One for the Boys


Not to completely freak everyone out, but Christmas is about a month away, and Hanukkah merely days away, which means it’s time to start thinking about more gifts. For a time of year when joy is supposed to abound, holiday shopping can seem, well, pretty joyless.

This week’s gift guide is picks for the men in your life. Brothers, dads, boyfriends, husbands, fiance – you name it.

Man-Holding-Gift-Envelope I’ve trolled the internet for the goods for any guy who doesn’t want to get boxers or another boring grey sweater. I know I feature this grey sweater but it’s the coziest thing around, and its $30.00. I bought two just so I am not tempted to steal his. From $20.00 to the Raymond Weil watch, I’ve got you covered.

Gift guide for the guys

cutler & gross two-tone square framed glasses // tweezerman grooming kit // jack spade messenger bag // uniqlo mens argyle socks // target coffee canister // orrefors double old-fashioned glasses //  uniqlo sweater // hermés cupid on cufflinks // j. crew scarf // acne leather gloves // acne leather card case // raymond weil watch // design within reach speakers // beats by dre ear buds // marc jacobs lace-up boots


What to Wear to Thanksgiving Dinner


Thanksgiving, happening in T minus 7 days, is a time to get together with family and friends. Planning a meal for, let’s say 25 people, isn’t an easy feat. I leave it up to Julia Moskin and Melissa Clark’s essential recipes from the New York Times to decipher what to serve or bring to the holiday table. But unlike planning a meal, you want the actual getting dressed portion of the day to be quick and easy. You will need the essentials to start:  a top, pants, or a skirt, and a pair of shoes. I tend to lean on the side of being underdressed for most holidays and celebratory occasions, so what about throwing on a plaid flannel shirt, and make like Ralph Lauren, to commemorate the Pilgrims and what not.

Aside from overcooking the turkey, the least-chic thing you could do on Thanksgiving is to show up to dinner totally underdressed. Save the sweatpants for after supper and slip into this sophisticated, modern look that’s sure to impress your in-laws. But no less necessary, if slightly less obvious, is the razzamatazz that you want to be remembered for. Akin to adding an unlikely candidate like a macaroni and cheese dish to the typical turkey, gravy and stuffing, why not add a feathered skirt to the mix? There’s no better time than now to wear your feathers. Historically empathizing with those who like to be comfortable on Thanksgiving, you will be giving and receiving gifts, so you might want to be photo-ready. Those Thanksgiving pics go down in the history books like nobody’s business.

If somebody outright asks you why you are wearing feathers, you can say, you want to emulate Ginger Rogers and Fed Astaire’s suave style by mixing menswear elements with ultra feminine details. Frilly feathers make you want to dance backwards in high heels!, or more simply just say, Dries made me do it.

Dries Van Noten fall 2013

Dries Van Noten Fall 2013

Or Gucci.

Gucci Fall 2013

Gucci Fall 2013

Or Jason Wu who never stops at just show-stopping feathers, but makes them white.

Jason Wu Fall 2013

Jason Wu Fall 2013

All runway photos

But how do you incorporate feather details without looking like a Big Bird disaster? Consider the suggestions and photos below to be your guide and to be building blocks for your wardrobe. And don’t forget to stand against the wind.

black feather skirt

black feather skirt

paige denim flannel skirt // milly feather-trimmed mini skirt // l’ren scott sandals get a similar pair here // tom ford sunglasses

feather skirt

black feather skirt

Here are my feather rules.

1. Feathers are a statement. Keep the focus on that detail and keep the rest of your look simple or choose a simple feather accent that won’t overwhelm the rest of your look.

2. Although we love the bold colors on the runway, pick an accent piece that is easily accessorized and pairs well. If you opt for a dress, pick a neutral or black dress with a feather skirt or trim that will make sure you look sleek.

3. Give an eye to proportions. Feathers add volume, make sure you are wearing the feathers and they don’t end up wearing you.

And of course dance backwards just like Ginger Rogers did.

black feather skirt

 photos: Jim D’Angelo

Shop the post and make it a runway-ready Thanksgiving!


