Stella McCartney

Fringe and Fray

Playing with fringe and frayed edges is nothing new in the fashion industry. Deconstructing fabric and unraveled threads is part of the creative process. I’m not talking about diving headlong into Festival territory where you start dressing like your teenage self and tripping through the tulips in your ripped denim hot pants. This is a more sophisticated take on the trend and designers high and low have gotten a hold on fringe fever.

By way of rips, there are no signs that this trend is departing our shores anytime soon and come Spring, designers have pushed it to new heights. Stay tuned for Dries Van Noten’s use of Bohemianism, Proenza Schouler’s fringed skirts and, the raw-edged denim king Marques Almeida’s play of stray threads.

Can’t wait till Spring? I teamed a suede fringe jacket with a white turtleneck and flare jeans (I ripped the bottoms) for a western-inspired ensemble. I will wear it out until it’s too freaking cold to bare.


Reformation jacket and turtleneck // J Brand jeans // Stella McCartney wedge heel ankle boots

fringe jacket and bell bottom jeans

fringe jacket

Fabric that sways has a way of exclaiming your presence by just a shimmy and a shake. As of press time, this look is a compelling enough reason to let loose and dance. Maybe because the mercury is higher than 20 degrees this AM?

fringe jacket

fringe jacket

Shop the look here:

Photos: Lydia Hudgens


Consider Breaking The Fashion Rules

Abiding by rules can be limiting, whether at school or at your job, yet with the restrictions come a sense of cohesiveness in our lives. Without those rules, most of us would be lost. The same does not apply to fashion rules which can equate to a pedestrian sartorial existence. Whether you feel obligated to store away your whites after Labor Day or believe you should only wear a gown with heels, put away those thoughts for a minute. Thankfully it only takes a little moxie to veer from convention to original, and if so inclined, to move towards an unorthodox way of thinking.

There are just so many ways to wear a simple shirt and a pair of pants but I find it so normore to wear what everybody else is wearing. Yes, I follow the trends, but I try to do so keeping true to myself. As I learned yesterday in the dressing room of life, not everybody can look fab in a  maxi dress.

Fashion is also an art, meant to have trials and errors. I tested the untrodden waters of wearing a bralet over an old vintage shirt. I am still on the fence whether I liked it or not, but it empowered me to break some long-adhered-to fashion rules. My goal was to emulate the runway of the Dries Van Noten show, where life is a breezy fairy-tale aura, as if from some faraway time or place. But life isn’t a runway, and sometimes, the looks do or don’t translate on the streets.

In spite of the warmly welcome three days of strange spring-like heat we’ve been lucky enough to endure, the Weather Channel informed me that it is supposed to rain and snow this weekend. Yes, you will have to replace your blazers and leather jackets with heavier coatssweaters and turtlenecks. Until then, let’s revel in this Spring-like weather and wear nothing but a bra outdoors.

bralet over shirt

gold shirts and black pants

Stella McCartney platforms

I am wearing a vintage shirt get one similar here // Dries van Noten pants // Eres bra or Alexander Wang// Stella McCartney platforms // Tiffany sunglasses

Get the look here:

Photos: Lydia Hudgens


In My Shopping Cart

Refreshingly down-to-earth or absolutely out of this world, however you take it, Fall is about warming up to new ways to wear last season’s must-haves, and updating with cozy knits, pops of color, slip dresses, and back to the 70′s fringe! Then Normcore was born. And here we are.

Here is my hit list of the most wanted trends. Choose wisely.

fall finds


The It Shoe of the Fall Season

After happily spending many languid summer days either barefoot on the beach or in the Birkenstock du jour, Fall came crashing in and ruined it. A harsh reminder that fall gets chilly, duh, and closed-toe options are the only way to go, I felt obligated to check in on my shoes and see how they are doing hidden away in their shoe boxes. The dilemma? As you know, Fall is a seasonal transition , ugly flats abound, and as I am now used to flats, going for broke and pulling a Carrie Bradshaw moment might not be the ticket this time around.

Shoe shopping, for me, is never an option. It is a necessity that I pull the trigger on a few new pairs each season whether it be a pair of black boots, a pair of fresh heels, and obligatory loafers. I even considered, if only for a minute, the Stella McCartney clunky-soled brogue that have been infiltrating the streets since Fashion Week.

