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The Best For Less

Fullscreen capture 4302013 112901 PM.bmpCollage: Carina Gupta

Do you know what I spent most of Sunday doing? Editing the sad state of my overcrowded closet, putting some once sartorial treasures up on Copious, (I am selling a pair of awesome overalls), and relegating what once adorned by body, in a massive love affair, to the internet masses. And do you know why? Because everybody likes a fresh look. And after a few seasons of wearing the same few ripped jeans, motorcycle jackets, and freakin’ Margiela black boots ad nauseam, frankly, the state of my outfits feel stale and boring and I want new garb.

Every morning I gaze into the depths of my closet, wondering why I feel the “I have nothing to wear” syndrome, but that just isn’t true. The sweaters and coats that lived on my body this winter need to peel off moving towards lighter, brighter days. And after endless editing, my last season’s garments still look, eh. Ah, yes! it’s this time of year where it’s not cold, but not hot either that we all face this dilemma.

And what’s a fashionista to do under these circumstances? Buy a new uniform for spring.

Everyone loves a bomber jacket, and this Miu Miu red leather one, for $2,990 is the bomb. In fact, from street style hit to front row uniform, a bomber jacket is essential for spring 2013. Destroyed light wash denim? Duh. Here’s a pair of J Brand for $216. Moving down to the accoutrements: DVF Carolina Lips snake and leather clutch is the perfect conversation piece in a turquoise blue adding just the right pop of color and Gianvito Rossi black  studded leather pumps for $445 and $960 respectively. All yours for a grand total of $4,600 excluding tax.

And for a more economical version of the same look, here you have it. Topshop Varsity bomber jacket, $70. and Topshop MOTO bleach skinny jeans for $70. An ASOS clutch turquoise bag with the same pop as the DVF number, for $33.00. As for the black studded shoes, they are ZARA for $69.00. Total all in for this look? $242.00.

So what’s the takeaway here? Think about how many times you will wear said outfit costing you $4,600. vs $242.00 and dividing it by cost per wear. Don’t have a budget? No problem. You won’t need a calculator. But, for the rest of us, who may need to go thrifty, save up something big. Like this shark tooth pendant.

And as Ludacris says How Low can you go? I only have $20 in my pocket.

Hover. Click. Buy. Repeat.


Fashion for Breakfast

In an abrupt transition from beach to back-to-school kool, Fashun Week officially begins in T-Minus 2 days with a Bang! Boom! PoW!  I will be humming along with the new tunes blaring on the runways, instagramming and filtering, tweeting till my fingers fall off, updating and checkin-in on Fachebook, and drinking lots and lots of coffee. And, most importantly, reporting and hunting for all the new lewks that will be rocking your world come Spring. BTW, drinking loads of caffeinated beverages has nothing to do with Fashion Week, except the fact that when I don’t have that much time to eat, Red Bull becomes the liquid alternative. Not by choice. This lack of substance will not leave me deprived hinder my ability to write in a cohesive fashion. In fact, just the opposite. All the eye candy on the runways and street style happenings near Lincoln Center will fulfill all my hunger pangs. It might leave you, my readers, stunned as you stare at this page in the next few days. What?

Oscar de la Renta ruffle blouse, Get a similar one here by MCQ, J Brand Super Skinny leather pants, 3.1 Phillip Lim leather Moto Jacket, 3.1 Phillip Lim clutch.

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The Big Drop

In case you missed it, on Friday of last week, I revamped and designed the windows at Big Drop East Hampton, one of my favorite go-to shops for the party girl in me. In preparation for Super Saturday, I put together 2 windows: the first, an if only it was a sunny day maxi dress look complete with hands-free accessories for all-access shopping. The second window, was a prep for the Fall season, complete with layering materials including leather, jackets, and fur. I enjoyed dressing mannequins, inserting tickets in their hands, and dressing them in the Fashion Hunter‘s top picks (which are basically “me” dressed on an elongated white stick), and of course, providing them with copious amounts of jewels, all in an East Hampton storefront. The theme du jour was a four “F” twister: Come get styled on Fabulous Friday with the Fashion Hunter for Fall. There was no after-party, no velvet rope, and everyone was invited.

