Flashback to the Me Decade

Can it be true? For many who lived through the 1970s, that decade was far from glamorous. This was a time when Benny Hill was a staple of primetime television, Margaret Thatcher rose to power and Top of the Pops showcased the stage outfits of Abba. With a wardrobe of flares, platforms and oversized collars, it’s often called the decade that taste forgot. It was a decade whose entire popular culture was made possible by the sexual revolution of the ’60s, and when that let loose, freedom was the word of the day. Farrah Fawcett hair was de rigueur, and of course, Mary Tyler Moore was on the tube every night.

Style-wise, fashion, for the first time, started to democratize itself, and denim became the national uniform. There were spandex jeans, leopard-print bikinis, and gold lame cowboy boots, and looking back it wasn’t that tacky.

Mary Tyler Moore

If you cared about fashion, like I did, chances are, Fiorucci was on your style map. It had a cappuccino bar, and a vibe that was more souk than department store or boutique. Fiorucci wasn’t cheap, but it wasn’t fashion-with-a-capital-F expensive, either. I remember buying myself some jeans and a t-shirt with the trademark Fiorucci cherubs on it, and feeling like I was totally part of the magic. Kool with a capital K.

We can’t bring back Fiorucci, not the Me decade, but we can bring back the looks from the 70’s, as a reminder that it’s time to dust off your fringe and flares.

1970’s fashion

Michael Kors high-rise flare denim / Chloe oversized sunglasses / Steve Madden fringe cross body bag / Saint Laurent booties / Rag & Bone fedora / Valentino fringed suede coat



That Groovy 70’s Show

Bell-bottom jeans, soft suede, and billowy silhouettes, are as groovy as they were circa 1974, and I don’t hate it. The Me decade is making a comeback mostly in part due to fashion’s cyclical nature, and the fact that #normcore might just be boring.

Miu Miu showed a strong collection for resort 2015 with psychedelic prints and big-framed glasses which I cannot wait to wear, but you can wear the trend now like I did down below, and designers like Chloe and Valentino have already started the freedom trend this winter.

hobo bag, floppy hat

I pulled out some hip-hugger vintage cords out of my closet, a white turtleneck, a paisley vest, and vintage gold boots. I then notched a camel wool coat with a skinny belt and topped it off with a camel fedora.

Ever-evolving, the 70’s philosophy is best described now as the pre-disco revival where colors and patterns exploded, big everything reigned supreme, and “far out” was actually a term.

hip-hugger pants, floppy hat

J. Crew turtleneck / Thakoon jacket / Joseph vest / Madewell belt / Seafarer corduroys / Tod’s boots  Janessa Leone floppy fedora / Balenciaga hobo bag

floppy hat

70’s fashion

bootcut pants

floppy hat

Get the look here:


A Winter Uniform

I have been very lazy lately.

And by lazy, I don’t mean not getting things done, and not checking things off the list. I mean in the fashion department.

I have been wearing the same boring look day in and day out. My winter uniform consists of a turtleneck, a faux fur jacket, boots or pointy-toe flats, and a pair of jeans. #Normcore to say the least. Maybe it’s the lack of inspiration or just that these wears are comfortable. Either way it’s a good thing to not have to think about what I will put on every morning.

Rather, it’s actually refreshing.

faux fur

Asos coat / Theory turtleneck / Topshop jeans / Saint Laurent black duffle bag / Touch gloves / Lanvin point toe flats

black faux fur

black Saint Laurent bag

black Lanvin flats

Saint Laurent bag

black faux fur

Shop the outfit here:


Your Cheat Sheet for MLK Day Sales

The most important thing about today’s holiday is remembering Martin Luther King, and honor his life and achievements. If you get a chance, go see SELMA for a reminder!

But there are fringe benefits to getting a break from work. And of course, all the sales. Some of your favorite retailers are on sale and slashing prices on the exact things I want this time of year, basics.

