Eco-Friendly Sandals


In honor of Earth Day, I am dedicating today to celebrating our planet. In the name of high fashion, there have been some inroads in making a difference by trying to save Mother Earth, rather than destroying it.

I picked out my favorite eco-friendly faux leather sandals from Stella McCartney, and there are plenty of others out there that make sustainable clothing, see Antik Batik, Daniel Silverstein, Soludos, etc.

Stella McCartney sandals

Here are some more eco-friendly options for you…how will you celebrate Earth Day?


A Love Affair


Not to exaggerate, but I think I may have finally found my soul mate. Well, at least an accessories soul mate.

This weekend, the first stellar sunny one of spring’s nature, I took out my littlest spring accessories which instantly lightened my load. My favorite backpacks from this fall will shrink into an adorable itty-bitty thing for spring, just large enough to hold only the uttermost essentials. Thanks to these new handle tops and detachable cross-body straps (most of them come equipped with the hands-free option), they’re much easier to carry than a clutch. Check out one of my new favorite crushes, especially this all-white beauty below from Laura Vela.

Laura Vela

fay color block bomber jacket// revolve clothing tank top // essie spring polish

photo: Lydia Hudgens

It’s so easy to grab a slick one for a night out or opt for one washed in a pretty pastel shade for the day. Now is the time to trade in your oversize, extra-roomy Mary Poppins bag for one of these mini-me versions.

Here’s my top picks for the week:


On My Radar


Now that the heavy winds have blown over, I am clearly ready for Spring. Today I am sharing with you a few of my spring wardrobe wants and desires in the fashion department. Baby blue and a hint of yellow are a welcome addition to a softer pallete as the cold winter finally draw to a close.  I can’t wait for the forsythia to start blooming — one of the first true signs of Spring.

Spring wardrobe

Starting with the T by Alexander Wang shirt, paired with these Karen Millen patchwork denim dip-dye jeans and this polished silver bold All Saints  necklace. As for those accessories, these Stella McCartney cat-eye sunglasses are on my hit list and the NARS baby blue pencil from Selfridge’s and NARS nail polish are in my cart as I type this. This Edie Parker acrylic box clutch is a must-have for the season and if you really need a reason to smile, Del Toro can help you out by just looking down. :) And why not smell nice while you’re at it? Versace, Versace. BOOM.


Pastel Hues


Shoes are my biggest weakness. Yesterday, when getting dressed in my 10 minutes or less rule, I scurried to find a soft pastel hued shoe in my closet. I weeded through the cobwebs, but no luck. I once bought a pair of pink oxfords, wore them only once on Easter Sunday which I don’t celebrate, I gave them away. Herein lies the problem. I have not quite embraced the concept of Spring yet and the possibility that my toes will once shine and flex once again, in pedicure fashion, relived and able to breathe yet again.

And in the same vein, nothing gets my fingers a’flexing like a “New Arrivals” shoe section popping up in my inbox. This season is all about incorporating soft, pastel hues into your ensemble whenever possible. An easy (and chic) way to do so is to step into a blush, mint or lavender-hued sandal during your next outing.

I started my journey at Net-A-Porter where I found these Miu Miu pink babes, and put these Robert Clergerie colorblocked sandals in my shopping cart. Full  price, you bet, but they will last ALL season long.

Next up was The Outnet where I found all my favorite designers all under one roof at major discounts (see: Charlotte Olympia, Alaïa, Alexander Wang where sandals and ballet flats, and these embellished woven sandals are the queen bees of your closet at such low prices that it will shock you. At press time, these were available in a variety of sizes so I would suggest running there while you can.

After that, it was Barneys Warehouse whose sale section never disappoints. Case in point: these pink snakeskin sandals are reduced from $465 to $99! These round-toe oxfords are what I will live in all spring long, and if you happen to be a size 6.5, run don’t walk to these Prada T-strap sandals.

On my last stop, I checked out Matches Fashion candy crushes where I fell in love with everything especially these pink Gianvito Rossi mules. I know I have said before that I refuse to wear mules, but these just might change my tune.

With a few things currently in my cart, I won’t feel as bad leaving them be for a while until I decide hard and true what I am going to buy, and what I can leave behind. I have culled some of my candy crushes for your shopping pleasure. Which one is your fav?

pastel shoes

From top, left to right, here we go:

Saint Laurent blue patent pumps // Tabitha Simmons loafers// mint green Aperlai sandals// Ardene yellow flats, get a similar pair here // Miu Miu  Mary Jane platform sandals //Balenciaga studded wedge sandals// Chuck Taylor High Tops // pink Gianvito Rossi mules // River Island light blue peep toes.

