Print Scapade

This has been one of the best summers, mostly because of the sensational weather. But there is a nip in the air and it feels like Fall and back to school, are right around the corner.

With that in mind, its time to edit my closet and move aside the summery florals. Now is the time for punchier, wackier prints to take center stage. Geometrics, swirls, crazy python prints, and multicolored digital mashups vow to keep this Fall weather feeling decidedly upbeat.

I am normally not a print lover but I love the take on this dress, the green and blue python-inspired Champs-Élysées dress featured below by Cluny. I have a feeling that I will continue my love of flats going forward as well.

Cluny dress
python print dress
Cluny dress // Super Sunglasses // Marni sandals
python print dress
green and blue python dress
green and blue printed dress
Super Sunglasses
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Happy Monday!

Sale Round-ups

Coming back from a long, and fun Memorial weekend and sitting in front of my computer on a Tuesday, just means one thing. Fancy sales hitting my inbox. I first check out the sites, Net-a-Porter, and then Moda Operandi from my top priority hit list, put stuff in my cart, and then digest the digital damages. Frankly, from my experiences as a veteran shopper, seeing the spring sales that I once swooned over, are still expensive. You may want to think about the golden bullet before you bite into it, which rings true for filling up your shopping cart in the supermarket, hoping that you will eat every single piece of fruit that you put in your cart before they expire.

shop the sales

Samantha Sung dress // Prada shoes

What seems to draw us in as consumers is the inevitable slash. Prices are 30, 40, 50, 70% off the original sky-high prices. Yes, it is the season of the backpack that seems to be slung across the shoulders of practically every cool girl in the business and pictured in countless magazines as an essential of the season. There was an electric excitement and buzz surrounding it. It was “it,” so to speak. But now that it is on sale, do you want it? Do you need it? Is the desire still there?

My advice? Don’t make fair-weather fashion friends, but rather invest in something, like a great pair of shoesand find a million different ways to spin it.

Make sure to buy what you love, not FOMO spending because everybody has it, but rather something you will love and cherish. I thought I would never wear this floral dress again, but pulling it out and wearing it, I don’t need convincing.

P.S. I am throwing down the fashion gauntlet nonetheless for anything Marni.

Happy Shopping!

sale season

Michael Crook photography

Here is a round-up of today’s sales:

Net-a-Porter - up to 50% off

SSENSE - up to 50% off

MODA OPERANDI - up to 50% off

ASOS - 20 % sale ends tomorrow! Use code WEBEGRILLIN

FORWARD by Elyse Walker - up to 70% off

Shopbop - up to 70% off 

Bergdorf Goodman - up to 40% off online only

Nordstrom - up to 40% off

J.Crew - an extra 30% use code WEEKEND

Neiman Marcus - up to 50% off designer duds

The Dreslyn - up to 70% off

SAKS - up to 40% off



Trendy Tevas

I remember back in the 1990’s when I attended overnight camp, Teva Sandals were more popular than Céline Birkenstocks are now. I went to the local store and purchased them, and where the legions of ugly shoes are small but notorious—Teva’s are the predecessor to the Crocs, Vibram Five Fingers, and Uggs, these rubber-soled ones were just a good-intentioned velcro sandal. I wore them for several months even into the school year, and although they were ugly as sin, there was nothing besides bare feet, that were more insanely comfortable. It wasn’t until all of that pond scum caused their porous rubber and flimsy Velcro to decompose—an annual end-of-summer occurrence that any Nineties child could recall with grotesque distinction — that I had to throw them out.

But that was then, and now fast forward to Spring 2014, Prada, Rag & Bone, and Tibi are throwing in the towel and chiming in.  Fancied by recreational hikers and dads on holiday, Teva has been relegated to the very end of the “practical versus pretty” spectrum. Until now, that is. Lower, flatter shoes make a comeback in recent years, with outdoors-y details and utilitarian styles looking nearly—dare we say—cute in recent seasons. Heck, even Chloë Sevigny has taken to Birkenstocks. For quite some time now, the fashion industry has been on a trickle down theory. Think last season’s Birkenstock craze. Fast fashion is grabbing what they can from top designers and “interpreting” it for the mass market. Of course, one walk through Zara and H&M and it is still happening. Think #Normcore.

But what’s new in this landscape is this role reversal that top-tier designers are playing on the copycats. More and more, they are borrowing silhouettes and concepts from the streets and reinterpreting them for the luxury market. Let’s call it a trickle up theory. BirkenstocksVans, Tom’s, Chinatown bags a la Céline, garbage bags from Lanvin, and plastic pearl headphones around your neck are all chanting “Started from the bottom now we’re here.” Here being at Celine, Givenchy, Prada, Marc Jacobs, Marni and Chanel.  Here is Prada’s version of the Tevas. Whoh..whoa…whoa…

Prada spring 2014

Prada spring 2014

Rag & Bone elevated rope-strap sandals onto a thick, black platform. Hilfiger took his Tevas to the beach, fabricating Velcro-strap shoes in an array of sherbet colors. And Marc Jacobs, true to form, took a distinctively downtown approach to Teva’s reinvention: pairing black-satin strap sandals with a 1890′s take on dark fashion. Here is Marc Jacobs’s vision.