Peek down below for a post of how to style the basics and a list of all the sales happening right now. Click the bold text hyperlinked directly to your favorite online shops.
camel coat and denim

Eugenia Kim wool cap, get this and others on my Tictail store / Madewell sweater dress / Celine ankle boot / Bouchra Jarrar striped turtleneck / Madewell skinny jeans / Azalea camel coat / vintage bucket backpack

Here is the full list of sales happening now:

Anthropologie EXTRA 40 % off: EXTRAEXTRA

Madewell Extra 30% off: AHHH

J.Crew Factory: Extra 30% off: TICKTOCK

Athleta: Extra 20% off: ATHLETA20

William Sonoma Extra 25% off: SAVENOW

Steven Alan: Extra 25% off: NEWYEAR25

French Connection: Extra 40% off: 40SALE

Singer 22: Extra 25% off: 25MORE

Banana RepublicExtra 40% off: BRWEEKEND

Old Navy Extra 30% off: SAVEMORE

Bauble Bar Buy 4, Save 30%: STASH30

Net-A-Porter Extra 20% off: 20SALE

Yoox: Extra 20% off: YOOXREMIX

Gap Up to 40% off: LAYER

Bloomingdale’s 20% off select: TAKE20

Joie Extra 25% off: Extra25







Step Inside My Closet

I wish I had a quarter for every time someone asks me”I love your ____, where did you get that?”

Today on the Fashion Hunter, I am offering to give you a sneak peek into my closet by offering some of my favorite pieces for sale. I have amassed a large collection of shoes, handbags, and clothing throughout the years as a stylist, and blogger and it’s time to share my treasures with you. It’s always a good idea to get a fresh start, especially in the month of January and I want to help you by offering some of favorite pieces, currently selling like hotcakes.

My go-to websites are Tictail, Poshmark, and SnobSwap where I have posted my favorite things, and I able to do that on-the-go straight from my phone. And if you don’t want to commit? You can even rent my closet over here at Kookopa!

ivory wool check dress

 Creatures of Comfort dress, get a similar one here

The good news is, there is no such thing as too high or too low. I share my Zara pony-hair kicks just as much as my purple 4-inch 3-buckle heels.

Zara sneakers

purple heels
Zara black pants
Isabel Marant top / Zara pants / Mango boots
Head on over the sites above for your fresh start and see how it’s done.
For any closet purging of shopping, email me here Nyfashionhunter@me.com. I’m happy to help !
Still life photos, check out emj1123 on instagram.

Back In New York

After a weekend getaway, it’s always nice to come back to the city I love. Coming back to freezing cold temps? Not so much.

After braving so many winters and threatening to break up with New York, I drop my flag and surrender. Layering is a fun game only when snow boots and turtlenecks aren’t the only option. The problem I see is that we have no choice but to dress weather appropriately. And that’s what sucks. The lack of power. And it’s only mid-January.

Of course, if you are dressing simply in all black and grey, you master the basics and fit right in to the landscape. Keeping it tonal, keeping it real. But by no means basic.

Therefore there is no reason to relocate.

You just need five pieces in your wardrobe to make it here. A simple uniform.

all-black uniform

Janessa Leone grey fedora

asos oversized cocoon coat

t by alexander wang cropped sweater

rag & bone skinny jeans

saint laurent boots

I still toy with leaving every year. Do I stay or do I go?

Those papayas!

The warm weather!

The carefree lifestyle!

For now, I just try to get a few mini breaks during the winter months. It makes such a big difference. Talk to me in March.

grey coat with grey hat

grey uniform

grey coat with grey hat

all black uniform

grey wool coat

Shop the look here:

Photos: Lydia Hudgens


Closet Cleanse

I am not going to lie. It is f*cking freezing and the weekend doesn’t look any better. Since the weather will not cooperate, talk of near-numbing temps around the globe swarm the internet, I hereby state a public service announcement that you:

1. Clean your closet. It’s literally so refreshing to come home to an edited closet. Yes, I do house calls. Visit my new store at Tictail.com where I am selling my stuff.

closet refresher

Wearing: Maison Kitsune sweater / MiH jeans

closet cleanse

This flowchart will help you make quick decisions.


2. Order new coats currently on sale at luxury e-tailer MatchesFashionBloomingdale’s, and last year’s coats at a steep discount, i.e.: The Outnet.

These are my top 15 picks.