But as luck has it, at press time, they are almost sold-out everywhere. Except a few left here.

stella mccartney loafers

This habit, of buying a few pairs of shoes each season would make complete sense if I A. wear them more than twice, and B. love how I feel in them but in spite of less-than-favorable results, I’m more concerned with the psychological aspect here. I am a fool for fashion, and although I tell myself I am not going to break my own rules, I ultimately cave. And what happens to those star shoes of the season? They have been rejected and left out for obliteration by sleet and its more popular cousins. I am victim of my own demise, feeling these nouns every single time: contemplation and then guilt. From yours truly, it is a hard habit to break.

This season will be different. I just might decide to do the Birkenstock clog either in the standard style or the shearling-lined version. This way I am comfortable without breaking the bank, without contemplating anything and without the guilt. At least I won’t have any cuts, scrapes, Band-Aids, or pain to contend with on a weekly basis.

Carrie, are you with me?  The jury is out.

Manolo Blahnik

Manolo Blahnik leopard-print sandals.

Photo, taken last Fashion Week by Lydia Hudgens


Eco-Friendly Sandals

In honor of Earth Day, I am dedicating today to celebrating our planet. In the name of high fashion, there have been some inroads in making a difference by trying to save Mother Earth, rather than destroying it.

I picked out my favorite eco-friendly faux leather sandals from Stella McCartney, and there are plenty of others out there that make sustainable clothing, see Antik Batik, Daniel Silverstein, Soludos, etc.

Stella McCartney sandals

Here are some more eco-friendly options for you…how will you celebrate Earth Day?


From Paris

Fashion is not all smoke and mirrors. This past weekend in Paris brought a bevy of  sure-to-be copied looks and focused on the conceptual avant-garde — the stranger and wilder the looks, the better. Only a few designers could take the fashion industry’s breath away by the way they place a flower on a lapel, draping on a sleeve, the fringe on a coat. These heavy hitters including Céline, ChloéGivenchy, and Kenzo presented collections that are surely going to inspire a craze or two next fall.

Here are my top looks, so far, from the city of light.

1. Céline

The looks on Céline‘s catwalk featured sleek, thirties-styled tailoring, and double-breasted closings gone wild. The thirties were on Philo’s mind when she was first thinking about the collection, especially women like Hannah Höch and Lee Miller, who were pivotal figures in the Dada and surrealist art worlds.  The new, sinewy silhouette was complemented by soon-to-be-coveted knockout accessories: a single statement earring, a bold colorful cuff, and an oversize tangerine fur muff.


Céline Fall 2014

2. Chloe

Fall excursions for Clare Waight Keller’s Chloé  are often a swing between soft and hard, the girlish and the boyish. But this Fall there was perhaps an injection of a new element: something wild. The coherence and boyish discipline, together with the pretty-prettiness of Chloé, was given an additional jolt with the wild and woolly today. See this leopard fur coat with strips of marigold and ruby fur worn over an ivory fringed dress. The bag tucked underneath the arm exudes just enough nonchalance. Love the  great new bags and enticing outerwear.


3. Acne

One of the reasons I love what Acne does, is mastering the perfect sweater and that they did. Sweater dressing is the season’s hot topic, and Acne had ideas to contribute, including ribbed knits that draped the body like beach towels. Take note of the large pom-pom hat you will find on heads everywhere next season.

Acne Studios

4. Stella McCartney

It’s official: Chunky knit pajama-style pants are one of fall’s key trends and Stella is giving her customer what she knows and loves. Borrowed from the worlds of sport and loungewear, I love the zipper detailing and embroidery on her oh-so-sexy clothes, stirrup pants, and those flatforms are back with a vengeance. I can’t think of a better way to start your day– put on your fringe and dance!

Stella McCartney




The Heart’s Desire

Where would we be without love? Seriously.

Hallmark cards don’t really cut it, nor do those conversation hearts containing the message “Be Mine” that taste like chalk. Wy not celebrate for the love of love, Valentine’s Day by telling your loved one, whether that be your boyfriend, girlfriend, brother or sister that you really do care. A small thank you, a warm touch, a nice smile, even a new cavity. Those are the things that count.