All I need is…


On Nov. 28, 2013, for the first and only time in any of our lifetimes, the first day of Hanukkah falls on the same day as Thanksgiving. If you’re an observant Jew, you probably already know this. If you’re not, well now you know. This double holiday of head-spinning math and the delicious convergence where, according to Buzzfeed, cranberry sauce will be smothering potato latkes on Friday night, this requires that a ton of holiday shoppers – the modern-day Hanukkah tradition is to give gifts on each of the eight nights – will be buying presents well in advance of the usual post-Thanksgiving Black Friday/Cyber Monday thrill. Myself included. So before you can say “Mom, please pass the Manischewitz-brined turkey,” I thought it would the perfect time to start getting the imagination started, and the fingers clicking.

The holidays are creepin’ (there are only 10 shopping days left till thanksgivingukkah) and so begins my annual series of gift guides. For the next few weeks, I’ll be rounding up all my favorite things in hopes that they will inspire you with ideas, as well as help ease the overwhelming task that is holiday shopping. First up is a gift guide for girl who only wants the very best.

Screen Shot 2013-11-18 at 7.43.20 PM Jo Malone Candle $75.00 // Chanel vintage watch $3,600. // Mason by Michelle Mason silk shorts, $169.00 (on sale) // Chanel vintage fur muff // Chanel blue satin nail color, $27.00 // Chanel quadra shadow $59.00 or $220 for entire collection // Bobbi Brown Ink liner $27.00 // Heal’s Fur throw £300.00 // Otte Plush tights, $38. // coffee mug $20.00 // Maison Martin Margiela dark purple ring set, $220.

That’s a little something to start.


Designer to Watch: Julia Korol


It’s always a a thrill to be introduced to a the newest crop of young designers, but rare to find one with the hand of a true artist. A great designer informs the way you will want to dress. A great designer can make ripples in the fashion world. A good example is the select few that hail from Paris, namely Raf Simons who has a fixation with nature and flowers with his work for Dior. For spring 2014, with the aid of a canvas that could emerge from a fascination with nature and abstracted perspectives of water and forestry, flowers and fauna, Spring comes bursting at the seams. And to be able to own the magical touch of an elemental approach to prints and apply it to a unique use of fabrics, is truly a gift.

For me, the designer Julia Korol, based in London, who just showed her first collection in Paris last month — nourishes the intellect as well as delights the senses. Julia’s prints are truly expressive, and they come at you with the brilliant combination of natural colors, organic motifs, and nature’s repetitions. Each composition is conceived as a work of art. The designs are a compilation of macro photographs and hand-drawn patterns reflected through the intricate mirror of a kaleidoscope. As you can see from these photos on a studio visit, she incorporates fabrics like neoprene, chiffon and satin that drape the body so beautifully. Check out the looks below.

Julia Korol

Julia Korol

Julia Korol

Julia Korol

Julia Korol

Strong silhouettes take these dresses to the next level, and reign supreme.

Julia Korol

Flip through these pics after the jump – you won’t be disappointed. These clothes just speak to me. What do you think? Weigh in!

see more


Cheap Thrills


With trends moving in and out faster than you can say “overalls,” it’s important to look inside your closet to ensure your main staples still have prime real estate. As the numerous threads of fashion continue to spin faster and faster by the minute on their looms, we as consumers are absorbed into their vernacular, and wear the result of several minds put together to realize a trend. And then it dies.

It’s when terms like ”shopping spree” and “guilt-free” don’t always go hand in hand, when the stars align and this affordable opportunity appears. I will only then happily indulge in a little retail therapy. And, this season, there is plenty out there that is easy on the eyes and the wallet.

Cue the looks down below. I have paired a camouflage tank top with a pair of slouchy black vegan jogging pants, a pair of Proenza Schouler pumps scored on Yoox,(frankly any high heels will do here) with an ivory wrap, preparing for the late afternoon chill. This look is primed for any occasion, be it a November snow flurry, an afternoon stroll, or a holiday party. Just don’t forget that holiday pedicure ladies!