Happy Spring!


Trendy Tevas


I remember back in the 1990’s when I attended overnight camp, Teva Sandals were more popular than Céline Birkenstocks are now. I went to the local store and purchased them, and where the legions of ugly shoes are small but notorious—Teva’s are the predecessor to the Crocs, Vibram Five Fingers, and Uggs, these rubber-soled ones were just a good-intentioned velcro sandal. I wore them for several months even into the school year, and although they were ugly as sin, there was nothing besides bare feet, that were more insanely comfortable. It wasn’t until all of that pond scum caused their porous rubber and flimsy Velcro to decompose—an annual end-of-summer occurrence that any Nineties child could recall with grotesque distinction — that I had to throw them out.

But that was then, and now fast forward to Spring 2014, Prada, Rag & Bone, and Tibi are throwing in the towel and chiming in.  Fancied by recreational hikers and dads on holiday, Teva has been relegated to the very end of the “practical versus pretty” spectrum. Until now, that is. Lower, flatter shoes make a comeback in recent years, with outdoors-y details and utilitarian styles looking nearly—dare we say—cute in recent seasons. Heck, even Chloë Sevigny has taken to Birkenstocks. For quite some time now, the fashion industry has been on a trickle down theory. Think last season’s Birkenstock craze. Fast fashion is grabbing what they can from top designers and “interpreting” it for the mass market. Of course, one walk through Zara and H&M and it is still happening. Think #Normcore.

But what’s new in this landscape is this role reversal that top-tier designers are playing on the copycats. More and more, they are borrowing silhouettes and concepts from the streets and reinterpreting them for the luxury market. Let’s call it a trickle up theory. BirkenstocksVans, Tom’s, Chinatown bags a la Céline, garbage bags from Lanvin, and plastic pearl headphones around your neck are all chanting “Started from the bottom now we’re here.” Here being at Celine, Givenchy, Prada, Marc Jacobs, Marni and Chanel.  Here is Prada’s version of the Tevas. Whoh..whoa…whoa…

Prada spring 2014

Prada spring 2014

Rag & Bone elevated rope-strap sandals onto a thick, black platform. Hilfiger took his Tevas to the beach, fabricating Velcro-strap shoes in an array of sherbet colors. And Marc Jacobs, true to form, took a distinctively downtown approach to Teva’s reinvention: pairing black-satin strap sandals with a 1890′s take on dark fashion. Here is Marc Jacobs’s vision.

Marc Jacobs

There is no doubt that Tevas still have entered into the proverbial limelight. The ultimate purveyor of vomiting quick-trends, Urban Outfitters is selling these for $40, and they are flying out like hot cakes. 

And for my oh-so-amazing styling challenge series, I fashioned six pair that put the Teva to the test.

Teva Sandals

From left down the column 1. 2. 3: Marc Jacobs // Teva // Prada // Marni // Balenciaga // Rachel Zoe sandals

You tell me, would you try these on for size? Happy hiking!


The Heart’s Desire


Where would we be without love? Seriously.

Hallmark cards don’t really cut it, nor do those conversation hearts containing the message “Be Mine” that taste like chalk. Wy not celebrate for the love of love, Valentine’s Day by telling your loved one, whether that be your boyfriend, girlfriend, brother or sister that you really do care. A small thank you, a warm touch, a nice smile, even a new cavity. Those are the things that count.

A Valentine’s Day celebration can be as simple as those heart-shaped chocolates or as dramatic as a proposal for marriage. It is the day to celebrate love. For whatever date-night festivities you have planned, what you wear on Valentine’s Day should make you feel your very best. Flirty and girly? Masculine urban edgy? A little cleavage doesn’t hurt and neither does a red lip, for that matter. What do I want for Valentine’s Day? I’ll give you a little hint, its not lingerie.

Valentines Day gift guide

Stella McCartney embellished sweatshirt and a pair of MiH boyfriend jeans that make my heart flutter. Miu Miu glitter coated pumps are so awesome because although I hate pink, glitter shoes are everything. Rings that tell the story? Love finger ring by Lanvinand the Jennifer Fisher signature pieces pull my heartstrings. A bag that says it all that is really for keep. Nail polish and lingerie in black and a box of chocolates? Mas oui!

It seems that mother nature is commanding that we stay home and crack open a bottle of champagne and enjoy the full-fledged snowstorm in style. A little salt to the wound? Nah. But even in that snowstorm, don’t forget about that bottle of wine or that teddy bear. I recall that SNL spoof when they buy that dumb little thing from CVS? You don’t want to be that person.