On me: Acne shirt, Venna tribal necklace, J Brand denim shorts. On mannequin: Hat Attack fedora, Tolani pants, Eberjey bikini top, Free People denim jacket.  Photo courtesy of Big Drop NYC.

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Star Spangled

Happy Monday!! Happy July!! What did you have for breakfast? How was your weekend? Lots of questions and exclamation points this morning. I am truly sorry for having slammed your inbox with something as meaningless as this, but I beg you to answer this: how are you celebrating the Fourth of July? Since July 4th falls on a Wednesday this year, you probably don’t know when to celebrate it. In any case, there are fireworks to spark your holiday, and, of course, stars and stripes to wear on your body to show that you care. KA-POW!! KA-BANG!! KA-BOOM! KA-POOF! The raw footage that you see below was taken at Blue and Cream, one of my favorite shops in East Hampton, NY. And here comes the fun part: the first 3 people to comment on my blog on how creatively you are going to wear your stars and stripes gets a free LAMPTONS Tee-shirt or 10% off in the store courtesy of Blue and Cream. Here’s the rules: You must come into one of the East Hampton locations (there are two now) mention that the fashion hunter sent you, like me on Facebook, and follow my butt on Twitter. Take a close look down below for some insight on how you can wear your stars and stripes and salute the day when the pen hit the inkwell in 1776. In a fashionable jump stroke.

Outfit credits: Current/Elliot crewneck tee, Rag and Bone Panama Fedora, RetroSuperFuture Super Sunnies, Rag and Bone Newbury boots

My advice? Relax completely, Style accordingly. Stand out in a crowd. Everyone needs help every now and again. Often the thing you are looking for is right in front of your nose. Come see Blue and Cream in the Hamptons and I’ll be around the hood too. Shoot me an email: nyfashionhunter@me.com. Hourly rates available on how to style and wear what fits you best. Rock on!



Raising the Bar

Hello World!

I’ve always set my standards high, ever reaching for loftier goals in all aspects of my life. As my alter ego -Fashion Hunter, I am my own heroine, always on the hunt for the latest, greatest, newest, freakiest, funniest, coolest hottest ting going-saving the world from fashion fails. And like the Avengers it is a collaborative effort, meaning that Fashion Hunter survives on the feedback (good or bad) from its loyal and hopefully widening readership. Keeping in character, last week I found this camo Nerf Gun in the kid section of the drug store. As I was on my way to a penthouse rooftop for a Bar iii bbq event in the West Village, I had an “Ah Ha ” moment. After one solid year of blogging, writing, attending fashion shows, and meeting new inspiring people, and carving a new niche for myself, I want to send a huge shoot-out  shout-out to all my current readers that were there for me from the beginning as well as my newest followers who I’ll do anything (well almost anything) to educate and entertain about my passion. Lets go shopping!!  Raising the bar always presents new challenges which I, thankfully, have enough energy to take on. My Nerf gun will be just one of the blog toys in my arsenal, but make no mistake about it, this ain’t kids’ stuff.

Now who’s going to help me pick out their favorite photo? AIM– FIRE –SHOOT!  I will give you credit where due on my About Me page. It is long overdue for an update. A burst of KAPOW for the urban adventurer. What do you think? In these few images, I have hand-picked the clothes on my body from the current Spring season to represent what a Hunter is and does. It’s quite clear I’m not on a blazing trail hunting for prey, I just wear the latest Loubotins, but what I do on the city streets and on the world wide web is well, quite dangerous. I get lost in the jungle for hours on end and I sometimes cannot find my way home. But I always know to keep that goal: to come out alive to show you the shit is worth every risk. By giving you my ammmo,  you get a chance to Clickety click on all my links that I show italicized and underlined. I got so carried away I almost forgot to tell you about my newest venture, the One-stop shop on my blog, and introduce to you my newest partner Currently Obsessed. It is HERE my fancy friends that I add between 6-10 new products per day that I LOVE!!  Love them too? Just click on the underlined links and it will get you to my favorite things with a buy button just a click away!! Now isn’t that COOL?? BANG!

This is veda jacket, j brand leather pantsmonrow tissue teebar iii ringtom ford sunglasseschristian louboutin heels. Nerf Gun

Now pick your fav Huntress pic that you most adore. I’ve even “gun-wild” over this necklace and have been stopped in the streets for this piece. You like??