Marc Jacobs

There is no doubt that Tevas still have entered into the proverbial limelight. The ultimate purveyor of vomiting quick-trends, Urban Outfitters is selling these for $40, and they are flying out like hot cakes. 

And for my oh-so-amazing styling challenge series, I fashioned six pair that put the Teva to the test.

Teva Sandals

From left down the column 1. 2. 3: Marc Jacobs // Teva // Prada // Marni // Balenciaga // Rachel Zoe sandals

You tell me, would you try these on for size? Happy hiking!


Falling In Love with Fall

It’s that time of year again. Post fashion week, my feet still hurt, and recycled summer duds last me throughout the entire month of September. I then retire them and move onto fall clothing, my favorite season. Fall is neither hot nor cold, cool in the morning for a jacket, and warm in the afternoon for a lightweight top. My proclivity towards an all-white wardrobe will never be B-O-R-I-N-G, as I am pining for this leather jacket, but I have been moving in a slow pace, towards a darker palette due to the changing seasons.

These photos were taken last week during fashion week, and due to the prolific amount of peacocking goings on about Lincoln Center, I stayed true to my roots and did what I was supposed to be doing, reporting on the shows.


mango faux-leather biker jacket // brian lichtenberg homies tee shirt // maje leather skirt, get a similar one here or here 

On this day, I hit the Tracy Reese show, a Reward Style rooftop party, the Y3 show, and another later-night party. I was lucky enough to stay walking distance to Lincoln Center at the Hotel Belleclairea small boutique hotel where I changed several times a day.


DSC_0402 as Smart Object-1

Even better, I was able to fuel up with their partner, Suja Juice with spinach and apple green supreme to keep me going and hydrated. Juicing is trendy. And shopping? That was accessible in the lobby with Stella & Dot, and Corinne Monique, and Korto Momolu for the taking.



A take-away from the streets of NYFW?

Miley wasn’t as off-base as we originally thought. Shrinking crop tops, lots of bra tops, preppy wear, and flats made the grade. Sticking with the trends is not very hard to do, I eat kale after all. This fashion week, I wore a copious amount of ripped denim that I refuse to take off my body, more on that next week, and, this version of the ironic T-shirt chronicled, under a leopard-lined leather jacket by Mango that is just so wearable.


In the southern region I wore these uncool not trendy New Balance sneakers with a big N emblazoned on its chest. And what about the spectator-style clutch ? Looking quite dapper I must say.


new balance sneakers // marni clutch // jennifer zeuner hand chain

While we’re on the topic of Fall, did you enter my Christopher Fischer cashmere sweater giveaway? OH MY G*D– four days to get to it!!!

Have a great weekend. xxoo

photos: jim d’angelo

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Tote It

Ah, the 4th of July is quickly approaching…the celebration of Independence, freedom, summer barbecues and, of course, heading to the beach. Summertime, you are a benchmark for so many things. ’Tis the season of road trips, tan lines, and ridiculously muggy commutes home. Summer pros? Surfing lessons, lighter hair, and loads of  Vitamin D. Summer cons: shaving your legs daily, reapplying that sunscreen, and the constant schlepping back and forth.

Summer-wear in the concrete jungle is a fun one to watch in a city like New York. Heavy denim is replaced by maxi dresses, and wearing blazers becomes dated, claiming bikini tops as the outfit method of choice. Let’s leave those bikini tops for the beach shall we? and in the same breath pull out the bags appropriate for both infiltrating these streets and your favorite summer haunts. And while you enjoy your lemonade, bonfires, and s’mores on your preferred summer weekend of choice be it mountain highs, lake sails, or ocean breezes, it’s important to carry the right tote around, right? The one that will carry your sunglasses, the charger, the book. Right!

Here are 6 totes for your perusing pleasure. The long weekend will be here before you know it. Break out those raffia shoes, forget about the threat of rain, and start dancing.

Fullscreen capture 6282013 54239 PM.bmp

Collage by Carina Gupta

All links below are clickable and optimized.

