The Pre-Fashion Week Prep

The role of spectator sports is to watch and join in from the comforts of your living room couch. The pros are obvious: you can stay in your pajamas and admire all the exciting happenings from afar. But when I can, I love the role of participating in a sport, even if its from the sidelines. You can have your fantasy football, and the Golden Globes red carpet. Screw Sochi.

Sound the trumpets and pass the torch, New York Fashion Week is less than two days away and the third impending Polar vortex is taking precedent over my February calendar. I have limited time to start bundling up like a pro (you know what that means), and join the marathon that is New York Fashion Week.

I must confess, I’m not one of those people who complain that the shows are taking up all my time. I don’t pretend that getting invited to show A at Lincoln Center and having to rush to Milk Studios, in literally 2 minutes, is such a demanding task. I don’t even mind living on Luna bars for the next 7 days. In fact, if the opportunity ever arose for me to head to London, Milan and then jet off to Paris to cover the shows, I would jump at the chance and celebrate the well-heeled rally for an additional 3 weeks.

I will however do my own sort of prep which started last week.

~Maintenence. I got my teeth whitened. I went to the hair salon and brightened up those roots a bit. Every day I drank some sort of kale/berry vitamin infusion. I have started de-pilling my sweaters and taking my coats out of the cleaners. I have yet to plan my outfits though and thought these pics might help. I’ve got some refining to do.

street style street-style-2013-new-york-fashion-week1



~Massaging my feet. There is nothing to be said for blisters and pain so I will be attending fashion week in the best way I know how, in flats.

~ Technology. I am going to be tweeting, vining, and instagramming this season from a Samsung Galaxy Note. I don’t know how to use it, but will learn and test-drive the latest technology. On signing off, they asked me to stay trendy. I will oblige with my stylus pen in hand. Keep an update on Fashion week on the right had side of my blog where my instagram feed comes in.

Lastly, keep an eye out for some guest editors joining me the Fashion Hunter mayhem. Every season has its pros and cons, its opinion formers, taste makers and leading creatives. Fashion doesn’t exist in a vacuum — its players are just pieces to the puzzle in the world of art, photography, film, and music that contribute to the benefit of New York and the fashion capitals around the globe. Today, please welcome Sarah to the table where she will share some of her thoughts on fashion from the bright and starry eyes of a college girl.

Sarah Murray is so excited to be working with New York Fashion Hunter this season during New York Fashion Week. She is a freshman at Fordham University pursuing a Marketing degree, but always loved fashion. She loves writing and event planning and her ultimate dream is to work in PR or Marketing for a fashion brand. You can follow her on twitter @SarahMurray_NY. Here is Sarah’s prep.

Can’t you just hear the excitement build?

The only thing getting me through this polar vortex is knowing that fashion week is quickly approaching. For anybody in the industry, that means scrambling to get ready whether you are planning the shows or attending them. I’m lucky enough to be attending a number of shows at NYFW this season, but as I was preparing my schedule yesterday I realized just how much running around it’s gonna be. I’ve made a list about how I plan on preparing for fashion week.

1. Try to get all my assignments done. I’m a student, and classes don’t stop for fashion week. I’m a chronic procrastinator, so I’ll keep you updated on how that goes.

2. Freak out about how excited I am to be going to fashion week! This will be my fourth official fashion week and I still can’t believe that I get to go!

Am I an Olsen yet?

3. Plan my outfits. I don’t get how fashion bloggers say that they don’t plan their outfits in advance. Especially because most of them are traveling and have to pack things that go together. I live in New York and I still take hours getting ready! This season I’m going to stick to my all black ensemble.  I personally love watching all of the great outfits that come around during fashion week, but comfort always comes first for me. Black is easy and works for anything.

4. Pack my bag. I always keep a small notebook, my wallet, mints, makeup, and a phone charger in my bag. This season I’ll probably bring some books so I can do my assigned reading for class in between shows. I use the same basic black tote so I don’t have to worry about forgetting anything in my bag, before I leave I clear out everything out but the essentials so I have room for papers and freebies.

Get all the goods here for your NYFW prep:


Go Team

Many consider this Sunday to be the nation’s biggest holiday. We’re not talking about Thanksgiving, New Year’s, or Fourth of July. Nope, we’re talking about the Super Bowl.

This year, the Denver Broncos will face off against the Seattle Seahawks and Bruno Mars will be center stage as the NFL’s halftime performer. That just about sums up all I know. I’m on team fashun. You might be one of those people across the country that will attend or host a party filled with jersey-clad fans and plenty of chicken wings and chips. If you’re stumped on what to wear — sporty but stylish is the goal. Read on.