Here’s the end result. Report back  on Monday and let me know how you succeeded!

the-closets-of-fashion-bloggers-blog-benetton the-closets-of-fashion-bloggers-blog-benetton-8

Photos: Jeff Thibodeauco


Winter Cocoon

Here we are the first week of 2015, and I’m back in the swing of things. Trying to keep my resolutions in tact. So far I am four for five. Not bad.

This arctic blast in the weather department has me freezing my butt off, so all I am concerned about right this very minute is the here and now which is keeping warm. For starters, I am wearing turtlenecks, tucking my hair underneath. This coat is so comfy and warm I feel like a teddy bear. And the high-waisted mom jeans? There is no room to sneak any air on my body. It’s a win-win. Single digits combined with a wind chill is hard to handle, so layering is a must. I can’t help but think of last winter’s Polar Vortex. So today I will continue cleaning out my closets.

How about you?


There is only one way to get through this month. Keep on moving forward.

leopard coat

Wearing: Theory turtleneck / Asos coat / Topshop jeans / Saint Laurent boots and bag / Echo gloves

leopard coat

leopard coat

faux leopard coat

teddy bear coat


New Year, Nothing New

fashion street style

I have an addiction, and I would like to curb it, or at least tone it down a bit. It might sound familiar to some of you. It’s called shopping.

As fashions change, so does my style. I get bored very easily and frankly once I post my look up on my blog and instagram, and wear those _____ more than ten times, it is rendered obsolete. To best explain where I am coming from see above photo. It’s new, fresh, and I want everything in it.

Welcome to 2015. Have you made your resolution yet? Have you broken it yet? Every year, I make a resolution — but most of these high falutin goals won’t make it through the end of January. So, if you’re feeling like your resolutions aren’t going to stick, you’re probably in good company. One of my goals, to read for 30 minutes every night, has been working out and I will try to keep it up. Now, my other new year resolution is to purge my closet of all the things I don’t wear before anything new comes in. I think keeping to a set amount of clothing is kind of daily reminder to be content with what you have, to really appreciate the clothes on your back.

Where to start? Start small by taking everything out of your closet and be honest with yourself whether you will wear an item in the next year, or not.


Here are some tips for paring down your closet

1. Empty your closet. Seriously, take absolutely everything out of your closet and lay it out on your bed. Don’t cheat–taking everything out at once is the secret to style clarity. As you put your LOVE IT pieces back into your empty closet, your style will practically scream at you. But that won’t be the case if your closet is still being muddied with MAYBE pieces left hanging in there. So just take it all out and start PURGING.

2. Sort each item into one of these four piles:

  • LOVE IT AND WOULD WEAR IT RIGHT NOW!! Self explanatory. Put it back in your closet.
  • MAYBE. This is for items that don’t fit quite right, the color is a little off, have sentimental value, you can’t put your finger on it but you just don’t wear it, or you’re keeping it because you paid a lot for it but you don’t wear it. Put all this stuff in a box and store it in the garage. You can always go get stuff out of it, but you probably won’t. If it’s still in the box at the end of your season, it’s time to say goodbye to it.
  • NOPE. Self explanatory. Donate, swap with a friend, or sell it to fund new purchases.
  • SEASONAL. Wool coat in summer? Probably don’t need it handy. But you’d never get rid of a staple like that–come on. If it’s not in season, but you LOVE IT, put it in a nice under-the-bed box and store it. You’ll definitely use it in your capsule wardrobe when that season rolls around.

3. Assess what’s left in your closet. You’ll want to have your favorite season-appropriate items in your closet. Now its time to plan + shop. Do you need to downsize? Put a few more items in your MAYBE box.

As a side note, we are creatures of habit. If we start the new year by doing something right, and finding pleasure in getting dressed in a snap, then we should prioritize keeping our closets neat and edited. I have started by renting my clothes on Kookopa and will have a new store up on Tictail by the end of the week.

Happy Monday, happy purging!


Let’s Raise a Glass

new year

Photo: courtesy of Honestly WTF

You have heard this before but today is the day to read it again. A new year is like a blank book. It is your chance to fill the pages with a beautiful story for yourself. The past years are just chapters in your life and chapters close but only in anticipation of new ones being written.