A Valentine’s Day celebration can be as simple as those heart-shaped chocolates or as dramatic as a proposal for marriage. It is the day to celebrate love. For whatever date-night festivities you have planned, what you wear on Valentine’s Day should make you feel your very best. Flirty and girly? Masculine urban edgy? A little cleavage doesn’t hurt and neither does a red lip, for that matter. What do I want for Valentine’s Day? I’ll give you a little hint, its not lingerie.

Valentines Day gift guide

Stella McCartney embellished sweatshirt and a pair of MiH boyfriend jeans that make my heart flutter. Miu Miu glitter coated pumps are so awesome because although I hate pink, glitter shoes are everything. Rings that tell the story? Love finger ring by Lanvinand the Jennifer Fisher signature pieces pull my heartstrings. A bag that says it all that is really for keep. Nail polish and lingerie in black and a box of chocolates? Mas oui!

It seems that mother nature is commanding that we stay home and crack open a bottle of champagne and enjoy the full-fledged snowstorm in style. A little salt to the wound? Nah. But even in that snowstorm, don’t forget about that bottle of wine or that teddy bear. I recall that SNL spoof when they buy that dumb little thing from CVS? You don’t want to be that person.


Happy Valentines Day ! xoxo


Go Team

Many consider this Sunday to be the nation’s biggest holiday. We’re not talking about Thanksgiving, New Year’s, or Fourth of July. Nope, we’re talking about the Super Bowl.

This year, the Denver Broncos will face off against the Seattle Seahawks and Bruno Mars will be center stage as the NFL’s halftime performer. That just about sums up all I know. I’m on team fashun. You might be one of those people across the country that will attend or host a party filled with jersey-clad fans and plenty of chicken wings and chips. If you’re stumped on what to wear — sporty but stylish is the goal. Read on.

Sweatshirts and sneakers? Yes, please. A fuzzy blanket to lay on when the new super-hyped commercials hit the air? Uh huh. Cute options abound this season, so go with team colors or something just plain cool, and bask in the comfort of streetwear. Opt for classic drop crotch sweats on bottom and cool sneakers with your team’s color. A color-block sweater has never been more appropriate, and neither have a pair of striped athletic socks. This might be one of those days that I eat whatever I want.

What to wear to a Superbowl party

MSGM Colorblock sweater // StellaMcCartney pants // Twins for Peace low-tops // Pierre Hardy cross body bag // Fitbit Force to track how much you didn’t workout on Sunday // Yves Delorme orange throw // Nambe server for chips and dip // Party Pong table for those who like to have fun more than anything else. Game on.


Stella, Oh Stella

New York City, the capital of bipolar fashion, is having a breakdown and I’m its number contributor. Yesterday morning, I ran out the door with a pair of skinny jeans, a turtleneck, mens loafers, in head-to-toe black only to be told that I wasn’t dressing playful enough. and looked like a bag lady. Le sigh. Later that evening, I changed into a bomber jacket, a choker, and  red lips, all smile-ready for the cameras at an evening event. Today, its back to a mini skirt, cropped sweater, and a pair of wedge boots. I am contributing to fast fashion as we know it, sitting on the proverbial couch for some retail therapy. It’s really hard to change, but I’m working on finding a uniform that defines me and my style. I think I discovered my look organically, plucking trends as a gateway to the core classics. And I’m OK with owning all of it.

stockholm style


photo: Who Wore What

metallic bomber

These rules don’t apply when it comes to the designer Stella McCartney, one of the few artists that makes clothes for every hour of every day. Playful, and charming, I had the pleasure of meeting her this week as she dressed her muses in Spring looks such as metallic jumpersyellow oversized coats, and white skinny jeans at an intimate breakfast in Soho. Watching her work her magic with a silk shirt and a pair of jeans, she makes everything she does look so easy, and that carefree attitude carries through to her clothes. As she was playing stylist with me she exclaimed, ” I cannot understand how can any blonde American girl not own more than one long wool camel-hair coat!?” She was shockingly honest and when I threw on the classic camel flat lapel coat, I knew exactly what she meant.

Stella prefers flats, simple dresses, pantsuits and easy-to-throw-on clothing that I can totally get behind. She has such a free-spirit, and is a beautiful person inside and out. Of course, she was in full fun mode when I met her, and I just fell in love. She has developed a witty, down-to-earth approach to dressing women like her: well-to-do, yes, but working women with lives of responsibility and complexity, women who have more use for a well-cut pantsuit for work or a roomy knit jumpsuit for hanging out with girlfriends than they do for a floor-length gown.