Camouflage top and black slouchy pleather pant

camouflage top black slouchy pleather pant

river island sleeveless high neck top, get a similar one here or here // silence + noise vegan leather jogging pant // proenza schoular sandals // theory sweatshirt


camouflage top black pleather pant

Want to rock the trend but not sure how to wear camouflage? Here are my thoughts:

  • If you have a camo pant/legging – think of black, deep navy, chambray, white, light gray, or light pink tops to pair with them. A pink or white softens the ‘tough’ of the camouflage.
  • If you have a camo jacket, keep the rest of your look neutral underneath.  That’s a lot of print you are wearing already.
  • Use camo as a ‘pop’ in a tank under a sweater or jacket or on your feet with a fun pair of flats.  I’ve worn my camouflage flats with jeans and black skinny pants. Maybe I should pair them with white jeans or winter white cords. A camouflage scarf would be a fun way to dip your toe in the trend also.

camouflage top black jogging vegan pant

photos: Lydia Hudgens

Proenza Schouler sandals

Would you wear camouflage? Do tell. Happy Saturday!

Shop the look here.


The Ultimate Score


Since the tender age of 5, I was told by my parents never to shop retail. The philosophy was simple. Why would they spend full price on an item for me when Marshall’s, the eponymous discount department store, offered the same designer dud for fractions less? Duh. Moving forward, through my teenage years and when I worked a 9-5 job, I used this knowledge to my advantage, shopping at sample sales when they came around twice a year for great pieces to add to my everyday wardrobe. Still today, way into my adult years, I still love a bargain, finding unlimited treasures at Century 21, dare I say Kohl’s (for workout gear), sample sales, big designer collaborations with department stores, and even better on the world-wide web, on

The thing about discount shopping is, the urge to buy comes on suddenly– at %70 off how can it not be worth it– and you think to yourself how you can incorporate said item into your wardrobe. If the answer is a blatant no, don’t buy it. And that is precisely where to draw the line. I can recount numerous times where I’ve returned home from maaajor, in the Rachel Zoe fashion, shopping sprees only to realize I wouldn’t dare wear half the things I bought. What I did learn was to buy the things that have staying power. Pieces that matter. Mainly names with vowels at the end of the word. Gucci. Prada. Bottega Veneta. Baleneciaga. Marni. Chloé. Chanel. Well, Chanel is Chanel. You get the point. Even if they are expensive, well-made, hand-crafted bespoke shoes and bags will always be a good investment. It’s a rare moment when I whip out my first ever vintage Chanel bag that I bought in Paris on my semester abroad, and think, now why did I buy this for $349857843752908?

But, after yesterday’s Isabel Marant x HM haul, who is spending money? For those of you who missed the sale, this is for you. If I had seen this email from Nasty Gal just a day earlier that vintage Chanel would go live on their site at a steal maybe I wouldn’t have made the trek to Jersey just for Marant. Hard to say. This sale, aka the best collection of vintage Chanel to ever exist on this here planet earth, is happening right here right now. Investment people, investment.

Vintage Chanel


Just click for yourself and see.

As of press time, most of the great vintage bags are flying out the invisible shelves of the site, but if you’re hunting for bargain, the time is now.

Nasty Gal vintage Chanel

Here’s a sampling of what you might find. Happy Shopping!


Luxe Velvet


Okay, I’ll admit it. I barely use lipstick on an everyday basis, let alone don a luxury bag. You can usually find me in all types of denim on any given day. This holiday season, try stepping out of the proverbial box by adding a dose of shine to your life. In the same way as throwing on a smashing pair of earrings brings out the pop on your face, one of these luxurious black bags below would work as the perfect accessory for an evening out or to pair with jeans. I grabbed my favorite velvet bag yesterday and got so many compliments on it.

My favorite is the House of Harlow down below — for only $195, you can’t go wrong. Or… that Asos bag for $35???

Dressed up or down, these plush styles lend a festive touch to your winter wardrobe.

Velvet bagsStarting at the left column going down, here we go!

Alexander McQueen The Edge Fold Evening Clutch 

Christian Louboutin Velvet Miss Loubi Clutch

B Brian Atwood bag

Opening Ceremony OC bag

House of Harlow 1960 bag

Nasty Gal Slink Velvet clutch

Asos cross body bag

Georgio Armani Bow Velvet Clutch

Dries Van Noten stamped velvet clutch

Remember Thanksgiving and Hanukkah are around the corner!