Before we go forward though, we should take a minute or two and reflect on what was the past 365 days. I call this an important step to bury to hatchet of what didn’t work, tie up the loose ends that did, and look at the photo album that was 2014.

I believe that self-improvement and growth is something that should be on your mind all year long, but I also appreciate the can-do spirit of the new year, and the goals that come along with it.

Whether your resolution is mental, physical, spiritual, or (yes) sartorial, growth can only ever be a positive thing.

For 2015, I have listed my resolutions on paper, solidifying their validity.

1. I will continue to evolve and challenge myself.

2. I will read thirty minutes every day.

3. I will love everybody in my life.

The year-end ritual is just a conversation piece to pass by the time, unless you make it your reality. Why do we make resolutions that we just can’t keep, like going to the gym every single day?

Or starting that diet.

Maybe because it is an unattainable goal and we want to torture ourselves with our previous failures? I can only live my life to the max, and to stay humble while doing it.

But before I go, I want to thank every single one of you. I wouldn’t get to do this blog that I love so much without your encouragement, readership, comments and love. It is so, so appreciated.

2015. BRING. IT. ON.

So many cheers,

xo Stephanie




How To Ring It In In Style

This Wednesday, the clock will strike midnight and the year will wind down and we will all utter the words: “Where did the time go?’ Another year will have passed giving us all opportunity to reflect and become anew if we so choose. And as the temperatures drop, its time to reflect and look back at the year that is 2014 and ring in the new fresh-faced 2015 looking and feeling our best, ready to put our best foot forward as we head into the new year.

I know for me, I have been running out of  fresh outfit ideas as I stare at my closet with a blank stare.

I have a New Year’s soiree to attend.

I have a party Saturday night.

I have nothing to wear. WTF.

We have all been there, so I decided to share my simple go-to rule for making something out of nothin’ in the outfits department: start with a gorgeous pair of shoes and work your way up.

Here I paired a classic pair of black boots, with a fringe dress. I topped it with a sleeveless ivory turtleneck, and a a leather moto jacket for the good ol’ cold weather.

ivory fringe dress

Wearing: Tiffany sunglasses / Reformation fringed dress, sold out, get a similar one here / DSquared leather moto jacket. Get it here

fringe dress with moto jacket

fringe dress moto jacket

Ready to strip down and take it off? There are many endless options for open toe sandals out there and probably in your closet already. In case you don’t, pick up a pair of these stunners, add a fringe dress, and you will deserve a spin on the dance floor before the ball drops.

fringe dress velvet shoes

ivory dress velvet sandalsivory fringe dress

Tibi sandals.

Photos: Lydia Hudgens

Shop the post and get the entire look here:


On the Run

During this hectic time of year, my feet are the last appendage that I think about. Our legs and feet take us everywhere: in cabs, on the train, running from Point A to Point B. Now is the time to treat them right.

Borrowed from the Swedes, I’m taking activewear out in public. Running around the city all day is a killer on the feet, and wearing sneakers have now become an acceptable habit. I am now officially one of those moms who has succumbed to black pants and a pair of Nike Free sneakers for the school run. The A.P.C./ Nike collaboration is super chic. Instead of the standard LuluLemon leggings, I sported a pair of pleather leggings and oversized maxi sweater to complete this look.

black long cardigan

beanie and leather pants

black outfit

leather pant

Wearing: Asos beanie / Ray-Ban sunglasses / Theory turtleneck / J. Crew shirt / J.Crew Men’s cashmere sweater / & Other Stories pendant necklace, get a similar one here or here / Aritzia leggings, get a similar pair here / Azalea maxi boyfriend black cardigan / Adidas Gazelle Maroon sneakers

fur gloves

 Jocelyn Fur fingerless mittens

black sweater and beanie

Photos: Lydia Hudgens

Shop the look here:


In The Mood

chic gift guide Here are my top six pieces for holiday dressing:

Jo Malone candle / Piperlime faux fur vest / Topshop wool floppy hat / Topshop choker / Vogue eyewear / Steve Madden handbag

Shop it here:


A Gift Guide Under $30

Finding the perfect present for a loved one can be a challenge—especially for a girl on a budget. To make your holiday shopping a little easier this year, I curated a super-chic roundup of gifts, all for under $30. From warm socks and a gold iPhone case to a cozy pair of moccasins and the most fashionable rings, these gorgeous gifts look expensive and will likely earn you big brownie points. Even better, the title of chicest Secret Santa Ever.