Sweatshirts and sneakers? Yes, please. A fuzzy blanket to lay on when the new super-hyped commercials hit the air? Uh huh. Cute options abound this season, so go with team colors or something just plain cool, and bask in the comfort of streetwear. Opt for classic drop crotch sweats on bottom and cool sneakers with your team’s color. A color-block sweater has never been more appropriate, and neither have a pair of striped athletic socks. This might be one of those days that I eat whatever I want.

What to wear to a Superbowl party

MSGM Colorblock sweater // StellaMcCartney pants // Twins for Peace low-tops // Pierre Hardy cross body bag // Fitbit Force to track how much you didn’t workout on Sunday // Yves Delorme orange throw // Nambe server for chips and dip // Party Pong table for those who like to have fun more than anything else. Game on.


Peter Pilotto X Target

If you love bold intricate prints like I do, get ready for the Brit-based label, Peter Pilotto set to collaborate with Target on Feb 9th. The buzzy hallucinogenic prints, in the name of high fashion, clearly stand out in a crowd. But even more impressive, based on the Target lookbook, is that these intricate and beautiful digital prints in reds, oranges, greens, blues and black and white, seem to translate well to the Target audience. (hehe)

Peter Pilotto for Target

I recently recovered from the last high-low collaboration that hit the streets. It was a sheer success, selling out in mere minutes, (I was up at 4am), both in-store and online, causing the online site to inevitably crash. I got lucky and bought the pick of the litter. White leather pants. A metallic jacket. For nearly pennies compared to the real thing!

On the Pilotto and Target marriage, the silhouettes, for one thing, translated very well to this affordable surf-inspired collection. The peplums pop, the pencil skirts are still tight, and the tailoring and draping remain skillful. Doesn’t look like a Target lookbook to me. And the good news? Net-A-Porter will be carrying just some of the items for those of you wanting to purchase online.

Peter Pilotto for Target

What’s destined to go fast? These printed sunglasses. These slip-ons sneakers.

Peter Pilotto for Target

Peter Pilotto for Target

I don’t make any determinations about the actual quality of the fabrics until I touch and feel them, but at prices under $60, who cares? See the entire cookbook here and start setting your alarms.

The collection hits Target stores and on Feb. 9 with an assortment of the collection also available on Net-a-Porter.



Navy Nuances

Us New Yorkers love to complain. Either its too hot, or during the deep freeze, über decides to raise its already sky-high rates, or the fact that the upcoming Superbowl crowds and impending 574,857,209,384th storm might wreak havoc on our city. Yesterday it snowed, and after asking on Twitter why frostbite wasn’t trending, I found it. Hashtag #itsfuckingfreezing. The smiles through my wind-blown hair will only last for so long. Let’s face it, winter sucks. The way I see it, I’d much rather sweat, than lose all feelings in my fingers care of a vicious cold front. Unless I’m skiing in the Rocky Mountains, that is.

The only road block presented here is a fashion conundrum. Trying to look chic in this weather is borderline irritating. Ditto repeating the same sweaters over and over. Sometimes I just want to wear all black, you know? But black can be draining and downbeat as much as it can be slimming and chic. And if not on these sunny winter days, when else can I try out a color scheme of navy blue in all its inky expensive-looking glory? Answer: never.

The good news is, I am abiding by my New Year’s Resolutions, trying not to shop, and although shoe options this time of year are bleak, I am sticking to self-taught layering tactics that lead to a simple fashion uniform that is unfailingly chic. And because black is a little outmoded, its navy or bust.

Navy blue

vanessa bruno cashmere sweater // moschino pant // iris & ink coat, get a similar one here // acne  pistol boots


club monaco hat // tom ford sunnies // efva attling necklace // essie nail polish

navy coat

navy hat

navy coat

Navy coat


Photos: Lydia Hudgens

shop the post here:


Brighter Days Ahead

I’m sick of winter. It’s still January, so figure, fifty more days of frigid weather still in front of me, I am re-imagining the many ways to wear my boring black layers. Today on the battlefield, I had on a tank top, fleece-lined tights, jeans over that, a turtleneck, a big chunky sweater, wool socks, a down coat, a neck funnel, a fur topper and despite my best efforts, it was still hard to breathe. In spite of all these obstacles, I am marching on in the sleet and slush, and daydreaming of spring and sunny days to come.

In the midst of this helluva Polar Vortex, I could a: move to warmer climes, b: purge my closets of the collective clutter, or c: plan an inspiring new wardrobe. What do you think I chose? Screw the elements.

spring outfit

Sophie Hulme mohair coat get a similar one here //  Miu Miu metal cap toe Skate sneaker. I love the combination of all-white  and silver with a pop of red. I”m not a red girl but this may be an interesting opportunity to explore the unknown. Boyy Front row only clutch because since Fashion week is just around the corner, its front row or nothing. McQ Alexander McQueen silver necklace and a planner for 2014 to scribble all your appointments.

