Eco-Friendly Sandals

In honor of Earth Day, I am dedicating today to celebrating our planet. In the name of high fashion, there have been some inroads in making a difference by trying to save Mother Earth, rather than destroying it.

I picked out my favorite eco-friendly faux leather sandals from Stella McCartney, and there are plenty of others out there that make sustainable clothing, see Antik Batik, Daniel Silverstein, Soludos, etc.

Stella McCartney sandals

Here are some more eco-friendly options for you…how will you celebrate Earth Day?


The Virtues of a White Shirt

white shirtwhite shirt

isabel marant shirt // theory shorts // converse high tops // reed krakoff bag

Over the long holiday weekend, while away in a different city and totally out of my comfort zone, I felt lost without my jar of almond butter. AB is readily available, a reliable source of nourishment, and tastes good on everything from an apple, to matzoh, to eaten plain with a spoon right inside the jar.

In a similar fashion, I like to compare my love for almond butter to classic white shirts. As a creature of comfort, wherever I am, I like to have my white shirts, as they can be worn as a cover up over a bathing suit, belted over skinny jeans, or when you feel like you have nothing to wear. I have been rotating my favorites on a weekly basis since my love affair began a few years ago.

In a closet full of season-specific trends, the white dress shirt is the great equalizer, the bottom line, the very definition of a wardrobe staple. Paired easily with anything from boyfriend jeans to printed trousers or a ball skirt, it instantly adds a touch of cool masculinity. I’d like to think that has been true of my inclination since before Stella McCartney or Phoebe Philo reinvented the wheel, but those chances are slim. It’s effortless fashion at it’s best. See the above way of styling my shirt from work to weekend by adding a pair of Chucks.

If the spring runways were any indication, it’s a look that consistently interests designers too—from Altuzarra’s unbuttoned-to-there striped versions, to clean and crisp at Balenciaga, to Alexander Wang’s pajama sets.

There are three important facts about the white shirt that make it just awesome.

1. Versatility. It can be worn from work to a lazy Sunday to a red carpet and back again. Don’t forget the Tide stick.

2. Compatibility. It works with basically everything and nothing, all at once. Variety, is the key here.

3. Always in Fashion. No matter what the trends, nor the season, the white shirt will always be your friend, forever. The difference is you will have to replace it every year.

Everything I’ve see on the runways is in the stores and it’s time for action. I made a little selection of my favorites down below.

Bring on the almond butter.

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Shopbop Friends and Family Sale

Now that April 15th, the dreaded tax day has come and gone, it’s time to take that refund and apply it towards the missing pieces in your wardrobe. If you recall,  I’ve done some major spring cleaning, and my closet finally has empty space for some new goodies.

Shopbop sale event

The ShopBop Friends & Family Sale is a favorite around here, and this season’s deal has arrived! Use code INTHEFAMILY14 to get 25% off (up from the normal 20%!) on nearly any purchase at ShopBop and East Dane, but act quickly. Not only do the site’s best pieces sell out quickly during these sale periods, but the code will only work for a few days.


And now for the Top 20 that are in my cart. Happy Shopping!


Fashion Formula

rag-and-bone-sweater Rag and Bone Varsity Sweater, $395.00

The Real Deal.

When this tennis sweater on steroids hit the runways last fall, I wasn’t sure how it would translate to real life. I knew that I couldn’t wear the oversized sweater with a short skirt, as I am vertically challenged, but I knew that I could put my own spin on it. Hailing from the 80′s, this v-neck look is reminiscent of a dad sweater, but that’s cool with me.

Why I bought it.

I wanted to add a sporty twist to my wardrobe, forgoing the standard white T-shirt, without looking like a tennis pro. I added universally liked boyfriend jeans and open-toe sandals to the sweater equipped with a real plunging neckline. Easy, chic, flattering, and perfect for my end goal.

The Test.

The test of whether a piece is worth its weight or its hefty price rage, is calculating how many times you wear the garment divided by the price. So if the sweater in question is $395., I would need to wear it way over 10 times for it to be a worthwhile purchase. To date, I have put on this uniform five times, to meetings, to parties, and to hang out, and the simplicity of this three-piece look is what I was after here.