Because being fabulous doesn’t have to come with a large price tag.

gifts under $30


Forever 21 iPhone case

Urban Outfitters gloves

West Elm owl mug

Old Navy socks

Urban Outfitters beanie and snood

Forever 21 chronograph watch

Forever 21 fringed suede moccasins

 B. Brilliant Rose gold over sterling silver ring and knot ring


Easy Tricks to Get Holiday Ready

Tis’ the season! It’s crunch time. Two weeks till Christmas and the last weekend to shop before Hanukkah. But what to wear?

I gave up on sequins. After many years of holiday parties, wearing those sparkly discs and lavish embellishments just seemed so well, dated. I have a few simple tricks that I like to stick to in effort to avoid holiday outfit stress: red lipstick, a bit of sparkle on my socks, and patent leather pumps.

Happy Holidays!

black and white striped sweater

black and white sweater

I’m wearing:  Thakoon monochrome striped jumper / Topshop high-waisted mom jeans / Topshop lurex trim socks / Christian Louboutin peep toe pumps / Derek Lam red messenger bag, get a similar one here / Sugar lip treatment or this NARS lipstick / Ray-Ban sunglasses

red bag red lipstick

mom jeans

glitter socks

red lipstick

Photos: Lydia Hudgens

Shop the look here:


My Wish List

gift guideHanukkah is less than a week away and for those of you who enjoy the finer things in life, take a look at what is on my wish list this holiday season for the girl who has, well, everything. Natch.

The Black and Gold 

Isa Arfen belted coat / Inverni pom-pom hat / Armand Diradourian cashmere eye mask / Paul Andrew patent leather feather sandals / Ray-Ban sunglasses / Dolce & Gabanna gold candle / Maison Martin Margiela gold cuffs / Deborah Lippman gold glitter nail polish / 24K Goldgenie iPhone 6 / Hermés Kelly 32 bag


Keeping Warm

It’s hard to believe that just two days ago, I was in Miami two and a half hours south of here, basking in much warmer weather, donning not much more than a white dress. Yes, winter is here and thus begins the lament of covering our ears, and feet so that we can only see the concrete below our feet and the glimpse of a shop to hide in. There is the hope of warmer days in the distant future, but now is not the time to fret. It is time to pile on the layers.

In today’s installment of what to wear when the temperatures dips below 35 degrees, use the below outfit as a winter guide. If you payed attention to yesterday’s post, I wasn’t wearing tights or a jacket. That might be unrealistic in today’s climate, so now is the time to add. A sweater vest, a denim shirt, boots, a furry bag, and coats to top it off.

How do you celebrate winter? Maybe this morning you shared in the collective struggle with the local deli owner that it is the definitive end of iced coffee season. I know I did.

sweater vest

sweater vest

sweater vest

Wearing: Old Navy denim shirt / Anthropologie flannel shirt / Duffy sweater vest / Maje skirt / Topshop boots / Pour La Victoire furry bag

sweater vest

furry bag

Photos: Lydia Hudgens

 Shop the look below:


All In The Mix

Plaid shirts are as easy as your favorite denim jeans and Timberlands. Easy, no-fuss dressing. But when its holiday time, and the weather is stormy, the daily dilemma becomes what to wear. How about heading to the office or to school in a comfortable plaid flannel top? Sue me, I found my look.

The concept of mixing and matching plaid and leopard with black and white penny loafers is one of my favorite updated school girl looks for the fall. The mix of patterns add an element of surprise to your wardrobe, whilst staying in your comfort zone, without looking like you are about to chop down a forest.

Add a flip and a pair of tights and you’ve just landed at your holiday party.


Topshop flannel shirt / Alexander Wang T-Shirt / Maje skirt / Clare Vivier clutch / JW Anderson loafers

flannel top

flannel shirt

flannel shirt and leopard bag

leopard clutch

Stay tuned tomorrow for tips on how to add layers for the colder weather !