Happy Valentines Day ! xoxo


The Pre-Fashion Week Prep


The role of spectator sports is to watch and join in from the comforts of your living room couch. The pros are obvious: you can stay in your pajamas and admire all the exciting happenings from afar. But when I can, I love the role of participating in a sport, even if its from the sidelines. You can have your fantasy football, and the Golden Globes red carpet. Screw Sochi.

Sound the trumpets and pass the torch, New York Fashion Week is less than two days away and the third impending Polar vortex is taking precedent over my February calendar. I have limited time to start bundling up like a pro (you know what that means), and join the marathon that is New York Fashion Week.

I must confess, I’m not one of those people who complain that the shows are taking up all my time. I don’t pretend that getting invited to show A at Lincoln Center and having to rush to Milk Studios, in literally 2 minutes, is such a demanding task. I don’t even mind living on Luna bars for the next 7 days. In fact, if the opportunity ever arose for me to head to London, Milan and then jet off to Paris to cover the shows, I would jump at the chance and celebrate the well-heeled rally for an additional 3 weeks.

I will however do my own sort of prep which started last week.

~Maintenence. I got my teeth whitened. I went to the hair salon and brightened up those roots a bit. Every day I drank some sort of kale/berry vitamin infusion. I have started de-pilling my sweaters and taking my coats out of the cleaners. I have yet to plan my outfits though and thought these pics might help. I’ve got some refining to do.

street style street-style-2013-new-york-fashion-week1



~Massaging my feet. There is nothing to be said for blisters and pain so I will be attending fashion week in the best way I know how, in flats.

~ Technology. I am going to be tweeting, vining, and instagramming this season from a Samsung Galaxy Note. I don’t know how to use it, but will learn and test-drive the latest technology. On signing off, they asked me to stay trendy. I will oblige with my stylus pen in hand. Keep an update on Fashion week on the right had side of my blog where my instagram feed comes in.

Lastly, keep an eye out for some guest editors joining me the Fashion Hunter mayhem. Every season has its pros and cons, its opinion formers, taste makers and leading creatives. Fashion doesn’t exist in a vacuum — its players are just pieces to the puzzle in the world of art, photography, film, and music that contribute to the benefit of New York and the fashion capitals around the globe. Today, please welcome Sarah to the table where she will share some of her thoughts on fashion from the bright and starry eyes of a college girl.

Sarah Murray is so excited to be working with New York Fashion Hunter this season during New York Fashion Week. She is a freshman at Fordham University pursuing a Marketing degree, but always loved fashion. She loves writing and event planning and her ultimate dream is to work in PR or Marketing for a fashion brand. You can follow her on twitter @SarahMurray_NY. Here is Sarah’s prep.

Can’t you just hear the excitement build?

The only thing getting me through this polar vortex is knowing that fashion week is quickly approaching. For anybody in the industry, that means scrambling to get ready whether you are planning the shows or attending them. I’m lucky enough to be attending a number of shows at NYFW this season, but as I was preparing my schedule yesterday I realized just how much running around it’s gonna be. I’ve made a list about how I plan on preparing for fashion week.

1. Try to get all my assignments done. I’m a student, and classes don’t stop for fashion week. I’m a chronic procrastinator, so I’ll keep you updated on how that goes.

2. Freak out about how excited I am to be going to fashion week! This will be my fourth official fashion week and I still can’t believe that I get to go!

Am I an Olsen yet?

3. Plan my outfits. I don’t get how fashion bloggers say that they don’t plan their outfits in advance. Especially because most of them are traveling and have to pack things that go together. I live in New York and I still take hours getting ready! This season I’m going to stick to my all black ensemble.  I personally love watching all of the great outfits that come around during fashion week, but comfort always comes first for me. Black is easy and works for anything.

4. Pack my bag. I always keep a small notebook, my wallet, mints, makeup, and a phone charger in my bag. This season I’ll probably bring some books so I can do my assigned reading for class in between shows. I use the same basic black tote so I don’t have to worry about forgetting anything in my bag, before I leave I clear out everything out but the essentials so I have room for papers and freebies.

Get all the goods here for your NYFW prep:


Obsessed with Stan


Stan Smith Adidas

If my recent laid-back Je ne sais quoi lifestyle is any indication, I have been opting out of the well-heeled existence, leaving my heels at home, and yearning for the cool simplicity of sneakers. Bored of my Isabel Marant wedge trainers, I have been on the hunt for pure white sneakers.