Shop it here:

But going back to the above thought, I could move to LA.

It always seems like the better coast, but I can’t say I would be one hundred percent happy there either. Besides the beautiful weather, there’s too much traffic and smog, they order bagels from people who don’t yell at them, they don’t care about New York pizza. Epic fail. They legally smoke weed, surf, go to work in flip-flops and drive Priuses. I could eat avocados and do yoga all day long.

But, I am going to stick to the city I love, with the white fluffy stuff and the constant smell of pee. New York inspires people to accomplish great things they could not imagine anywhere else. There is always greatness just around the corner, like the pipe dream of more closet space. I am going to clear out my closets, and make room for the wonderful things in 2014. And dream of summer…all it takes is a little bit of MAGIK.


Spring 2014 Ads

There is no better time for the release of the Spring Ad season than bitter cold mid-January. Besides injecting myself with vitamin C in the form of kale, blueberries, and orange juice, the sun won’t loan me UV rays anytime soon in the Northern Hemisphere. So, here’s to looking at these stellar photos of Oscar-winners and pop superstars. Scroll below for my top photos and share your take on these über-talented photographers.

Chloe Spring summer 2014 campaign

Julia Stegner and Lou Doillon in their oversized shades and crochet for Chloé, makes me want to go to Coachella this year.

Celine Ad Spring 2014

These bright coat dresses and sandals with silver balls worn by Julia Nobis for Céline are fun and kooky.

Balenciaga Ad Spring 2014

Daria Werbowy is the face of these dark  and stormy Balenciaga ads. Unrecognizable, right? I particularly love the winged dress, but not sold on the dark purple lip and white hair.

alexander Wang Spring 2014 ad 80-wang.jpg.r.nocrop.w610.h610Leave it to Alexander Wang to put us right into public bathroom stalls. Featuring models Anna Ewers and Zuzu Tadeushuk in the literal toilet, the ad really works wonder on the mind. Those shoes, though.



Obsessed with Stan

Stan Smith Adidas

If my recent laid-back Je ne sais quoi lifestyle is any indication, I have been opting out of the well-heeled existence, leaving my heels at home, and yearning for the cool simplicity of sneakers. Bored of my Isabel Marant wedge trainers, I have been on the hunt for pure white sneakers.

When the 1973 Adidas original Stan Smith sneaker announced a relaunch, before I could hit the “Yes, please” button, they were gone. That is a clear signal that it has already hit the ground running faster than I did back in high school trying out for the tennis team with the original Stan Smith on my feet. Although I didn’t make said Varsity team, I am now on team Céline and unofficial mascot of the fashion set. Phoebe Philo who has been sporting Stan Smiths for seasons, wore these at her most recent show in Paris and when Philo says” jump”, the fashion world asks how high, in what shoes?”

Phoebe Philo in Stan Smith

So, besides Kanye West, who was spotted on the streets in his green and whites, will you go back to these?? Get on the waitlist.

Adidas Stan Smith



Currently Craving

How cool would it be to be a French style sleuth? Admiring French style from afar, and mastering that Je ne sais quoi are two totally different things. Style is 100% personal, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for improvement. Basically, if you are a) female and b) have a pulse, you’ve tried to emulate Kate Moss’s iconic style at some point in your life.

It’s maddening that I am not French. Merde! (I even like their curse words.)

I wasn’t born in the back of a Citroen.

I don’t smoke cigarettes. (well, never say never)

I don’t wear slip dresses because I don’t like wearing bras.

I don’t do coq au vin, baguettes, andouillettes, eclairs and fondue without worrying about gaining weight.

But, I do own a lot of flats, red lip pencils, and beat-up motorcycle boots.

I am learning how to age gracefully.

I am wearing the minimal amount of makeup.

I am taking care of my skin.

I want to look just like Catherine Deneuve when I age. N’est-ce pas de moi un citoyen français?

Always on the hunt, pinning and studying effortlessly chic ensembles, I think I cracked the code. And it’s devastatingly French.

how to emulate French style

Do: black skinny cigarette pants with the ankle showing paired with a white crop top or striped shirt. Topshop sweater // Acne Cig cropped trousers. Wear with flats, these are metallic Fendi wonders. Top it with a IRO patterned bomber bouclé jacket and for the love of Stella, throw on a camel coat on top to complete the uniform. The accessories will make the simple outfit stand out with panache. A bowler hat by Topshop // Stella McCartney sunglasses // Vita Fede ring // Delfina Delattrez single pearl and lip earring // Balenciaga tote bag for instant chic // red lips and a lomography camera. Do it all and don’t forget to take notes.

Get the look here.