Wildfox Gun necklace

Photos brought to you by Instagram, Michael Colgan and the team from Factory PR, BFA images, editing by Michael Crook.

Peruse below all the photos from cake pops to Coronas from the Bar iii event. Saving the world from bad fashion, I always keep my site on the prize. Wonder Woman eat your heart out.


A teenage dream cheat sheet

When asked to do a style spread for teens on the upcoming spring months, I thought how great it would be to borrow from the cool it girl’s closet.  Teenagers have the advantage of borrowing from the boys, from the runways, from super high-end designs and mixing it up to make it all their own. The day I realized I could no longer shop at teen stores was a sad, scary day. Youth is fashion’s muse. Fearful of nothing but their own self-doubts, teenagers can experiment with cool new trends. Lucky for me, I have a teenage daughter that was ready for her closeup. Say hello to Alex, my muse for the day. She’s been watching my blog grow and as a collaboration, we thought this one out loud together. I took a few highlights from the spring collections, mixed with the items she already had in her closet, threw in some ultra-hip finds from the it girls closet (mine) and played dress up. This is also a chance to show off my styling skills, so if you are one of my young readers, or a mom in need of some advice, head over here and ask me a question, shoot me an email. You owe it to yourself to look your best. Moving right along, we start off with a neon story just in time for this mild weather: colored jeans, mixing brights, yadda yadda yadda.

Jacket J.Crew, Jeans Rag and Bone, clutch Kara Ross, red lace top American Apparel, sneaker Converse.

Sweater Phillip Lim, jeans Seven, bag Cambridge Satchel, sneakers Ash

I do support the term geek chic. I didn’t invent it, Tavi probably did or the dudes from Silicon Valley, but being smart of just looking that way is always in. Nonetheless, here’s the look. Plaid shirt, Letter jacket, high-waisted shorts (big from Balenciaga) backpack, specs, ponytails, colored socks.

Jacket Sans Souci, backpack American Apparel, tights Wolford , booties Castaner, socks stylists own, shirt Abercrombie, shorts Vintage Havana

…and what’s a day without checking out what The Fashion Hunter is up to?

Another big trend for spring is the statement collar, lace, and the track pant. Always accept the unexpected and you won’t be surprised.

Top Topshop, pant French Connection, bag Tory Burch, sandals Jessica Simpson.

Finally different shades of denim on lace , wide leg jeans, with a splash of electric blue.

Jeans J.Brand, denim vest lace top LF, shoes Steve Madden 

And then just like that, with a nod to Grandma‘s closet, the debate team, a little bit of the English countryside, we have floral pants and a white collared shirt.

Shirt Elizabeth and James, cardigan J.Crew, pants Zara, flats Repetto, necklace Lanvin, bag Marni

Long live floral prints, but if she ultimately barfs at the thought of putting them on her body doesn’t think the trend is so fly, there are millions of alternatives. Pastels, sporty vibe, peplums, you get where I’m going. So, I’m going to stop right here while I have your attention. Consider this a lesson from your mother:  Be who you are ~ it’s the best there is.  Love, mom xoxo


What I wore day 8 NYFW

 Jes Wade top, Adam by Adam Lippes jacket, J.Brand waxed jeans, Poleci fur wrap, Pierre Hardy  leopard platforms, Devi Kroll eel skin clutch, Tom Ford sunglasses, Dannijo ring.

And…. it’s a wrap. In what seems to have been day number 750, here is what I wore on day 8 of fashion week. Check out all the many textures I am sporting: a patent leather jacket mixed with wool, a silk top mixed with leather details, and glitter-threaded socks. BIG theme during the fall shows. In what is going out as what I call a wimpy winter, fashion week was great this time around as I did not have to lug a heavy coat around the city. A true believer victim, I would have worn open toe shoes or bared my legs, but I let my fingers go naked instead. This pictures could have just as easily been taken last fall during fashion week given global warming. Nonetheless, the fashion parade has upped and moved on to Great Britain yesterday to hit the London shows and start all over again. One of my favorite places– remember this post? London always is calling my name. Moving on, there have been many incredible pictures coming through my dropbox that I think I might die.  This photo was taken right before heading to the Ports 1961 show by none other than Michael Crook. Check out her website right here www.michaelcrook.com. A shout out also goes to my friend and talented designer Jes Wade, who let me wear her hand crafted clothing this week. A private-client business only, everything is produced locally here in New York City. Check out her imaginative fashions, and visit her website here to book an appointment, jeswade. Last but not least, thanks to Tru Grace Fashion Lounge for all the fab statement rings!

