What to pack for Memorial Day Weekend

Almost Summer

Summer is about to happen on a calendar near you and here’s the seasonal conquest for most of us: lighter hair and darker skin. Ah, can’t you smell it? Barbecues. The ocean  waves luring you in the ice-cold waters? Retrospectively speaking, I thought back to all that time I spent in the sun (which probably fried my brain as well as my skin), but nonetheless I did achieve my goal. It must be the promise of memorial day weekend. Fast forward to now and my desires for this summer are to read more, and pare down my weekend getaway wardrobe to 9 things that promise to deliver everything you might need. The tenth thing is this paperback I have been yearning to read.


In am attempt to make the transition from spring to summer-wear, the reality lies in favor of beach-inspired styles that belong on the beach but somehow linger on the streets of New York City. Summer dressing is fun to watch as wispy nothings resembling schmattes, beguiling your work wardrobe appear all summer long. I’m game for straw bags, tortoise shells, and Pom-Pom platform sandals, which at $585, is half off the original price, still scream for a DIY.

Consider this an unofficial summer kick-off to the good times that lie ahead.  Click ahead to see my top ten, and get psyched for the first of many weekend getaways. Once night falls, go for a dressed-up look, including a maxi dress and stacked sandals, but consider this a weekend away from looking overly done — a swipe of lipstick and a tub o’ sunscreen is all you really need. Not going away this weekend?  We can always pretend we are frolicking on some beach, just by some turf and a rooftop. That’s the great thing about fashion. Here’s to memorial day weekend by the sea, by the lake, or in your apartment/house. You dictate your own packing destiny. I’m going light.

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Collage by Carina Gupta

Topshop black tie dye cage cover up, because this all you need post beach day and at $52.00 who’s complaining? Dolce & Gabbana reversible printed triangle two-in-one bikini that you can wear throughout the weekend and nobody will ever know you didn’t actually shower or change. A.J. Morgan cupcake shades for a mere $24. and you know how much I love sunglasses. Isabel Marant beaded cuff because nobody does anything better than Isabel. Norma Kamali graphic Zig Zag striped cut-out swimsuit to wear with flips flops for a trip to the beach bar. Mar Y Sol for all the beach essentials, a packing list for those precise items listed above, my favorite of them all Zoe Karssen’s twist on summer as FUN FUN FUN. Yes or yes? And finally, Gap leather flip-flops in hot pink for good measure.

And there you have it. And should you be home this weekend, don’t forget to check out Nordstrom’s Half Yearly Sale happening right now on a computer near you for prices that will blow your mind. Sale ends June 2, I’m heading there now. 

SALE on.





Memorial Day Weekend

Ready or not, Memorial Day weekend is arriving in T- minus 2 days.While I’m sure we all agree that we can’t wait for freaking summer to start, this week’s overcast and rainy weather is not perfectly pitched for barbecues and hanging pool-side. Undaunted, I’m still determined to dress the part, and a little rain won’t stop the fashion hunter. You never know when you end up at the right party in the wrong threads. That is hashtag awkward. Truth be told, one of my favorite things about summer is going to the beach and undressing to the bare minimum. I love feeling the warm sand under my feet, feasting on chips and guacamole, and staring at the posers with their six-pack abs stroll by. So whether you are traveling oversees, to the Caribbean, or staying local with friends and family, you still want to dress on point. Right? So with my Jitney ticket in hand, I’m heading to the Hamptons with my must-haves featured below. This season, I am inspired to rock these boho chic essentials. Because all you really EVER need at the beach is a bathing suit, (see yesterday’s post right here), a wide brimmed hat and sunglasses to protect yourself from those UV rays, a maxi dress to jump into, sandals, and a great book to keep you focused and will illuminate your mind.


Fashion credits: Left to right, top to bottom: AllSaints hat, Linda Farrow sunnies, Zimmermann dress, AllSaints bracelet, The Little Book Of Schiaparelli, Stella McCartney Crochet Falabella, KORS Michael Kors sandals.

AllSaints Hat: You need a straw hat because those sun’s rays are scary. Promoting cancer is something I don’t want to do. Besides anything made by AllSaints is cooler than thou.

Linda Farrow Rose Gold Sunnies. If there is anything I want to update every summer, its a new pair of shades. Retro and slim these shades offer full UV protection and don’t scream “look at me.” Pamper your eyes with these shades.

Zimmermann dress. I call this effortless dressing in a bottle. The ultimate summer dress designed by the Australian designer best known for swimwear, Zimmermann, this dress will be on my body 24/7.

The Little Book Of SchiaparelliWhy wouldn’t you want to read a book about history’s most influential couturiers? This biography complete with beautiful illustrations and photographs highlights the life of this innovative fashion genius.

Stella McCartney Crochet Falabella. This is not your grandmother’s afghan, but rather a crocheted rendition of the homespun insanity that is Stella McCartney. Both dressy and casual, this egg white bag is the ultimate summer grabber.

And finally KORS by Michael Kors orange sandals. These thin comfortable strappy sandals need to be on my feet. All summer long.

Don’t forget to click all those links before the weekend hits. You want to show off your sartorially stylish self, don’t you? As a veteran camper, we used to say, we live 12 months for 2. And don’t forget sunscreen.