In the Mood for Dries

I am enamored by everything that is Dries Van Noten. The sheer beauty of Van Noten’s Spring collection from Paris, lies in a lush woodland setting with all the models languishing on the mossy carpet as if you are witnessing a magical fairy-tale. Inspired by John Everett Millais’ Ophelia, the Pre-Raphaelite image that launched a million hippie fantasies, Van Noten re-created this surreal mood with lighting and a mossy forest floor.

The future over at Dries Van Noten looks light and bright, with sheer light fabrics, deep and muted colors contrasted with the organza silks and sequined t-shirts. I love the way masculine elements are weaved into Van Noten’s womenswear – the collection is truly a stylist’s dream.

A throwback to a Woodstock era, I can just hear the sounds of birds, the girls walked peacefully down the catwalk, laying down across the floor making us think of a painting of young girls in a field of flowers.


Fab Finds for Fall

Happy Monday!

After this beautiful summer-like weather weekend who wants to go back to work? You can thank Monday for sending us back to the grind. Hard to adjust, I know.

How about I cheer you up with a go-to Fall outfit perfect for the here and now that won’t leave you broke. Why? Besides the excitement of fall finally being in the air, there are some incredible site-wide sales going on right now.

The benefits of this sale is that it is at the beginning of the season, not the end, so you can wear what’s hot, what’s new right now. If you feel the itch to bite the gold-plated bullet, do it now before those leaves change colors to full price.

BTW, did anybody use the iPhone 6 yet? It seems that it might be larger than the accessory it fits into, but I will be testing out that notion over here in the next week or so when mine arrives.

Click down below for one of my favorite looks for the here and now.

Fall Outfit

Madewell cropped pullover

Rebecca Taylor lace skirt

Eric Javits grosgrain hat

Ray-Ban Wayfarer  

Alexander Wang  messenger bag

Marc by Marc Jacobs watch

Alexander Wang ankle boot

Hurry! Here are the links to the sale items ending today.


Rebecca Taylor: Up to $100 off with CODE RTSPEND14

Banana Republic 30% off with CODE BRTAKE30


The It Shoe of the Fall Season

After happily spending many languid summer days either barefoot on the beach or in the Birkenstock du jour, Fall came crashing in and ruined it. A harsh reminder that fall gets chilly, duh, and closed-toe options are the only way to go, I felt obligated to check in on my shoes and see how they are doing hidden away in their shoe boxes. The dilemma? As you know, Fall is a seasonal transition , ugly flats abound, and as I am now used to flats, going for broke and pulling a Carrie Bradshaw moment might not be the ticket this time around.

Shoe shopping, for me, is never an option. It is a necessity that I pull the trigger on a few new pairs each season whether it be a pair of black boots, a pair of fresh heels, and obligatory loafers. I even considered, if only for a minute, the Stella McCartney clunky-soled brogue that have been infiltrating the streets since Fashion Week.

But as luck has it, at press time, they are almost sold-out everywhere. Except a few left here.

stella mccartney loafers

This habit, of buying a few pairs of shoes each season would make complete sense if I A. wear them more than twice, and B. love how I feel in them but in spite of less-than-favorable results, I’m more concerned with the psychological aspect here. I am a fool for fashion, and although I tell myself I am not going to break my own rules, I ultimately cave. And what happens to those star shoes of the season? They have been rejected and left out for obliteration by sleet and its more popular cousins. I am victim of my own demise, feeling these nouns every single time: contemplation and then guilt. From yours truly, it is a hard habit to break.

This season will be different. I just might decide to do the Birkenstock clog either in the standard style or the shearling-lined version. This way I am comfortable without breaking the bank, without contemplating anything and without the guilt. At least I won’t have any cuts, scrapes, Band-Aids, or pain to contend with on a weekly basis.

Carrie, are you with me?  The jury is out.

Manolo Blahnik

Manolo Blahnik leopard-print sandals.

Photo, taken last Fashion Week by Lydia Hudgens


Fall Has Arrived

Ah, Autumn. I can almost sense the season up on us. Fall is the only time worth taking in oxygen in Manhattan as the autumnal equinox washes away the sticky remnants of summer and brings the crisp air in for a well-needed sense of renewal. And as of tonight at 10:29 PM, like it or not, it will be official.

What do I love about Fall? I love watching the leaves change color, football season, longer nights, the smells of burning logs, and a cup of hot coffee. In the Fall season, I, like countless other women I know, make sweeping vows to ourselves with the promises of new beginnings. Like New Year’s Resolutions though, these promises are meant to be broken.