When the 1973 Adidas original Stan Smith sneaker announced a relaunch, before I could hit the “Yes, please” button, they were gone. That is a clear signal that it has already hit the ground running faster than I did back in high school trying out for the tennis team with the original Stan Smith on my feet. Although I didn’t make said Varsity team, I am now on team Céline and unofficial mascot of the fashion set. Phoebe Philo who has been sporting Stan Smiths for seasons, wore these at her most recent show in Paris and when Philo says” jump”, the fashion world asks how high, in what shoes?”

Phoebe Philo in Stan Smith

So, besides Kanye West, who was spotted on the streets in his green and whites, will you go back to these?? Get on the waitlist.

Adidas Stan Smith



The Mule Game


Womp, womp. Whap, whap. Clack, clack.

Familiar sounds?

Yes, it the sound dub step music makes.

It is a sound of loss heard on a game show.

It is, according to Urban Dictionary, something that is completely not up to regular standards.

A succession of clicks.

An annoying gum chewer.

All above answers are correct, and in the name game of high fashion, it is also the sound a mule makes when walking, or traipsing across a room. So the larger question is, will you play it?

I hate mules and no matter how many I have owned over the years, have never liked them. In fact, few accessories, been as maligned over the past decade or so as the mule. Carine Roitfeld hates them too, but let’s forget that for a second. Here are the many reasons for my complaints.

Those backless babies slap against my feet as I walk and I find them so uncomfortable. My ten toes get tired of keeping that mule on my feet. Anyone with me?

I can live without a lack of functionality in the shoe department, I have many times before. But the mule evokes grande dames in little jeweled, satin, kitten-heeled mules or ’50s starlets set in their boudoirs in embellished linen versions.

I won’t deny, however, that a pro-mule movement is afoot. After fading into the sartorial sunset more than a few years back, the mule silhouette is rising back up with a vengeance—and it is no longer a sensible shoe for the faint of heart. The latest reincarnations run the gamut from textured fabrics to wild patterns to classic shapes perfect for the wardrobe of a fledgling fashion blogger. Yet, those including me in the anti-camp remain resistant. Even when Céline, Chloé, Altuzarra and Victoria Beckham all went backless below the ankle in their spring collections.

Chloé mules spring 2014

Chloé mules spring 2014

Kenzo mules 2014

Kenzo spring 2014

 These mules are distinct from their counterparts of yore. The main difference is a higher vamp—which, for starters, offers a more covered-up and cooler look. And the bonus? The revamped vamp also secures the foot and does away with the dreaded clack-clack.

Celine Spring 2014

Celine Spring 2014

Any anti-mule sentiments surrounding these latest versions might simply be knee-jerk reactions, but I’m still not sold. Will the mule-haters out there eventually convert? I’m sticking to my guns for now even if the fashion Pied Piperettes like the Olsens twins, are already wearing the latest slip-ons.

If you are among those shifting to pro-mules, take note that they look best with skirts and dresses that land just below the knee or with cropped slim pants. And stick to those single-sole styles as with the right look, they could be elegant and sexy (see below).

Here are my top four mules out there right now for those willing to bare their feet and do the womp in these rigid temps.


From top to bottom left to right: Gianvito Rossi mules, get a similar pair here // Jenny Kayne mules // Alexander Wang white mules // Tibi Britt Crystal Mule Wedge

Will you wear them? I’m not a convert. At least not yet.




Last Minute Grab Bag


In the instance that you haven’t started your holiday shopping yet, there are ten days left to get your sh*t together, get those notes to Santa as to what you really want, not just what you might want or what you think somebody would like to get you. As we all know, its better to give than to receivedid you donate your coats eh?, and it’s always nice to show the person you love that you really care. Your BFF. Who has everything. Who needs nothing. You know them backwards and forwards, inside and out. And that means, you need to put your thinking cap on, because Santa isn’t doing the dirty work for you.

Today on the Fashion Hunter, I made the list, and checked it twice for the best gifts that would make any girl be ecstatic and actually be psyched to receive. Get her something that shows that you really know her.

She loves to spend money frivolously.

She is a true fashion diva.

She refuses to wear UGGS.

She loves to wear blue sunglasses.

She wears high heels in the snow.

She wears one earring and you know which ear.

She loves pom-poms.

She waits till the last-minute to get you that just right gift.

holiday gift guide


Lanvin blue sunglasses // Polaroid camera on sale! // Boyy Always be Yourself clutch // Diptyque candle Marc Jacobs nail glaze // Inverni cashmere pom-pom hat // Carine Roitfeld Irreverent book // Mua Mua My daughter pouch // Gorjana hammered ring set // Zara thick tights // Mua Mua top // Sophie Bille Brahe pearl ear cuff  // Lulu Frost for Bobbi Brown Old Hollywood compact

Happy Shopping!