Truth be told, I see myself doing everything but sleeping in it.

rag & bone varsity sweater


rag & bone varsity sweater

rag & bone varsity sweater

rag & bone varsity sweater

rag & bone varsity sweater

rag & bone v-neck sweater // acne studios jeans // tibi sandals

Photos: Lydia Hudgens

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Alexander Wang For H&M

Over the weekend at Coachella, Alexander Wang sneakily announced his collaboration with power-retailer H&M over instagram causing tidal waves over the fashion community.

Judging by the success of Isabel Marant’s H&M collab o ‘ lab, it can only make sense that this marriage will work out. Wang is part of the new breed of designers that have managed to become household names while retaining their status among the downtown-cool set. To top if off, his energy is infectious.

Field lights cut on as a countdown clock appears, check out the cryptic take on the basketball shot clock, ended with the numbers 11:06, see: 15 second video below. When the timer runs out, “WANG X H&M” pops up alongside the numbers 11:06 — it’s probably safe to assume this means the line will hit November 6 of this year.

I can feel the excitement buzzing already, (I know it’s only April), but I’m not sure I can wait this long to get first dibs on this collection. Whose with me?


Blue Crush

Now that we can peel off our winter layers and revel in the fact that today will be in the mid-50′s!, spring has finally sprung. My closet is as clean as a whistle, and although I wonder what mother nature will pull on us next week, I won’t put away my lightweight coats just yet.

The good news is, I can finally see what has been hiding in the back of my closet, now that I have some space. The state of this affair always had the added bonus of finding fresh new pieces to fill that empty space. If that was the motivation behind my cleaning, so be it. Somebody, somewhere will be happy to own my stuff.

My threads have had to deal with the shock of normcore, and now they are going into garbage bags into somebody else’s blank box. Welcome to consciously uncoupling.

Now onto the topic of shopping, my drug of choice, how can I add my favorite pieces without breaking the bank? I like to raid other people’s closets for those special pieces that I am crushing on. I have a crush on all things blue, iridescent, and denim and want to add those basics to the mix. I recently purchased the Phoebe jean, and love the extra long cuff on the bottom. Paired with a pair of sandals, lose the jacket, it’s the perfect combo for the warmer months.

Blue faux fur

blue denim

blue faux fur

 marolli blue jacket, bag and top // MiH jeans // fitbit // rag & bone booties // gabriella artigas necklace

iridescent bag

blue denim

 photos: Lydia Hudgens

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A Love Affair

Not to exaggerate, but I think I may have finally found my soul mate. Well, at least an accessories soul mate.

This weekend, the first stellar sunny one of spring’s nature, I took out my littlest spring accessories which instantly lightened my load. My favorite backpacks from this fall will shrink into an adorable itty-bitty thing for spring, just large enough to hold only the uttermost essentials. Thanks to these new handle tops and detachable cross-body straps (most of them come equipped with the hands-free option), they’re much easier to carry than a clutch. Check out one of my new favorite crushes, especially this all-white beauty below from Laura Vela.

Laura Vela

fay color block bomber jacket// revolve clothing tank top // essie spring polish

photo: Lydia Hudgens

It’s so easy to grab a slick one for a night out or opt for one washed in a pretty pastel shade for the day. Now is the time to trade in your oversize, extra-roomy Mary Poppins bag for one of these mini-me versions.

Here’s my top picks for the week:


Desert Storm

What do Birkenstocks, mirrored sunglasses, and loads of fringe have in common? You guessed it, it’s almost music festival season. If luck would have it that you’re going to the neon carnival that is Coachella, consider yourself a lucky dog. There are going to be daytime pool parties galore sponsored by the likes of H&M, Nylon, and Guess, among the many, great music, and lots of nudity.

JK about the nudity. But one thing is certain: it’s going to be a style bonanza of epic proportions. Whether you bump into the bohemian bombshells in their peasant blouses and ankle boots (ahem, Kate Bosworth) or the high-end hipsters in skinny jeans and crop tops — you will want to fit in one way or another. Betting there will be a lot of normcore looks this year, let’s just hope the flower crown doesn’t reign supreme.

Deciding what to wear to the festival has now become as stressful as getting your hands on a ticket and that’s why I have created a handy guide for the must-haves before you head out to the desert.

Coachella street style

Coachella street style

Coachella street style


Look #1: Anthony Peto straw fedora // Current/Elliot Florence woven dress// Aperlai fringed sandals. This is winning style, cut simply.

Mara Hoffman printed bikini top for the moments that it is scorching hot and tuffets to place your sweaty body.