The Countdown is On


In T minus one day, H&M’s highly anticipated Isabel Marant collaboration will drop and after months of waiting, I will be that girl on the queue at 7am on Thursday. With that cup of joe. The biggest question is will the clothes be as cool as the campaign images, or will the designer’s slouchy French aesthetic not translate at all? And really, does it even matter? I am still eager to see this collection, as is the 34th street H&M location as of this morning.


The beauty of this launch is that it is launching e-commerce as well as in-store which is pretty exciting news. If the weather Thursday morning is anything like today’s, then I’m game to stay inside in my pajamas and shop from home. I may want to check out the brick and mortar version to really get a sense of how the collection looks and feels.

Here’s my hit list.

Isabel Marant for H&M

Image credit

I’m taking orders for anyone who speaks up quickly, hitting one of the outer borough locations, as there is a limit of four items per customer.

I’m pining for those boots and that grey coat. What about you? Hashtag #doit.


Sporting a Fever


In the name of trying to save money for what may be a very costly month as Hannukah draws near, I have turned into a closet shopper. To define it more clearly, a closet shopper is one that might hunt for online sales done surreptitiously in a dark closet, where nobody could be found. Rather, I am shopping in my own proper closet. This doesn’t deflect on the fact that I had to recently purchase not one, but two steel rolling racks to accommodate all the new stuff that just keeps piling in. I don’t like the way the racks look in my bedroom– they look so utilitarian, and I’m just sick of buying stuff. Because my wares are now visible, I’m forced to examine each and every garment, organize them by color, and wear what I own, forcing a renaissance onto each said piece.

My husband says I must be sporting a fever, as he’s never seen me refrain like this. Then again, I might have the chicken pox, as I’ve been feeling a bit woozy after having found the spots on my body I was hunting for last week.

Speaking of spots, can a leopard really change theirs? Can one really change their habits?

Leopard spots

pierre balmain leopard jacket // alice & olivia maxi dress // asos cross body bag // schutz booties

Leopard spots

In today’s installment, I wore last spring’s maxi dress, paired it with this grey clutch that I bought on sale last year at 70% off at The Outnet, Schutz booties and this leopard jacket on major sale at Blue and Cream, one of my favorite shops. Now that it is a bit chilly out, I would wear a long sleeve maxi dress and pair it with a pair of moto booties.

Leopard spots

‘Tis the season to start showing some leg a la Angelina Jolie.

DSC_0430 as Smart Object-1

Are you with me?

Photos: Jim D’Angelo 


On the Wild Side


I love animal prints as much as the next “80’s Jersey Girl”, but over the past few seasons, my love for the animal motif — which includes, zebra, leopard, fawn, and Dalmatian prints, all of which I have once admired, had expired. Although I might have been over-thinking a trend, I ran away from the jungle, and retired the items in my closet. But suddenly this Fall, I seem to have found a new-found attraction to leopard, and I’m not alone.

Maybe it was the sheer staggering number of designers—including DKNYDiane von Furstenbergand Giambattista Valli—that put a cool, modern stamp on the wild motif.

Leopard print fall 2013

kate spade // DKNY // elie tahari 

image via theclothingmenu

Maybe it was the photo of Sienna Miller looking so f*cking rad in her coat that made me want to go out and get a leopard coat ASAP.

Leopard print coat fall 2013

Maybe it was the recent post I did on the current combination of black and white graphics with animal print that made me go wild.

Maybe it was the fact that the spots are oversized, a bit hipper and cooler than in seasons past, and in hybrids that seem so fresh? I don’t know, but I’m ready to let the leopards back in to my life now for sure and after purchasing a pair of loafers, and a envelope clutch, they are like the LBD, but not.

leopard trend
And finally, tell me this –what’s the Fashion Hunter if not wearing animal prints?
The only rule I follow is one animal print at a time… like all fine things… a little bit goes a long way.

Cull my selection below– click the arrow on the right and it will take you to over 30 items that are just right for now. Wear them on a weekend, to work, or to bed.


Tell me… Do you wear the spots?
Coming tomorrow on the blog, I will be wearing mine…Stay tuned!

Happy Friday! xx