Check out the Pre-Fall collection down below — a mix of oversized houndstooth, big blanket sized coats, and menswear loafers. Cool is the operative word.  Sign me up.

stella-mccartney-pre-fall-2014-24_102426681224 stella-mccartney-pre-fall-2014-32_102432895342

stella-mccartney-pre-fall-2014-19_102422364359 stella-mccartney-pre-fall-2014-10_102415703028 stella-mccartney-pre-fall-2014-03_102410517905


Daily Cup of Yoga

Wake. Breathe. Eat. Breathe. Move. Breathe. Think. Drink. Breathe. Sleep. Do it again. Did you breathe yet?

I don’t know about you, but it’s this time of year, that I find that taking a moment is a daily challenge. I have recently relied on going to hot power yoga classes as my respite for all the madness. The beauty of doing yoga is you can take it anywhere, you just need to use your limbs, limber or not. Yoga’s been around in one form or another for a really long time, so most of you by now know the benefits of doing yoga besides staying fit.

The benefits are many. To name a few let’s start with the anti-aging properties. Warming the muscles lubricates the joints. Yoga enables the brain to learn poses through challenging moments and take those challenges off the mat. Yoga is knows to cure thousands of diseases. It gets your creative juices flowing. It travels easily. Did you say you’re getting on a plane?  And, last but not least, improves your libido. Need I say more? It’s blood, sweat and tears–hold the blood, hold the tears.

yoga mantra

Whatever style or level of yoga you practice or are interested in trying, you will no doubt know that the pluses of yoga reach far beyond the sum of its parts. But first you need to start with the basics.

Step #1. Follow a yogi. I started the journey with a fellow exercise enthusiast and friend, Jenny Glucksman, to a favorite yoga studio, Yoga Spark. I watched Jenny in action to see what she could do. I am not nearly as supple as her. As you can see, she’s flexible and strong and mastered every side plank and dancer pose with distinction.

yoga pose

yoga poses

Step #2. Cease and desist my online shopping habit. Not happening so fast, that’s my crack.

Step #3: Go out buy a yoga mat. A good mat is the only necessary prop. The desire to head over to the Lulu Lemon store in these crowds is so unappealing. I would so much rather shop Stella gym clothes from my laptop in PJ’s. Don’t know which brand makes a sturdy, cool, cushioned yoga mat? Neither do I.

Step #4. Sign up for Rank & Style. I am so overwhelmed with recommendations, I never get that yoga mat. Sound familiar? This is why I love a new web platform called Rank & Style. The smart women behind this website have developed an algorithm that literally pulls data from across the web including reviews, editor’s picks, blogger’s top picks, and a whole slew of other sources and spits out a list of the top 10 products in a given niche. So before you sit in that chair pose, here are the top 10 yoga mats.

yoga mats

The best mats will have cushioned, long-lasting materials that protect your joints and don’t slip with your movements. Whether you are a yoga novice or a yogi with years of “flow” under your belt, click below for mats that are not only great for yourself, but a great gift idea too! Peep down below before you down dog to get the best mat out in the market.

yoga mats

These are my top two favorites on the list. The Adidas by Stella McCartney mat, $75.00, and the Jade Harmony mat, $62.00. Sturdy fellows, they have both lasted me two years, are portable, and lightweight. Yoga Accessories makes colorful mats and they’re only $18, the Gaiam mat is on sale for $20 — a total score, Prana Henna E.C.O yoga mat offers an earth conscious choice, Aurorae mats are on sale for $35.00 and are extra thick, The Big Mat is a LuLu Lemon favorite. My vote for the most practical and the most pricey is the Manduka Manduka yoga mat ringing in at $128.00. The Hugger Mugger is also on sale for $39.00 for a good basic and the prettiest  mat goes to Sophie Leninger for the Magic Carpet mat.

This list was created by Rank & Style, a new web and mobile platform that revolutionizes – and simplifies – how you shop online via unbiased, data-driven rankings of the ten best fashion and beauty items. This is not a sponsored post. Head over to Rank & Style and get yourself on their email list. I assure you, this is one newsletter you do not want to miss!

Now that I’m sore this really works ~ OM.