This year, as the temperatures begin to cool and we begin to hibernate in our homes, and Zara on every corner is fully stocked with cable sweaters, boots and scarves, I am inspired to create my own far-fetched resolutions which most-likely be broken by the end of October. Starting with my wardrobe because that is currently in the chaotic state of getting a well-needed overhaul.

Here are my top five resolutions right now.

1. I will update my closet, but I vow to not just walk into a shop and buy whatever I love without thinking about said item. Do I really need it? I know pastels are having a moment! Will I wear it more than 10 times?  I vow to remember what in currently in my closet, have a a list handy, and no repeating the same thing as last year.

2. I will invest in one pair of black boots, not two, or three. Same for black sweaters.

3. I do need exercise clothes because I wear them 4 times a week to keep my body in shape, and if I didn’t change them often, I would smell. Really bad.

4. I vow to get at least 10 minutes of unfiltered sunshine for a daily dose of Vitamin A, not in the form of a little yellow pill, but that huge yellow glowing ball we call the sun.

5. I will drink at least one cup of coffee per day because I like the way it tastes and its more than just black water. Among the many health benefits, coffee helps me feel less tired, it increases my energy level, burns fat, increases my libido (not sure if that is true), and may protect me down the road from Alzheimer’s disease. It’s a win-win.

Frankly, on those cold fall mornings I find it hard to get out of bed, just like this AM, raring to go. Even worse, I can’t even get to my kitchen without several layers cloaking my body. But getting back to those boots. Let’s hear it for Fall.

cup of coffee

Kisua sweater, get a similar one here, Paige denim jeans// Rag & Bone boots

Colorblock sweater

black and cobalt sweater

Purging the closet? Who doesn’t like starting fresh!

closet purge

closet purge

closet purge

What do you love about Fall? Tell me in the comments section. I want to know.

Get the look right here:

Photos: Jeff Thibodeau

Check out this link below to see how I start my mornings right.


NYFW / Day Four

Fashion is all about trial and error. There are days that I pull looks out from closet, get dressed in 10 minutes, and head out the door looking exactly how I imagined. Other days, I glance in the mirror and wonder why I made the attempt of wearing platform brogueswhen they just don’t look good on me. It is then I realize, it’s ok to make mistakes because without them, one would never learn.

Fashion week comes and goes as quickly as a bird in flight trying to head down south for the winter. Unlike in the case of the  a warm-blooded egg-laying vertebrate, though, at Fashion Week, there are clothes. And there are friends. Not coincidentally, fashion and friends go well together as birds of a feather flock together, therefore fashion is a fun game I play with myself but is best played on a team.

In this game, some days are good, some days are bad and some are great. With the help of others, dressing up to attend Fashion week is just that and fundamentally should be fun with a capital F.

Last week I committed a fashion faux pas and wore a normcore version of myself, ( I threw on these Harem cargo pantsand 100% hated it. In between shows, I hightailed it over to Anthom, a new under-the-radar shop in Chelsea carrying super cool designers, and fell in love with this skirt. Magically, I put it on, and turned into Cinderella. Thanks to my new buddies, I was able to peacock as originally planned.

full skirt

I’m wearing: Drifter T-shirt // Ksenia Schnaider pencil line camo circle skirt, get it at ShopAnthom // Ajelandro Ingelmo sandals // SANG A bag, get a similar one here or here // Thierry Lasry sunglasses

flippy skirt

white circle skirt

circle camo skirt

circle camp skirt

Flash tattoos // Ettika bracelet

Photos: Lydia Hudgens

circle camo skirt

and that’s a wrap for today!

Don’t forget you can buy the look here: just click on the photos below.





Ten Things I Learned and Loved from New York Fashion Week

The lights have gone down on New York Fashion Week, but fret not, the London shows are happening right now, then Milan and Paris. Before we indulge in that conversation, here is a rundown of the past week’s most entertaining happenings.

If you haven’t done so as of yet, head on over to Refinery 29,, and to see the industry’s coolest customers. You bet there are the street style darlings, those wanting to flaunt next-level silhouettes, styling tricks, and statement pieces that have been waiting for months to flaunt. And, if you think fashion week is  just an excuse to peacock…well, it is. NYFW is also a crazy 7 straight days of clothes, models, cabs and a whole lot of who wore what, which can be a lot to take in if you have a life outside of stalking the Internet for updates. Besides the major lack of sleep, I know I probably missed some good stuff.

Here are your SparkNotes to get ahead of the game come next Spring, and don’t worry, the final exam is the end of the week.