Stella, Oh Stella

New York City, the capital of bipolar fashion, is having a breakdown and I’m its number contributor. Yesterday morning, I ran out the door with a pair of skinny jeans, a turtleneck, mens loafers, in head-to-toe black only to be told that I wasn’t dressing playful enough. and looked like a bag lady. Le sigh. Later that evening, I changed into a bomber jacket, a choker, and  red lips, all smile-ready for the cameras at an evening event. Today, its back to a mini skirt, cropped sweater, and a pair of wedge boots. I am contributing to fast fashion as we know it, sitting on the proverbial couch for some retail therapy. It’s really hard to change, but I’m working on finding a uniform that defines me and my style. I think I discovered my look organically, plucking trends as a gateway to the core classics. And I’m OK with owning all of it.

stockholm style


photo: Who Wore What

metallic bomber

These rules don’t apply when it comes to the designer Stella McCartney, one of the few artists that makes clothes for every hour of every day. Playful, and charming, I had the pleasure of meeting her this week as she dressed her muses in Spring looks such as metallic jumpersyellow oversized coats, and white skinny jeans at an intimate breakfast in Soho. Watching her work her magic with a silk shirt and a pair of jeans, she makes everything she does look so easy, and that carefree attitude carries through to her clothes. As she was playing stylist with me she exclaimed, ” I cannot understand how can any blonde American girl not own more than one long wool camel-hair coat!?” She was shockingly honest and when I threw on the classic camel flat lapel coat, I knew exactly what she meant.

Stella prefers flats, simple dresses, pantsuits and easy-to-throw-on clothing that I can totally get behind. She has such a free-spirit, and is a beautiful person inside and out. Of course, she was in full fun mode when I met her, and I just fell in love. She has developed a witty, down-to-earth approach to dressing women like her: well-to-do, yes, but working women with lives of responsibility and complexity, women who have more use for a well-cut pantsuit for work or a roomy knit jumpsuit for hanging out with girlfriends than they do for a floor-length gown.

Check out the Pre-Fall collection down below — a mix of oversized houndstooth, big blanket sized coats, and menswear loafers. Cool is the operative word.  Sign me up.

stella-mccartney-pre-fall-2014-24_102426681224 stella-mccartney-pre-fall-2014-32_102432895342

stella-mccartney-pre-fall-2014-19_102422364359 stella-mccartney-pre-fall-2014-10_102415703028 stella-mccartney-pre-fall-2014-03_102410517905


January Thrills

January is a mixed bag of nuts. You start the New Year with a bang, trying or not to fulfill your dreams two weeks at a time. Your all-black wardrobe needs an injection of spring, yet it seems so far away. Your office needs a makeover, your face needs a smile and its time to bust out of the January blues. But, sometimes it’s not that easy.

If the word “Polar Vortex” didn’t enter your vocabulary last week after a grueling near Arctic week –one of the coldest on record, you were one of the lucky ones who didn’t get wind-whipped cheeks, blistered lips, and perhaps frostbite solely from entering the great outdoors. Baby, it’s cold outside, and damn those weather forecasters were right.

I learned firsthand that such accessories such as my hat, a pair of gloves, and a scarf would do limited justice on my numb frost-bitten fingers and toes, but trudging through the icy sidewalks with fierce winds demanded that I run from café to café, movie to movie, (I saw American Hustle, BTW) overloading on the consumption of hot beverages. Even the most thermodynamic winter coat wasn’t enough for bone-chilling temperatures like negative nine.

Instead of succumbing to the demands of the weather and hibernating, pretend you’re that you are a mammal that has to survive the elements, even for the five minutes that require you to hail a cab, and protect your dermis with tons of protective layers. The key word here is survival.

white fur coat

Layering is a must on the best of the frigid days, and here’s how I survived the subzero temps. You’ll start with a base layer made of either wool or cotton — a foundation that allows for multiple over-layers. Add a pair of leather, mine are from Isabel Marant, or vegan leather pants, these are 50% off that will ward off blustery wind tunnels right up your legs.

leather pants

Then add a white shirt because nothing says clean and crisp more than the people over at Clorox and I can’t think of anything that would make my white shirt stiffer than that. On top of that throw on an ice blue sweater to go with the color of the way winter feels, icy and cold.

fur funnel

Next come the accessories, which include all things warm and fuzzy: a white fur neck funnel, a pom pom hat and a pair of blue velvet suede boots. Throw on a white jacket for the sartorial “wow” factor and you will be armed and ready for any wintry mix–even one for a polar bear. Don’t forget the multi-colored bag for every season and hold onto your hat. For realzz.

polar vortex

pom pom hat

Before you head out the door, make sure to check your weather app to bundle up in style.

white fur coat

Photos: Lydia Hudgens 

 Here’s how you too can get the look and take my tips on how to the polar dance. Here’s hoping for warmer climes.