Up next, street style, and an an homage to fur. Look for those in your inbox. Happy Saturday!


Crushing on Red

Whoever made up the rule that red should worn only during the holiday season hasn’t a clue of what’s happening on the runways and in the hotest boutiques these days. December is in full swing blazing full throttle into 2012, but red is here to stay. Santa or no Santa. Red is reserved for those with no fear- bold  fashionistas that want to make a statement in the fashion department without looking back. So this is an ode to RED. It is a glittery holiday giveaway. Red is daring. Red is sexy. Red is sophisticated. Any of the said definition is true. Last night on my way to a holiday event, I wore a L’Agence sheer black blouse paired with red J Brand leather jeans, Dsquared2 leather jacket and suede booties. So spirited! (Although not sure how to apply the red lipstick without it bleeding) And I am carrying the Celine luggage tote, my new obsession, that I am pining for this season.

L'agence sheer blouse, J Brand red leather jeans, Dsquared2 leather jacket, suede booties, Celine tote

L'agence sheer blouse, J Brand red leather jeans, Dsquared2 leather jacket, suede booties, Celine tote

Moveover spring. Just so you are well-aware, pre-fall is a-showing in designers studios and what is the color du jour? Red. I saw red at Michael Kors, Chanel, Oscar de la Renta, Rachel Roy and there’s probably more where that came from. Oh and Pantone declared Tangerine Tango the IT color of the season.. not too far off the red spectrum. See some hot fiery looks below.
Chanel pre-fall 2012

Chanel pre-fall 2012

Oscar de la Renta pre-fall 2012

Oscar de la Renta pre-fall 2012

Michael Kors pre-fall 2012
Michael Kors pre-fall 2012
Rachel Roy
Victoria Beckham in Elle January 2012

Sweaters to shrug off the chill

photo courtesy, French Vogue

Fisherman sweater paired with white jeans. Photo, French Vogue

November is “fair warning” season. A premonition of winter, soon to blow flakes at our doorstep. It is the changing of the leaves that is the tip off with darkness creeping in at 4pm and the plummeting temperatures that is the harsh reality here. We all lived through it before, so just embrace it– and while you’re at it, why not dress the part?  You might need tights.
Here’s the fashion drill. November 2011 =  many samples sales (run fast), Resort wear is in-store now, and December starts previews for Fall 2012. I consider walking around NYC on a blustery windy day almost as bad as ice-fishing in Alaska, but without the thrill. Outdoor winter activities, including walking to work, aren’t fun if you are cold. You know, blue fingers, wet hair, and a sore throat. Yeah, it sucks. So, what’s the point? Consider these thick yarns knit wits, and stay warm!


J. Crew cozy sweater, Graham and Spencer vest, J. Brand jeans, Giuseppe Zanotti boots

J. Crew cozy sweater, Graham and Spencer vest, J. Brand jeans, Giuseppe Zanotti boots


Here is a preview of MY favorite cozy things.



Have toast in your pj's

Have toast in your pj's


Some of my favorite sweaters

Some of my favorite sweaters




warm cozy socks, Toast

warm cozy socks, Toast




Socks and sweater: Toast

Buy here:  http://www.toast.co.uk/ 

White cable knit sweater on me and on model: J. Crew

Buy here:  http://www.jcrew.com/AST/Navigation/cold-weather-comforts.jsp#/0 





Apparel Trade Shows Las Vegas: A Round-Up


I headed to Vegas for my very first MAGIC Convention and FN Platform Shoe Show. Anyone who is anyone in fashion or a related field was either exhibiting, buying, or blogging.  While MAGIC is the hub of the convention, the adjacent trade shows comprised of apparel, footwear, accessories, and social media resources as well.

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