  1. Marni leather tote
  2.  Mario Testino for Mate
  3. Marni parrot tote
  4. Marc by Marc Jacobs leather trimmed PVS tote.  My two favorites? Numbers 5 and 6 where the city meets the beach.
  5. Anya Hindmarch canvas tote
  6. Marni printed vinyl and leather shopper

Arm Candy

Is anyone else so bored with their winter wardrobe? I bet you are. Spring fashion is still a few weeks away from hitting the stores, but as I reported last week, single sole shoes are in, blinding neon has dug its grave, yellow is king, and I don’t know about you, but my exhausted wardrobe is well, exhausted.

Resort wear, available now, has some stellar pieces in many of the collections, and just like Pre-Fall, its sometimes even that much better than the Spring collections. Today on “if the world wide web was my closet,” let’s salute to the end of winter blahs with a migration to pastel bags to brighten up the cold weather staples in your closet. Sure we can invest in beachy pullovers and single sole shoes now, but the oh so fickle weather might not cooperate with what we want to wear now. It might be fifty degrees today, but tomorrow and the rest of the week looks to be bitterly arctic. Give thanks to the schizophrenic weather person who writes that script.

Because twenty degrees doesn’t have to mean black, grey, and navy, pair these hot new bags shown below with denim and an oversized chunky sweater to kick-start your wardrobe and wear now. If white pumps can be worn year-round, anything can. FYI, all the links below lead you to websites to purchase the looks. You can also shop the post in the new format by clicking the small pics on the bottom! Isn’t that new format cool?

pastel bags

Collage by Carina Gupta

1. Proenza Schouler Small Lunchbag Clutch, $765.00

2. Loeffler Randall The Rider Bag, $495.00

3. Dior bag, Get the Marni  Two-tone leather tote here£869.00

4. Rebecca Minkoff  Sienna Tote, $525.00

5. Jason Wu Daphne Crossbody bag, $1,595.00

6. Diane von Furstenberg Tonda raffia clutch, $325.00

Wear now, wear later, why wait?


Mellow Yellow

January, typically a bleak grey month in the Northeast, is a time to get back to work, hit the gym, eat comforting foods, bundle up, and get much-needed Vitamin D. If I could get my daily dose of sun, I would head to Australia for a month, and drink that sunshine. Or head out west, where it may not be warm, but the sun is always shining, and skiing on fresh snow and the occasional dog pee just might count as a daily dose of D. Just kidding.

Not to be confused with neon highlighter yellow, which I am calling over and done, this burst of sunny yellow is meant to soothe and offer a sharp contrast to the grays, whites, and blacks infiltrating your wardrobe right now. I get it, wearing all black is easy, but I can really appreciate the color motivating this post: I like lemons, I like bananas, I like the sun.

Fashion should be about how you’re feeling at that particular moment and expressing yourself. If you’re feeling blah, this is the perfect antidote. Wearing what you’re really into has a positive psychological effect and #winning never goes out of style. A bit bold? I love the combo of black and yellow..”you know what it is black and yellow…” It’s bumble-bee fierce, a word that I wish would go away in 2013. BTW, most everything below is On Sale– get it while it’s hot!

Screen Shot 2013-01-03 at 8.16.32 PM

Karen Walker Soul Club wood sunnies, Marni Round-neck coat (on sale), Cacharel ankle boots (on sale), Charm & Chain yellow chalcedony French Wire earrings, DVF Citrine Gracie clutch bag, Tibi black leather collar macramé top (on sale), Oscar de la Renta wool-blend twill wide-leg pant, Chuck Taylor All-Star high tops.

Shop this look:


Boyish Charm

Fashion, a constantly moving target, regularly swings between celebrating sexless and childlike looks vs. voluptuous and womanly curves. Currently, vibing in the tomboy vein, I have been channeling basics in navy, black, and gray in their most simplistic form, pants and shorts in their unisex variety, and pin-straight hair, all working together to form the lithe androgynous look. It all started with the flappers of the 1920′s, continued with the Twiggy silhouette in the 60′s, and worked its way to the 90′s when Kate Moss stepped in and popularized heroin chic. I don’t know who I am more obsessed with Kate Moss or Alexa Chung but its a close tie. I don’t like the term “borrowing from the boys”, it’s so generic. We should scrap the terminology, wear what we love, and celebrate our equality. Check out Alexa in her messy do, black boots, blazer, and tweed jacket.

Fashion always loves the gamine girl.

I never really grew out of my elementary school tomboy phase, always wanting to play King of the Hill with the boys. I have a wide collection of boy-meets-girl finds–I own a variety of denim boyfriend jeans, shorts, boxy blazers, loafers, vests, chic as hell sneakers, and crisp white shirts. I have most recently going for the black tuxedo pant– the ultimate male classic uniform. Paired with these Golden Goose silver and bronze Super Stars? And more denim? Genius. The common theme in wearing menswear? Worshiping youth. Dressing like a boy even if you’re gams aren’t even close to Kate’s or Alexa’s. And who doesn’t want to add a bit of playfulness and innocence to your dress code?