Accessories that abide by the code: Lionette necklace and Auriéle Bidermann bracelet and this Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent cross-body bag.

Look #2: Wildfox sunglasses in pink // Preen embroidered tartan top// Topshop hot pants// Opening Ceremony Coachella boot.

Don’t forget to click after the jump to see more street style pics for guidelines… happy shopping, happy Friday!


Photos: Harper’s Bazaar


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Test Driving a Trend

Among one of the great questions of life is should one ever wear a skirt over pants? I have been deliberately eschewing this Spring fashion trend of wearing skirts over pants, but let’s focus a minute on this layering technique.

I can distinctly remember the look of tiny bondage skirts over tight black pants worn in the 90′s, better known as S.O.P, which always looked a bit trashy. The combination of ball gowns worn over pants seen on the red carpets of late, can only be rocked by Emma Watson and none other. So where does that leave us mere mortals?

It is an unwritten rule that petite women should never wear skirts over pants because a. vertically challenged in the calf and thigh department, mine measure at a mean 31 inches, don’t warrant all that attention and b. working out on the elliptical machine and doing multiple FlyBarre classes may help firm up those calves and thighs, but who wants to draw attention to a body part that isn’t our best feature. For the record, Naomi Campbell’s lengthy pins clock in at or around 37 inches long, certainly making for better eye candy.

As the trend filtered from runway to red carpet and filtered to the streets of New York and Paris, I had a A HA! moment. Trying something way out of my comfort zone means experimenting with the stuff that I was otherwise afraid to try. I put on this long high low sheer top over wide leg pants and when paired with a simple white jacket it imitates the entire look. Breezy, with an additional lift in the back, this is how you will find me wearing the S.O.P. Tricky, tricky, tricky.

sheer top over pants

sheer top over pants

rag & bone chiffon high low top // h&m jacket get a similar one here// chloe pants // pierre hardy shoes // laura vela clutch

You will either love it or hate it, that’s the wide-spread truth of fashion polarization. For me, the jury is still out on the S.O.P.  Frankly, just another way to ignore the fact that I can’t stand to put on another pair of skinny jeans right now.

Where do you stand on this? I’m teetering on heels on those cobblestone streets in the Meat Packing District.

photos: Lydia Hudgens

You can shop my look below or on the above photo:



I spent the rainy March weekend cleaning out my closet. My mantra is it shouldn’t take me longer than 10 minutes to get dressed but I have struggled of late to make this happen. The challenge stems from not being able to find items quickly and efficiently in my closet. Are you with me here?  It always amazes me how when I de-clutter the stuff that just lingers in my closet, I don’t miss it. I started purging my clothes, and then moved to housewares and old CD’s.

I found this picture for inspiration to start.

color coordinated closet

photo: The Container Store

Then I started tearing it apart. But before you do anything drastic, there are certain rules of thumb that I abide by when I start my Spring cleaning. Here are my tips:

Start sorting.

Make one pile for items to move to a winter closet, one to sell, one for donations, and one for giveaways to people you know, and then one for throwaways. I also make a pile that I let “marinate” in my room. It is for the items that I think I might want to grab, but haven’t touched in over 6 months. I label it and date it six to 12 months hence, and if I don’t open it by then, I toss it.

Set the rules.

Decide what you are going to do with stained, worn, or wrong-size items. We all have them! To streamline the process even more, hang all remaining items backwards, and turn them around each time they are worn. If anything is still backwards in a year, out it goes.

Resist using a storage facility.

If you have trouble discarding heirlooms or those pieces that you might pass down to your kids even though you’re not even married yet, forget about it. Take a picture instead and hold onto that for keepsake. It’s the memory you’re holding onto, not the thing.


It’s almost Spring, and who says that we can’t recycle old outfits that we once wore and loved?  I wore this outfit last August when it was just starting to get chilly, and will wear it again in March when it is just starting to warm up again. These are great transition pieces — a great leather jacket, a black and white striped shirt, and white track pants that blend seamlessly into Fall, and out of Winter. Perhaps on a day like today, I would wear booties instead of open toe shoes featured below. Don’t be afraid to recycle your fashion, I know I’m not.

black leather jacket

black leather jacket

Photos: Lydia Hudgens

black and white striped shirt

FYI, in a few weeks time, I will also be renting my clothes out, a cool new concept brought to you by Kookopa. Can’t wait to share the news!

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