1. The hottest designer right now is DelPozo. Why? The woman who wears Delpozo has a certain attitude, and she recognizes and knows how to appreciate craftsmanship. Check . Check. Check out this belted mohair coat, right this way.

Del Pozo

2. The hair sweep at Coach. Check out the very cool dramatic side part. Tucked a lot of hair behind your ear and then clip it with a barrette. I am definitely going to try this at home.

Coach SS 2015

3. Consider the kiltie. This deeply abstruse term of fashion which sounds like it should describe a pedigree of a dog, refers to the serrated flap of leather used to protect the laces on traditional styles of men’s country shoes. Long favoured by golfers, picked up a few years ago by Church’s, and then adopted by Prada (men’s), the kiltie has suddenly gone from arcane to everywhere. It was deployed at Oscar de la Renta earlier at New York Fashion Week, and at Proenza Schouler, the kiltie is a word you should know.

Proenza Schouler

4. Ugly Shoes aren’t going anywhere. You know those Velcro-strapped sporty sandals beloved by outdoorsy dads across the globe. Like it or not, the “ugly shoe” trend will be sticking around for at least another year. I pick these big clumpy heels on Cornish pasty lace-ups from the JW Anderson in London as the season’s winner. Birkenstocks on steroids. Get on board.

JW Anderson

5. Belt everything. Ties, and belts in all different sizes and requests were all over the runways, I especially loved this yellow belted vest over at Creatures of The Wind.

Creatures of the Wind Spring 2015

6. iPhone shenanigans. Finding out that the Apple store on 14th Street welcomes us show goers who lost Mophies or wasted battery on Instagram and Hyperlink edits with wide, open arms. Apparently I wasn’t the only one that led that parade.

7. Designers continued on the road of putting out beautiful tailored sportswear with an edge instead of reinventing the wheel. See: Altuzarra, Jason Wu, Calvin Klein.

Altuzarra Spring Summer 2015

8. Wear blue. Whilst spring is traditionally a time for florals and pastels, dazzling blue was seen at 29 shows at NYFW. And not just blue but Aquamarine, and Scuba Blue. There is a yes movement towards the cooler and the softer side of the color spectrum. I will have some of that with Toasted Almond on top. See the look below from Dion Lee. 

Dion Lee Spring 2015

9. Forget the clothes, the models are the real stars of New York Fashion Week. Kendall Jenner, the new new IT 18-year old star walked DVF and Tommy Hilfilger this season. There’s no stopping this one.

Kendall Jenner

10. Flash TattoosYou can be a goddess too, without the commitment. Floppy hats, and wearable tech also prevailed. Love this one a la Rebecca Minkoff.

Rebecca Minkoff


Kendall Jenner

What are your favorite trends from #NYFW? Write in the comments below… more news to come…stay tuned!


Here’s The Skinny

Yes, it’s today! Today, 9.9 is my birthday. But I won’t cry, even if I want to, because I have much to celebrate. Just take a look back for a minute.

My birthday used to fall on the first day of school, and that was always a drag. Nobody remembered it was my birthday except for the teachers who mentioned it during class and there was no instagram or snapchat or Facebook to prove its worth. When I had a 9 to 5 job, there was the traditional office party consisting of oversized saccharine-filled cupcakes with the requisite number of candles, and a few bottles of cheap wine. Quite festive, but it blew over quickly.

Fast forward a couple of years, and my birthday seems to always coincide with Fashion week, for sure fashion month. They city has so much energy and vibrancy that I don’t mind heading to the shows on my day. It’s a Virgo party across the board in the fashion industry with insanely organized, overly hyper Type A people on and off-the-catwalk that like to strut their stuff. Frankly, we are all in this together so I will never feel alone.

For what I wore the first day of NYFW, flats like I promised I would, and paired those comfortable shoes with a vintage skinny silk scarf from Chloé, and all white as a base coat. Because it was 90 degrees this week, that’s why and it’s still summer on my calendar.

So what’s the skinny? Skinny scarves! They are a thing. Trust.


skinny scarves

white jeans

Wearing: Alexander Wang T-shirt // Tess Giberson vest // Frame denim white jeans // Flatform Birks // Timo Weiland backpack // Celine sunnies

skinny scarf and white jeans

white jeans

skinny scarf and white jeans

white jeans

Get the look here:



Photos: Lydia Hudgens


NYFW Day 2

This fashion week started off with a bang leading off with several shows across the calendar beginning at 9AM. My suggestion would be a blanket start at 10AM, but I don’t run nor own the Fashion Calendar, the CFDA does. Whether you were invited, crashing, or just planning to camp out in front of Lincoln Center for some street-style action, I will be churning out quick reviews of the season’s trends. Keep checking back throughout the week for coverage of the trends and deposit them in the comments section, and don’t forget to follow my ass on Twitter, Vine and Instagram where I will be updating regularly.

