want to wear those Charlotte Olympia boots (now on sale!) that I thought I would never wear just to prove that they are worth their weight in leopard. And most importantly, what am I supposed to wear in this upcoming Polar Vortex?

With all this unforeseen crazy weather happening right now out my window (it is sleeting and hailing as we speak), my mood can definitely change overnight. It is tough to layer all those coats and scarves and be oh so cool, but that’s not the way it has to be. In fact, there are ways to bundle up and stay warm without sacrificing style in the process. I culled the best tips and tricks from playing dress-up in my closet when temperatures plummet—and now, here’s some stay-toasty tidbits for you.

What about an all-black skirt and tights, combined with au courant stripes as a layering piece, a camel coat, and leopard platforms? The look is very New York in my book and it works not just for Fashion Week but any week. Camel is a great staple and so is Stella McCartney, and to top it all off, I bought these Charlotte Olympia booties for under $300 on The Outnet a few months ago. Bundle up kids. It’s a game of survival of who can strike sartorial gold. The fashion agenda commends forward thinking regardless of external factors, like say, February snowstorms (yes NY, I’m looking at you!). A sound investment plan should include the following looks down below. Get equipped for wonderland.

camel coat black skirt

camel coat

Sama Eyewear // Topshop striped top// Alexander Wang vest, get a similar one here // Stella McCartney coat, get a similar one here // Timo Weiland skirt, get a similar one here// Falke tights// Charlotte Olympia leopard booties, get it here

camel coat

camel coat

camel coat

striped top

photos Lydia Hudgens


The Pre-Fashion Week Prep

The role of spectator sports is to watch and join in from the comforts of your living room couch. The pros are obvious: you can stay in your pajamas and admire all the exciting happenings from afar. But when I can, I love the role of participating in a sport, even if its from the sidelines. You can have your fantasy football, and the Golden Globes red carpet. Screw Sochi.

Sound the trumpets and pass the torch, New York Fashion Week is less than two days away and the third impending Polar vortex is taking precedent over my February calendar. I have limited time to start bundling up like a pro (you know what that means), and join the marathon that is New York Fashion Week.

I must confess, I’m not one of those people who complain that the shows are taking up all my time. I don’t pretend that getting invited to show A at Lincoln Center and having to rush to Milk Studios, in literally 2 minutes, is such a demanding task. I don’t even mind living on Luna bars for the next 7 days. In fact, if the opportunity ever arose for me to head to London, Milan and then jet off to Paris to cover the shows, I would jump at the chance and celebrate the well-heeled rally for an additional 3 weeks.

I will however do my own sort of prep which started last week.

~Maintenence. I got my teeth whitened. I went to the hair salon and brightened up those roots a bit. Every day I drank some sort of kale/berry vitamin infusion. I have started de-pilling my sweaters and taking my coats out of the cleaners. I have yet to plan my outfits though and thought these pics might help. I’ve got some refining to do.

street style street-style-2013-new-york-fashion-week1



~Massaging my feet. There is nothing to be said for blisters and pain so I will be attending fashion week in the best way I know how, in flats.

~ Technology. I am going to be tweeting, vining, and instagramming this season from a Samsung Galaxy Note. I don’t know how to use it, but will learn and test-drive the latest technology. On signing off, they asked me to stay trendy. I will oblige with my stylus pen in hand. Keep an update on Fashion week on the right had side of my blog where my instagram feed comes in.

Lastly, keep an eye out for some guest editors joining me the Fashion Hunter mayhem. Every season has its pros and cons, its opinion formers, taste makers and leading creatives. Fashion doesn’t exist in a vacuum — its players are just pieces to the puzzle in the world of art, photography, film, and music that contribute to the benefit of New York and the fashion capitals around the globe. Today, please welcome Sarah to the table where she will share some of her thoughts on fashion from the bright and starry eyes of a college girl.

Sarah Murray is so excited to be working with New York Fashion Hunter this season during New York Fashion Week. She is a freshman at Fordham University pursuing a Marketing degree, but always loved fashion. She loves writing and event planning and her ultimate dream is to work in PR or Marketing for a fashion brand. You can follow her on twitter @SarahMurray_NY. Here is Sarah’s prep.

Can’t you just hear the excitement build?

The only thing getting me through this polar vortex is knowing that fashion week is quickly approaching. For anybody in the industry, that means scrambling to get ready whether you are planning the shows or attending them. I’m lucky enough to be attending a number of shows at NYFW this season, but as I was preparing my schedule yesterday I realized just how much running around it’s gonna be. I’ve made a list about how I plan on preparing for fashion week.

1. Try to get all my assignments done. I’m a student, and classes don’t stop for fashion week. I’m a chronic procrastinator, so I’ll keep you updated on how that goes.

2. Freak out about how excited I am to be going to fashion week! This will be my fourth official fashion week and I still can’t believe that I get to go!

Am I an Olsen yet?

3. Plan my outfits. I don’t get how fashion bloggers say that they don’t plan their outfits in advance. Especially because most of them are traveling and have to pack things that go together. I live in New York and I still take hours getting ready! This season I’m going to stick to my all black ensemble.  I personally love watching all of the great outfits that come around during fashion week, but comfort always comes first for me. Black is easy and works for anything.

4. Pack my bag. I always keep a small notebook, my wallet, mints, makeup, and a phone charger in my bag. This season I’ll probably bring some books so I can do my assigned reading for class in between shows. I use the same basic black tote so I don’t have to worry about forgetting anything in my bag, before I leave I clear out everything out but the essentials so I have room for papers and freebies.

Get all the goods here for your NYFW prep:


Go Team

Many consider this Sunday to be the nation’s biggest holiday. We’re not talking about Thanksgiving, New Year’s, or Fourth of July. Nope, we’re talking about the Super Bowl.

This year, the Denver Broncos will face off against the Seattle Seahawks and Bruno Mars will be center stage as the NFL’s halftime performer. That just about sums up all I know. I’m on team fashun. You might be one of those people across the country that will attend or host a party filled with jersey-clad fans and plenty of chicken wings and chips. If you’re stumped on what to wear — sporty but stylish is the goal. Read on.

Sweatshirts and sneakers? Yes, please. A fuzzy blanket to lay on when the new super-hyped commercials hit the air? Uh huh. Cute options abound this season, so go with team colors or something just plain cool, and bask in the comfort of streetwear. Opt for classic drop crotch sweats on bottom and cool sneakers with your team’s color. A color-block sweater has never been more appropriate, and neither have a pair of striped athletic socks. This might be one of those days that I eat whatever I want.

What to wear to a Superbowl party

MSGM Colorblock sweater // StellaMcCartney pants // Twins for Peace low-tops // Pierre Hardy cross body bag // Fitbit Force to track how much you didn’t workout on Sunday // Yves Delorme orange throw // Nambe server for chips and dip // Party Pong table for those who like to have fun more than anything else. Game on.