Photos: Lydia Hudgens

Shop the look here:


Miami Dispatch

Art Basel Miami

Art Basel kicks off today just in time to enjoy all the art, the pop-up events, gallery exhibitions, and for us New Yorkers, a chance to unwind from the stresses of the impending holidays. Think of it as your getaway car for a few days.

Despite all the parties, dinners, receptions, store openings, product launches and celebrity sightings there are to be had at Art Basel Miami Beach, there is also one important thing that I like to remind everybody every year: GO AND SEE SOME ART!  Stop by the convention center for the main event, go to one of the satellite fairs, visit a local museum or private collection and you can also support the artists by picking up something cool to take home.

This year there will be over 350 galleries and over 50,000 visitors that will flood the state, and it just keeps getting bigger and traffic sucks. In other words, there’s no sleeping. And once you step foot in that Miami heat. its hard to huddle over a laptop and work. Trust.

Art Basel exhibitors 2014


I will definitely be checking out this Louis Vuitton exhibit at Design Miami.

Design Miami


Miley Cyrus (yes, her) is performing at the Raleigh Hotel (1175 Collins Avenue, South Beach) on Wednesday, December 3rd, 11 p.m., for a big party hosted by Jeffrey Deitch, Tommy Hilfiger (the hotel’s new owner) and V Magazine and sponsored by M.A.C, Samsung, Golden Lady and Dom Perignon.

miley cirus

AUDEMARS PIGUET Animaris Turgentia Vela (Photo courtesy PEM.jpg


For what to wear to the ultra-hip art scene in Miami this week, I checked the weather and it is going to be postcard perfect. Sorry, I’m not sorry. If you want to be noticed at Art Basel, good luck. Everybody from all over the world will be wearing their coolest things; only the most secure of us will ignore the fashion sirens. During this week, we are all artists. Accessorize wisely and think, “I don’t always do galleries, but when I do, I prefer to dress the part.” Sneakers are mandatory. So are culottesHere’s my suitcase.

What to Wear to Art Basel

Ray-Ban sunnies / Saint Laurent fringe earrings / Henri Bendel iPhone case on a string / Aesop jet set travel kit / Costume National blouse / Tibi culottes / Golden Goose sneakers / T by Alexander Wang muscle T-shirt / A.P.C. tote bag / Red Valentino sandals


Take a bike or pray.

For a more in depth peek on where the parties are not exclusive, see Racked list on the hot spots you can get into.

Happy Baseling!


Guide to Cyber Monday

I can’t believe its December already.

Settle down with your wallet and laptop because today is the day you have been waiting for. It is probably the biggest shopping day of the year, in cyberland, and even though Net-A-Porter’s site did crash like I knew it would, and at press time it seems to be running smoothly. I did have this coat in my cart, but when my computer kept circling round and round, I knew I wasn’t getting it at 50% off. Without fret, there are more sales where that left off.

I’ve already made the rounds, and selected a few of my favorites {at the bottom of this post}. Don’t forget to keep the holidays in mind. Today is a perfect opportunity to start checking off  that holiday gift list! Click the hyperlinks, or the curated photos for my favorite things.

*All codes & links are listed below. Please pay attention to websites policies & date deadlines for purchasing.

ALL SAINTS / 20 % off all styles / code THANKS

ASOS / 30% off everything / code ILOVEMONDAYS

BANANA REPUBLIC,  GAP, & OLD NAVY /  40% online purchase / code CYBER

FRENCH CONNECTION / 30% all new merchandise / code 30FCBF

J. CREW/ 30% off full priced styles / code HOLIDAY

MADEWELL / 25% off entire purchase / code GIFTON

NORDSTROM save up to 40% off

PIPERLIME / extra 40% off sale / code CYBERSALE

REVOLVE  / further markdowns up to 80% off / no code needed

SHOPBOP Tiered promotion: 15% off $250, 20% off $500, 25% off $1000 / Code: GOBIG14

THEORY / 40% off sitewide

TOPSHOP up to 50% off sitewide