Ta ta..Happy Fashion Week!

At Kaelen, it was all feminine and flirty with loads of fringe flying out of the hems of skirts and jackets, leaving the audience gasping for more. The tension between masculine and feminine has long been a Kaelen preoccupation, and while she maintained many of her chic boxy shapes for Spring, there was a newfound sex appeal to them. One of my all-time favorites, I can’t wait to see what is up her sleeve for fall.

Kaelen Spring 2015

Kalelen Spring 2015

Over at the Piers at Degen, there was a different more relaxed vibe. Beach bums unite! Teva sandals with socks! Who can resist a big beach party? Vibrant colors ruled the show and even though the show was short and sweet, I was glad they served wine this season to start fashion week off on a savory note.

Degen Spring Summer 2015

Bohemian was the word of the day for BCBG Max Azria where the girls seem to float into these cool obi pastel belts around their waists to break up boxy-shaped flimsy, deep v dresses and tops, paired with culottes, in similarly pale shades. This silhouette was used throughout that set the ethereal agenda. Focusing on longer lengths and gossamer fabrics, Azria whipped up gauzy blouses and fluttery scarf-print frocks. California, here I come!

BCBG Max Azria

BCBG Max Azria SS 2015

I then headed over to the Jay Godfrey presentation where the sexy back ruled supreme. The weather was hot and sticky but the basement of the Hudson felt much more comfortable and the girls looked so chill with the live music playing the background.

Jay Godfrey Spring Summer 2015

Thoughts on these?



New York Fashion Week Diary Day 1

It’s really happening. New York Fashion Week is here, September 4, 2014, as early as it has ever been in the history of fashion. I was barely off the beach when my closet was calling me to check on its status, the school bells starting ringing, and just like that here we are.

This season, like no other, I will be wearing flats and sensible shoes because they are a thing, and  even though I am wearing them below, they beat out stilettos ten to one on the comfort scale running from show to show. Taking cues from the recent Resort collections and my current state of mind, I will be wearing culottes, and floor-grazing skirts, sheer tops, and skinny scarves, and for an easy head-to-toe ensemble, a simple jumpsuit. What I won’t be wearing? A blanket coat.

Click on all hyperlinks below to buy the look. That’s it–Happy fashion month. Bye!

black jumpsuit

Wearing head to toe: Mango jumpsuit // Ray-Ban sunglasses // Jennifer Zeuner choker chain necklace // Zara fringe bag, get a similar one here // Givenchy sandals

black jumpsuit

black jumpsuit

black jumpsuit

fringe bag

Balenciaga rings // Henri Bendel bracelet // Gabriela Artigas cuff // nOir rings



Photos: Lydia Hudgens


Labor Day Sales Are On!

Summer sales are to women what children are to their mothers: always on their mind when they’re around, but definitely anxiety-producing creatures. But before you know it, they’re gone with your money and your heart. And there you are left with only memories of what you could have, should have, didn’t do. Oh the joys of motherhood!

I only relate to this because now is the time my friends…time to scoop up all your favorite things at the end of the season sales before they slip away. Who you do you know that doesn’t LOVE a good sale? Especially a sale that will lead right onto Fall? Nobody.

Right now everyone from Old Navy to adidas, to Sephora and Birchbox, Tibi and J. Crew, are clearing out summer merchandise to make room for fall. Surprisingly, I am finding some great basics, and transitional pieces on sale. I found a few great jumpsuits that could easily work into fall layered with a denim or leather jacket, some amazing pieces from J. Crew, and a slew of denim and leather jackets on sale.

See below for my top pics for what I am craving right now.

Labor Day Sale3.1 Phillip Lim mint backpack// Frame Le Garcon jean // rag & bone Nancy top / Tibi skirt use code HELLOFALL // Kelly Wearstler paper code LABORDAY // Sephora liner summer sendoff sale // Old Navy flannel shirt // Pamela Love ring and cuff enter code WHITE // Marc by Marc Jacobs watch // Tibi mules and loafers enter code HELLOFALL and finally Vans  found on sale at J. Crew with 30% off purchase of $125 or more with code 24HOURS

Happy Shopping!