Hat Attack corduroy cap, A.P. C  tee shirt, Of Two Minds vest, Comptoir des Cottonniers shorts, Marni boots, Jennifer Meyer stackable rings.

Will you try it on for size? Add a leather jacket and tights for the cooler temps. Do you think this look will make it through the door at Grandma’s house.?

On another note, I don’t think the GIF is dead quite yet. There’s still more to 2012.


All photos rocking Michael Crook


Dispelling the Myth: Wearing White after LD

With the official end of summer just around the corner, it’s like somebody just ripped that bikini right off my body. Do I have to pick up my body off the beach, send the kids back to school, get back to work? Yes. Pack up those summer whites? NO. Today on the Fashion Hunter, why I wholeheartedly disagree with this old wives tale to store the whites. Here’s the lowdown. Back in the early 20th Century it was a status symbol for those who were able to change their clothes by season, white during the summer and darker colors in the winter. It wasn’t proper etiquette to wear white after Labor Day, specifically any clothing below the waist. Obviously, recent fashion trends have dictated otherwise. Here’s the thing: Nix the faux-pas of wearing white after the first week in September.Wearing white, is not only on-trend, but you have carte-blanche to rock it all winter long. Just take a your cues from Celine’s Fall collection shot out of Paris, and Marc Jacob’s FW collection out of New York. Not just accepted but, fashion-forward.

It’s hard to let creatively run-wild when you are stricken by a dress-code dictated by others. There’s no reason why you can’t pair a simple white sheath with a pair of pants for a silhouette update that is desperately needed when those gams might catch the fall breeze. Enter the stylized clothing approach. Brought to you by the White Warrior doing an Olympic jump. Brooklyn bridge-side. Rules are meant to be broken.

No really, let’s get to the matter at hand. This post is about how to layer your summer whites to the tune of Fall’s more serious script.

Scene number one. The simple white A.L.C. dress. With a pair of Super sunnies and clear black sandals. You remember those? Let me jog your memory. Now are you Clear On?

Click right here for the fashion creds: A.L.C. dress, Oscar de la Renta Illusion sandals, Super Sunglasses

Scene number two. From white dress to the layers that matter, leather, faded denim, and speakers for your neck. Cue the one shoulder a bit lopsided in the air, pigeon-toed feet–it’s the ultimate awkward blogger stance. In matters of leather, this Helmut Lang asymmetrical motorcycle animal skin is the best thing my closet knows. A little bit of love and a lot of rock and roll as I make the jump into Fall.
Scene three: the detail shot. Black and white, studs, some shine, and speakers. Helmut Lang leather blazer, J. Crew fedora (current versions in felt, Marni necklace, Phillip Lim bag, Current/Elliott slouchy boyfriend jeans.
It’s about time someone determined white pieces can carry you into the colder months. Don’t let the upcoming Labor Day weekend bring you down. Don’t we wear what makes us happy and isn’t that what this is all about? Discuss.
Oh, BTW, do you like the brick wall in the background? That’s a secret spot under the Brooklyn Bridge.
All photos: Michael Crook.

Love Letters

The emblematic monograms that have been spotted on sweaters, shirts, necks, ears, and other body parts are Fall’s playful nod to collegiate culture. When the initial in question, is splattered all over oneself, it invites the viewer to get to know you on a first-name basis. At first, when I first spotted these oversized Kenzo K’s, And Marni M’s, I thought why would anybody want to wear that? For sure they are begging to be worn by owners of the same initial. I am not a monogrammed kind of girl, but wearing an unintentional letter is pretty rad. The other day I bought a gold letter H necklace, suggesting that my name might be Helen, Honey, Hallie, or Hannah. FTR, my name is Stephanie, I am the Fashion Hunter, so I got the initial H for Hunter. It doesn’t make any sense, really, but it does make for a good conversation starter. Cheers to Jil! Go Marni! Kenzo! Kenzo!! Follow the Hunter! Moral of the story? Go BIG or go home. If ironically referencing a Jil Sander majuscule isn’t your style, there are alternatives. Peruse some of my options in the collage below. You never know when you have to cheer from the sidelines. Can’t decide on a letter? Pick from Stella McCartney’s schizoid print top ( bottom left) with over a dozen letter combinations or the multi-letter LOVE bracelet.

Love Letters
Aubin & Wills cotton-terry sweatshirt, KENZO wool-blend sweater, Stella McCartney Monogram LOVE bracelet, Blue Nile H pendant, TopShop S initial ring, Stella McCartney Monogram-embroidered top, Marni M Embroidered sweater.
These monograms, meant not only for sports teams, are bound to make an initial statement whether back at school or on fashion’s playing field. BTW, do I look like a Hallie? You decide.
Happy F for Friday!